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What's Wrong In Having Sex?

“It was late at night, and my parents weren't home. Opportunities like these didn’t come very often. So we always tried to make the most out of them. Even now, if I close my eyes, I can feel every movement of our twins love. We were rough. We were energetic. We were hot and sweaty as our naked bodies rubbed against one another, satisfying the deep-seated lust in our loins. We didn’t utter a single word, and yet the room was filled with sounds… sounds of pleasure. “The only way to survive the Jammu winters is with alcohol.” This was the argument often given by adults to have booze served at every party. That night my parents were out at one such party. Despite being adults, our parents considered us to be too young to drink. So they always found some excuse to keep us home. Eventually, we excluded us from the party invites. “I have to finish my assignment,” I told my parents while my twin brother joked, “I’ll be spending my night at my girlfriend’s place.” We all shared a laugh before our parents left for the party. My brother and I, we don’t drink. We did taste it once, but I didn’t see what the fuss was about. Well, as far as surviving the cold winters of Jammu was concerned, we had other ways to stay warm if you know what I mean (wink-wink). It was eleven in the night when we got a call from our mother, “Listen, your father is too drunk to drive. I think we’ll have to stay here tonight. Please take care of yourself. Goodnight.” This is exactly what we were hoping to hear. Hanging up the phone, both of us had a wide smile on our face. With full excitement, we hugged. Then holding my chin, he brought his lips close to mine. Suddenly I felt mischievous. I pushed him away, saying, “What are you doing?! Stop it! What if our kids catch us kissing?” He grabbed my hand and pulled me close. I blushed out of embarrassment. “How about I make sure the kids are asleep, and you go to our bedroom and be ready for a fun night in bed.” He held my chin again and this time ensured that we kissed. My lips were pressed against his while he slipped me his tongue. Exchanging our warm saliva made my pussy quiver. I was very much aroused. Instinctively his hand moved to cup my boob. After a minute or so, we let go of each other's lips. Seeing me drooling slightly, he licked the saliva off my chin. “Go check on kids and come quick before I fall asleep, husband.” “Whatever you say, my wife.” he winked and gave a gentle spank on my butt before walking away. The words ‘My wife’ were pure music to my ears. I always loved role-playing games, especially the one where we had to pretend to be husband-wife. That night we planned to do the same. I went to our parent’s bedroom and looked in their wardrobe. There I undressed and wore one of my mother’s nighty. I had my eyes on that silky pink dress since the first time my mother wore it. Sadly I was too small back then, but that night it fit perfectly. Standing in front of a full-length mirror, I admired my beautiful body. Milk-white fair skin (I took my father’s complexion), long golden-brown hair, blue eyes, cute face with a dimple, and a hot mature body. The best any 21 years old can have. “36-24-36, you look perfect! No matter how many times I get pregnant, my figure will never change,” I said, complimenting myself in the mirror. Getting in the bed, I rested, waiting for my ‘husband’. I was so excited at that moment that I felt my pussy becoming wet. To avoid staining my underwear, I took it off and threw it away. “Naughty girl! Can’t wait for me, can you?” he said, standing at the door. He was perfect – a fit body, dark skin (he took mother’s complexion) with six-pack abs, biceps. At that moment, he wore his father’s boxer shorts. The shorts were loose, so they rested slightly lower on his waist, giving me a slight glimpse of his snake. This excited me even more. “No. I can’t wait any longer,” I said while pulling up the nighty to bare my legs. I spread my legs wide to show off my bare, hairless, young but not virgin pussy. This gave him an instant boner as he ran towards me and quickly jumped on the bed. For a moment there, we froze as we thought he broke the bed. Luckily the bed survived that wild stunt. Getting on top, his face hovered over mine. I was able to feel his fast-beating heart on my chest and his warm breath on my face. Before we began, he said, “Aren’t you forgetting something?” he asked while making me sit. I did not understand what he was saying. “Close your eyes,” he said. “Now open.” When I opened my eyes, I saw my mother’s spare mangalsutra around my neck. “Don’t you think other men should know that you belong to me?” “Why?” “You look so beautiful. How else will they resist?” he said and pushed me back on the bed. He was telling the truth. Our mother never wore this skimpy nighty without putting a gown over it. But I was certainly not going to do that. When I tried it on and looked at it in the mirror. I was shocked to see how sexy I looked. For the first time, I saw myself as an adult woman in this sleeveless, pink, neck deep enough to show off ample cleavage and the skirt that ended above my knees. On top of that, the mangalsutra completed my look of a sexy wife. As exciting it felt to wear that dress, I got even more excited when he took it off. He started at the bottom, kissing my feet. Then he slowly started moving up. Shoving his face in between my milk-white thighs, he searched for my g-spot. He started kissing my pussy and dug his tongue deep in my nectar hole. I wanted him to go higher, but it seemed he was otherwise occupied playing with my pussy. He simply moved his hands up to feel my boobs while kissing me. He was playing with my clit like never before. If he continued like this, I was sure to cum. “Slow down, baby. We have all night for just the two of us,” I said, pulling him up. Getting me undressed, we started kissing yet again. I could feel his bulge rubbing against my thighs. It was huge, hard, and seemed desperate to enter my pussy. I quickly pulled his boxers down and let him slide it in. I wasn’t worried. Apparently, he came inside the bedroom wearing a condom. I felt more and more pleasure with every thrust. I once knew him as a cute little boy, but that night he was a man. God knows how long we continued with having sex and how many times he made me cum. But by the end of it, I was hot, sweaty, and exhausted. We were feeling very sleepy while we laid naked in the bed. “I think we better move to our bedroom,” I said, trying to make him stand. “Why? They are not coming home today,” he argued. “Still, just in case,” I said, pushing him out of bed. I didn’t realize that we were already on edge, so a slight push made him fall hard on his bum. The loud ‘thud’ woke me up. I apologized as I got him up and made him sit on the bed. Both of us were wide awake by then. We should have moved to our bedroom when we had a chance, but he got excited about seeing me naked. I saw his soft penis suddenly stand up erect. He pushed me on the bed, and we started kissing yet again. We were exhausted but still excited. He positioned his dick and was ready to stick it in. “Wait. Stop!” I said. But then he tried to sway my decision by kissing my neck. Rubbing his dick head on my pussy he tried sliding it in. “Stop! Not without a condom.” I said again, this time louder. Disappointed, he fell on me, giving up. I could literally feel his dick shrinking. We then continued to cuddle instead. At one point, he got up, saying, “Come with me.” “Where?” “To the bathroom.” “Why? are you still scared of the dark?” I teased him. “No… I don’t want to spend even a second apart from my Mrs. Bubble Butt,” he said while gently squeezing my bum. We laughed, and he walked away. Watching his perfect firm butt walk away, I too got excited. We initially planned to move to our bedroom after he returns. But then I said, “Let’s do it… without a condom.” I simply rested on the bed, waiting for him to return. Suddenly I heard someone shouting, “Sneha! What is this?!” That someone was my mother. Apparently, my parents somehow managed to return home that night. She caught me lying naked in their bed. “Get dressed and get out!” she shouted. Out of the two parents, my father is hot-headed. Fortunately, though, he was heavily drunk and half-asleep on the couch when my mother caught me. She was disgusted to see me naked in their bed. Embarrassed, I quickly walked to where I threw my T-shirt and underwear and quickly put it on. All this time, mother had her running commentary On, “ you realize what you were doing? How could you? were you having sex? Who’s the guy? Where is he? And where is your brother? Did he not return from his friend’s place?” As shocked as mother was to catch me, she was still oblivious of the full story. While picking my clothes, I was worried and trying to think of a way to tell my brother not to come out of the bathroom. Seeing me dressed, she grabbed my hand and pulled me out. She then woke my father, trying to make him aware of the situation. Fortunately, he was too drunk. Seeing me step out of their bedroom, he smiled, walked towards me, and kissed my forehead. “Hello, sweetie, what were you doing in our bedroom? Were you missing your daddy?” he said while trying to take me with him to his bedroom. “Samir! Do you even realize what is happening here?!” mother shouted at the top of her voice. This should have tipped off my brother, who was in the bathroom. Unfortunately, he pressed the flush at the same time. While my father was too drunk to understand the situation first, he quickly lost all the buzz seeing my brother stepping out of the bathroom completely naked. The situation was shocking and embarrassing, depending on whom you ask. All four of us froze in our places, not knowing how to react to this awkward situation. At that moment, I might have prayed for an earthquake to happen and kill us on the spot. I would have preferred that over drowning in embarrassment. While I was decently covered, my brother was dangling his semi-erect penis in front of us. Our father was the first to break the silence, “What the fuck! Samraat!” he cursed. Scared, he ran into the bathroom to wrap a towel around him. My father was never good with words. The moment he realized what was happening, he quickly took out his belt. He dragged my brother into his bedroom and started beating him. I was genuinely scared for him and wanted to follow. But then mother stopped me halfway, saying, “No, ma’am, you are coming with me.” She took me to our bedroom, the one my twin brother and I shared. While I sat on my bed hoping to be shouted at, there were blank expressions on my mother’s face. Apparently, she didn’t know how to react to the situation. Instead of saying any word, she quietly took off her ornaments by the dressing table. Meanwhile, I could hear noise coming from the adjacent bedroom - the loud sound of my father beating, followed by my brother screaming. I was still worried about him. “Father must be angrier after seeing the mess in their bedroom. Mother’s nighty, father’s boxers, and the mangalsutra… oh the mangalsutra!” I screamed in my thoughts out of fear. “Sleep!” mother grunted. I knew my mother was worried too. Still, she didn’t do anything to stop the violence. The bedroom I share with my brother has two single beds. So while I rested on my bed, my mother took my brother’s. She turned off the light, but I was still unable to sleep. I turned to face the wall and started crying. The beating continued. This was unbearable to my mother and me. I could tell because after some time she stood up and went to talk to them. I don’t understand these double standards. As children, I and my twin brother, we slept together, bathed together, ate together, studied together. Whenever we played the role-playing game, my brother use to saying, “I want Sne (that’s what he used to call me) to be my wife.” Hearing him say that all the adults used to say, “Awe… so cute.” I don’t know at what point, but we fell in love with each other while growing up. We were so used to each other that the thought of being attracted to someone else never crossed our minds. It’s like we were soulmates since the time we were conceived. There are very few people who find true love in their life. So if we have found each other, why this discrimination, just because we are blood-related. Since birth, we did everything together. We practically lived together like husband-wife. Then what is wrong with having sex? After some time, the beating stopped, and then I drifted off to sleep. Like some sort of nightmare, I dreamt of a future where my parents sent my brother away to Kerala to live with my Girish uncle (mother's brother). Many years went by as I never got to see my brother. Eventually, the day I saw him was when I was getting married to someone else. This was unbearable. With a sudden shock, I woke up. Mother was still asleep. Quietly I snuck out of the bedroom. I wanted to check if my brother was okay. But instinctively, I walked towards the kitchen first to avoid raising any suspicion. There I saw my brother tending to his wounds. I took the ice-pack from his hand and gently pressed it against his swollen back. “I'm sorry this happened.” I spoke as tears erupted from my eyes. “It’s not your fault,” he replied. Me: We should have returned to our bedroom when we had the chance. He: Yes. But this was going to happen someday. They would have found out eventually. Me: What do we do now? He: I don’t know. Me: What if they send you away? While I spoke, droplets of my tears fell on his back. Brother realized that I was crying. He then pulled me around to look at me. Wiping my tears, he said, “Don’t worry, we’ll find a way...” He said, and then we hugged. As I placed my arms around him, suddenly he screamed in pain. Then while I rested my head on his firm shoulders, I spoke, “Maybe we should run away. Start a new life somewhere else... far from home, where nobody knows us.” Hearing me say that, he looked at me, saying, “I was thinking the same thing.” While we fantasized about a practical way to run away, our heads came close for a kiss. But before our lips could touch, we were interrupted by a voice, “Don’t even think about it,” said our mother. Thankfully, it was just our mother. Mother: What you are doing is wrong. Me: Why? Mother: Because it’s wrong. Brother: But why? Mother: Because society does not accept this kind of relationship. Me: I don't care about what society thinks. Mother: Neither do I. But so long as we have to live in this society, we have to follow their rules. While our mother was trying to convince us to get out of this taboo addiction, I could see an internal struggle she was having at the moment. The truth is that she, too, doesn’t understand why certain romantic relationships are forbidden. We tried to argue with her, tried to get her to our side. Mother: Your father’s family will never accept it. They are too conservative. Me: But you are fine with this? She stayed quiet for a while, trying to think. My heart was beating very fast, out of fear and anticipation. “What she says will define our future,” I said to myself while looking at my brother. Our mother took all the time to think about it. Then she spoke, “Okay...” Hearing this made us smile. “... but your father can never know about this.” Getting a green signal from our mother got us excited. We hugged and wanted to kiss, but we didn’t since mother was right there. She turned to walk away. But then she stopped and looking at us, she said, “Tomorrow you two will apologize to your father. Say that it was a one-time thing and that it was a huge mistake. You accept whatever punishment he gives you. Then in the future, you will do as he says.” She continued to speak in a serious tone, “Listen to me very carefully. I don’t understand whatever this thing is between you two. But I won’t stop you. I want you to promise me that you will never hurt each other, even if this love between you fades away. Promise?” “Promise,” we both acknowledged while holding our hand. “And one more thing…” she said, looking straight into our eyes, “...neither your father nor anyone in his family can know about this.” We agreed. Seeing that, she smiled. The moment she turned, we went for a kiss. But she interrupted us yet again. To lighten the mood, our mother asked, “Just out of curiosity, when did all this start?” While my brother chose to stay mum about it, I spoke, “Remember a couple of years back when our cousins visited us, and you made all of us sleep on the floor. While we slept next to each other, our lips accidentally touched. And then…” “Since then, we never stopped,” spoke my brother, confidently. She smiled and then walked away. I couldn’t believe how cool my mother was about all this. We kissed while in the kitchen and did some other naughty stuff. Perhaps it was good that we were caught. Since then, our mother was a big help to keep our forbidden relationship a secret.” Coming back to the present (i.e., ten years after this incident), Sneha wipes her tears. At this moment, she is sitting with a female friend sipping wine. “It feels nice to share such a personal story with someone. I hope you will not talk about this to anyone,” says Sneha. “Don’t worry. I hear a lot of stories from my patients. Confidentiality is part of my job description,” replies the friend. “Now that you know my story, tell me this…” asks Sneha, “...was what we were doing bad?” “No.” replies the friend, “Incest is natural. At some point, we all were attracted to someone blood-related. Eventually, we all move on,” says the doctor while watching the photographs on the wall, “Clearly you have moved on. A handsome husband, two beautiful children, a new place, a new job… you don’t regret any of this, do you?” “No.” says Sneha confidently, “I don’t.” After some time, the evening chat is over, and Sneha’s doctor friend is about to leave. Taking a quick glance at the wall of photos, Doc notices something. Turning to Sneha, she asks, “What’s the name of your brother, you said?” Sneha blushes while replying, “Samraat.” The odd thing the doctor noticed on the wall is a wedding photograph of the handsome couple sitting and a sign above them that reads, ‘Sneha Weds Samraat’

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