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Waiting For My Sonny Ajay To Cum!

My name is Arpita 45 years old living with my son Ajay 24 years old. It all started when my hubby was transferred to a different city. I started inviting my son Ajay to sleep with me during the nights. I reasoned to him that I was afraid to sleep alone.

Although my son was an adult, we shared the same blanket. Both of us under one blanket caused a lot of chaos as we both were attracted to each other's bodies. And my son being a virgin killed him inside.

And with him being a virgin and a shy boy I had to act first to commence this beautiful relationship between mother and her son. Somehow I didn't dare to start the process.

But one day, while I was bathing, my son asked me to open the door.

Ajay: Maa, I gotta pee please open the door quickly.

Arpita: I don't think so honey, I don't have clothes on and I'm all wet! Could you please hold it for a few minutes?

Ajay: No maa please open the door. I can't hold it, you cover your body with a towel or something, please.

Arpita: Okay then son hang-on for a second.

I opened the door and my son entered running holding his boys (balls/nuts) in his hand. I turned to face the wall giving him his privacy. But in doing so I forgot to cover my womanhood. I had covered only my breasts with the towel, displaying my big juicy ass cheeks to him.

I couldn't help but watched my son peeing. I got so excited when I saw him standing there in front of the toilet bowl with his big cock hanging out. He had pulled his boxers down to his knees. I gazed at his perfectly shaped ass cheeks.

They looked so soft and tempting, I just wanted to caress them while he drains himself of pee! And then he started to pee, it was just magical.

I loved the sight of his cock shooting a thick stream of urine into the bowl. I love the sound it makes when it splashes the water. And I loved the little jerk his hips made when he squeezed the last drops of his precious prick.

As my son was about to wear his boxers back I interrupted him by saying, "Honey, can you help me clean my back as I'm unable to reach there."

He didn't know what to say. I saw him getting thrilled by the idea of seeing his mother naked. His lust-filled expression on his face revealed everything. He softly mumbled in a hissing voice, "Yes mamma!"

As I dropped my towel off my body, his cock sprung to its full strength. My son reached for his boxers to cover his manhood. But I stopped him saying, "Honey, the water will make your undies wet, get rid off them and help me quickly."

Shocked by the events happening, my nervous son took the loofah and stood behind me. He held me by my shoulders with one hand slowly rubbed my back. My son's touch made me high with lust. My lower body moved towards his manhood involuntarily and unconditionally.

Seeing my son lacking confidence, I moved his hand off my shoulders to my left boob. He immediately pressed it hard and moved very close to me and slid his dick in my wet ass crack. He soon dropped the loofah and grabbed my other boob and started humping my ass crack.

Sensing he would cum immediately, I stopped him by holding his thick cock in my hand. But he continued to hump my hand grip. To control my baby I pushed him against the wall and lip-locked him teaching him the art of kissing. He calmed as I kissed him softly and tasted his minty breath.

Realizing my cunt's dampness I got ready to get fucked by my own son. I raised my leg and put it on a toilet seat. I pulled my son by holding his cock and rubbed it on my vaginal entrance.

I said to my son, "Honey, pierce your penis in me slowly.” His entrance was perfect as his cock head pierced inside me and he stopped there moaning, "Oh maa, I wanna fuck you forever."

He was sensing the greatest pleasures of life. Then like a good boy, he grabbed my boobies and pierced his dick completely inside me. I opened my mouth gasping for air. My son had reached those depths of my vagina where no man ever had reached, not even my hubby!

Then I grabbed his ass cheeks as he fucked me mercilessly like a pro licking all over my back showering me with his saliva. As he kept on banging I felt the strong jerks his hips made, my nips got harder feeling his ass cheeks.

Ajay then put his face through my armpit to reach my nipples. He bit it so hard I screamed like a virgin. But soon he stopped licking my nips and buried his face in my armpit and licked my scent trapped skin.

He kept on licking my armpit. His cock moved in and out faster than ever before shooting his cum in my pussy. My son had collapsed on the bathroom floor. His game was certainly over but not mine.

Me being cock-hungry kneeled on the floor and licked my son's humongous cum drenched cock. I blew him like a slut not caring for my son's pain. I rolled my tongue on his prick like a snake, tasting every milligram of his cum. Later I laid down with my son, side by him like a lioness taking care of her horny cub.

That bathroom sex changed our lives. Now I desperately await for my son in the evenings to get banged by him every day. Sometimes I just can't wait, I feel funny between my legs as the time of my son reaching home gets closer. I pull my panties aside and touch my pussy.

Then I hear his car coming up the driveway and that's it, "My sonny is home!"

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