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When we used the ice cubes!

Hello, beautiful people. I had shared a couple of my experiences here back in 2018 then I got busy and forgot about it. Today while talking to a friend, I recalled that I used to write stories on ISS. I shared a story with her, and she liked it. So I again got the motivation to share some more of my experiences. You might find it a bit longer, but you won’t be disappointed. So here it goes. I once had an intern working for me. She was good looking, but I never paid much attention because hitting on an intern would not have looked good. Later on, she moved to some other company, and I was no more in touch with her. One day I was just browsing on Instagram and saw her status. She looked really hot, so out of basic courtesy, I just sent a message saying that she is looking really good. She replied after a while, and we just started chatting. I flirted a little, she played along, and we decided to meet. I reached the place, and we went to a coffee shop. Her: So, how many of your interns have you taken out for a date? Me: Oh, I didn’t know that this is a date. Her: I don’t see any harm in considering this a date. Do you? Me: No, not at all. I’m glad that I am out on a date with a beautiful girl. Her: So now you think that I’m beautiful. Me: You sure are. Her: I didn’t know that my ex-boss admired me. Me: And what would have you done if you had known this earlier? Her: I don’t know, but I’m sure we could have worked something out. Me: Is it too late to work something out now? Her: Not really! Me: Sounds good. We talked for some more time and called for the cheque. By now, I was sure that I can get some action tonight. Me: You want to go home now? Her: I can stay if you have anything interesting in mind. Me: I am more in a mood to chill today. So, I’ll just go home, have a few drinks and chill, I guess. Do you want to join for a drink? Her: It’s just our first date today, you sure that’ll be a good idea? Me: Don’t worry, I’m not going to jump on you, we’ll chill. Her: Alright! We reached home after some time. Me: I am going to get a shower you, please make yourself comfortable. By the time I came, she was already 2 pegs down. She: Do you mind if I also take a shower? I just want to unwind. I gave her a naughty smile, and she went into the washroom. It was 10 PM by now. I turned on the lamps and closed the main lights and lit some scented candles. My house was looking sexy as fuck with mood lighting and vanilla scent of candles. I set up the whiskey and ice cubes in a tray and laid back on the bean bag and was just enjoying my peg. She came out after half an hour with just a towel wrapped around her. I could not take my eyes off of her. Our eyes met, and we just knew what was coming. She came to me, took the glass from my hand, gulped down the whiskey, and put it away. It was so hot to see a sexy girl with a perfect figure, water dripping from her hair, and gulping down whiskey like juice. I just couldn’t control my self, I held her by her waist, and she sat on my lap. She knew how to turn a man on. I bent forward to kiss her. She also came close, but when our lips were about to touch, she backed off to tease me. The way she was looking at me while teasing was so hot that I cannot put in words. She started kissing ears and teasing me more. When I just couldn’t handle it, then I held her face and just kissed her. Our lips were locked for a minute, and it was a very passionate kiss. Our tongues fought with each other, and I started pressing her boobs. She had amazing boobs 34, I guess. Then I started kissing her neck and giving small bites. Her: Oh, fuck! She then held my hair and again started kissing as if there was no tomorrow. We were on a bean bag, so it was not very comfortable. I picked her up and then put her on the bed. During this, her towel got unwrapped, and I had the two most beautiful pair of boobs in front of me. They were perfectly rounded with thick brown nipples, which were already very hard and craving for my attention. I was mesmerized looking at them. She: Are you just going to stare at them? I smiled at her and then looked at the ice cubes. She: What do you have in mind? (her eyes got bigger) Me: You love to tease, no? I picked up an ice cube and went ahead to kiss her. While I was kissing her, I placed the ice cube on her eye and closed it, and then did the same with the other. She just threw her head back and gave in because she knew what was coming. I then put the ice cube on her lips and licked the water that left on her hot, perfectly shaped lips. Then I moved it to her neck while kissing her lips. She started getting goosebumps. Then I moved the cube to her beauty bone and started licking her neck and biting in between. She tried to say something but just couldn’t. All that could come out of her mouth was “Aah.” Then I moved to her cleavage. Slowly moving the cube on her hot body then slowly took it to her nipples. They were already so hard and now were shimmering after getting wet. The sight of water droplets running down her boobs looked orgasmic in the mood lighting. She started shivering and help my head pushed me towards her boobs. She literally forced me to suck on to her nipples. I started nibbling one nipple and moving the ice cube on the other. Then I switched and started leaving bite marks all over her boobs. White soft skin turning red with water droplets running down, and she was just shivering like anything. Then after spending some good time on her boobs, I moved down to her belly. Played around her navel. The water collecting on her stomach and her heavy breaths, making it roll down from sides. She was going crazy and was pulling my hair, bed sheet, pressing her boobs, biting her lips. Her eyes were closed, and she was just somehow keeping herself from going mad. She: You asshole, what the fuck are you…? Then I let that ice cube melt in her navel, and I sucked and licked it clean. Now was time for some real torture. I picked up a fresh cube. She still had her panties on. I started going down. When I reached her abdomen, I just gave small bites and put some ice on them. A feeling of a pinch from the bite, and then it was getting cooled off by ice. She had almost gone mad. Then I peeled off her panties with my teeth and removed them. I put the cube between my lips and went just above her vagina. As soon I made the cube touch her skin just above her vagina, she jumped and said, “No, not there!” But I was in no mood to stop. I had the cube between my lips and just started moving it on her vagina. She went mad now. She was like a fish out of water - squirming and squeaking like hell. I then reached her love hole and slowly started caressing it with the cube. Then I just pushed a bit and inserted the cube in her vagina. That was the moment when she shouted and kicked me. The cube also fell out of her vagina. Her vagina was out in the air, her boobs were pushed out, and her back had formed an arch. She was pulling her hair with her eyes half open and eyeballs trying to get into her skull. It was a sight to watch. She shuddered and shuddered like anything. She came! It was the first time I made a woman cum without using my dick or tongue. It took her 2 minutes to recover from that orgasm. She then pulled me towards her, kissed me, and said, “Fuck me!” I was hard as fuck. So I just positioned my dick on her vagina and pushed it in. It was smooth as fuck in there. I started doing it slowly, but she was in no mood for slow. She demanded that I fuck her hard. I increased my speed and started giving her hard strokes. Her: Aah, yes, fuck, fuck oh yes. Me: You like it, haan? Come on, take it, take it. Her: Oh yes! Give it to me, harder, faster. I went all out and drilled her with all my might. It went on for 10 minutes. Then I asked her to come on top. She came on top of me, and boy did she know how to twerk. She was facing me and riding like a pro. She had her head thrown back and her hand on my chest. She looked like a goddess with those perfect boobs protruding out in pride. Then after a while, I held her ass and started to give it to her. She loved it and squealed, “This is so fucking good.” Then we switched to the doggy style, which is my favorite. She was a pro. Her boobs were touching the bed, and ass was thrown out for me to take charge. I started pounding from behind like literally an animal. After 10 minutes, when I was about to come, I told her. Me: Babe, I am about to cum. Her: Cum on my boobs. Then she turned, and I came on her boobs. We both were spent and slept naked.

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