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Valentine's Day Activities!

This story is about Valentine's day activities when I was in Chennai for my MBA. I was staying at an apartment with a local family. The apartment was a 3 BHK, but I stayed in one room, and other rooms were used by the family members. The family consisted of a husband, wife, and son.

The husband was an engineer and would come to the house only for sleep and go abroad for many months. The wife, Shruti, was a homemaker and would pamper me with all kinds of dishes. Their son was a year younger than me. He went to Canada two months after I moved to Chennai for studies.

So, most of the time, it was just me and Shruti aunty at home. I used to call her Chitti out of respect. She thought of me as her son and called me Magan. Initially, when I moved to Chennai, they would not speak to me much. Chitti was busy helping her son to move abroad.

But things started to change when her son left home. During this time, her husband would go to the office at 8 in the morning and return at 10 in the night. I would be back home by three in the afternoon. During this time, she used to get bored and would use me for her company.

We started bonding with each other. We would play on her son’s PS4 all afternoon. Sometimes we would go out to movies and restaurants. Chitti and I had gotten very close.

One day while I was in my college, Chitti called me and asked me to come to a hospital. There, I came to know that my Chitti had met with an accident and fractured her leg. I brought her back home. That night when her husband came back home, he was shocked to see Shruti aunty in such condition.

He asked why she did not call him. She replied, “I am fortunate to have a son like him. He helped me come back home.”

Her husband came towards me and patted me, and said, “Well done, son. You will have to take care of her for a few more months. I am going to Delhi tomorrow for my visa. I will be abroad for a few months.”

“Sure, I will take care of her!” I replied.

A week passed by, and I would serve food and take care of Chitti. Then one day, she called me and said, “Son, I haven’t had a bath or changed my clothes since my leg fractured. Please give me a sponge bath and change my clothes.” Chitti smiled at me and started removing her saree.

I was embarrassed but had no choice. I brought a bucket of water and cloth and started giving Chitti a sponge bath. She was naked on the bed and enjoying her bath. Suddenly, her husband came back from Delhi and caught us red-handed. He shouted, “What is going on, Shruti?”

“Relax, he is just giving me a sponge bath. I haven’t even changed my clothes since a week,” she replied. “Ok, finish it fast and wear your clothes. I am waiting outside,” saying this he left the room after closing the door. After he left, Chitti smiled and kissed me on my cheeks.

I dressed her up in a gown and left the room. That night I could hear them having sex. I knew that the husband would be leaving the country for months, and he was getting all that he could. Chitti was screaming in pain. I watched a few web series on Alt Balaji and slept.

The next morning, I woke up and went out for a walk. There I met our neighbor Athira aunty. She took me to her place and asked me about the noise coming from our apartment. I got embarrassed and did not know what to say.

I said, “Athira aunty, uhh…You know uncle is going out for a few months…”

“So what?”

“So, please understand.”

“Oh, they were having sex! But Shruti has fractured her leg, right?”

“Yes, and now she is feeling much better.”

“Well, definitely. Ok, so let's plan something to get to know each other. My husband is not at home, and today is Valentine’s day. Will you like to take his place. If you know what I mean?”

Without replying, I left from there as fast as I could. Athira aunty was too horny. On reaching home, I had a bath and was about to leave for my college when Shruti aunty asked me to stay with her.

Since most of my classmates were bunking, I decided not to go. She asked me if I had any plans for Valentine’s day. When she realized that I had no plans, she said she would prepare dinner for me and have a date.

I spent the whole day playing games and watching movies with her. Finally, at 5 in the evening, Athira aunty came to the apartment. She saw me and smiled. She and I need someone to help me. I will return him in an hour.”

“Sure, Take him for two hours. Baby, help Athira aunty, ok.”

Athira aunty grabbed me and took me to her apartment across the hallway. As she took me to her apartment, our other neighbor, who watched us, said, “Athira will be fucking this young boy today.” I knew I had no other option but to bow down to her commands.

Athira was a rich lady and had many apartments in that building, which she had given on rent. As we entered, Athira closed the door and removed my clothes. She then took me to her bedroom and tied my hands on the bed.

She said, “You did not want to celebrate Valentine’s day with me, but here we are…” and started kissing me. Athira was a young Tamil woman. She was dark-skinned and slim. Before I could say anything, Athira was riding on me, and I came in her instantly.

Athira said, “Seems like you haven’t entered a woman for a long time. Take some pills, and you will be fine!” After eating those pills, I got an instant erection and power. She was now riding me for more than 45 minutes, and I did not come. She came in me, but I still had an erection.

Athira said that those tablets have effect for a very long time. She then untied me, and I fucked her in the doggy style. Still, my erection was intact. Athira was very tired and said that she knew someone who could get my dick down and got her maid to the room.

Her maid was a 56-year-old ugly woman. Athira knew that I would not like to sleep with that woman but still locked me with her in the room. Athira’s maid was smiling at me as she removed her saree and came closer to me. On normal conditions, I would not have touched her.

But since I was under medication and had a hard dick, I went forward and started kissing her. She was enjoying it. Within minutes we were having hardcore sex with no strings attached. Her maid got tired and exhausted within 10 minutes.

Athira came into the room and said, “Sorry darling, I gave you the wrong medicines. These were for 50+ men. You will have an erection for at least 12 hours! Why don’t you go to your home? Shruti is waiting for you.”

Athira gave me a lungi to wear, but my erection was visible. Somehow embarrassed, I left from there. In the hallway, the nosey neighbor caught me and asked me to come towards her.

She grabbed me by my dick and said, “I know what you were doing. Now come with me if you want me to keep quiet.” She took me to her apartment. She was a 40-year-old woman named Geeta. She said her children would be back in 15 minutes and wanted a quickie.

I quickly started fucking her from behind. She was moaning with joy and came in 5 minutes. We exchanged numbers, and she said she would call me if she gets time for sex.

I came back to my home at 7.30 pm. Shruti aunty got angry at me. She said, “I called Athira. She said you left on time. Where were you? The food is getting cold?” Then she saw my hard dick and was shocked. She asked me for an explanation.

An embarrassed me told what had happened. She laughed and said, “You slept with 3 ladies and still have a hard dick. I am definitely sleeping with you tonight.” Her attitude towards me started to change as she removed my lungi and her nighty. Both of us were naked.

We then sat down for dinner. After dinner, we straightaway headed to her bedroom, where we had sex for two hours. Shruti was moaning even louder than last night. While fucking, Geeta called me and said that she could hear us and was getting horny.

I asked her to come to my place when she got time as Shruti was getting tired. Shruti and I laid on the bed, hugging each other. She said, “Beta, we are no longer like mother-son anymore. You are like my boyfriend.”

“Yes, aunty.”

She laughed and said that I could call her Shruti. She got tired and went to sleep.

At around midnight, I got a call from Geeta. She said that she was waiting outside. I quickly opened the door and let her in. Geeta aunty said that her children and husband were sleeping. I took her to my room, and we started having sex.

She said, “I hope it becomes regular between us. I am enjoying it.”

“Me too,” I replied. We fell asleep after having sex. Finally, in the morning, at around six, my eyes opened. I woke Geeta aunty, and she hurriedly dressed up and left for her home before her husband and kids woke up.

I went to Shruti’s room, who was awake and waiting for me to come. She said, “Beta, let's start this fresh morning with some fresh sex.” We had sex once again, and this time I came inside her and finally had a resting dick.

I dressed up and went to my college. My friends realized that I had sex last night and started teasing me.

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