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The Horny Indian Mother In America

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

This is the story of an Indian mother, who showed her true sluttiness when she moved to the US.

Hi, my name is Abhay. I am a 30-year-old unmarried MBA professional working in Chicago. I have been in the US for the past 1 year now. To be very frank, this country had brought about a lot of changes in me, in the physical as well as the sexual aspect.

I share an apartment with a couple. The man Skrater is a 60-year-old man from Israel. Not very athletic but he has a good physique and a nice big cock of 8 inches long. It should be 2.5 inches thick. Skrater is a sex loving person. He works at a big position in an oil trading company in the US.

He has enormous reserves of money with him. The house that we stay in belongs to him, Another person that stays in there is a 48-year-old milf, name Hanouna, Hannah as we call her. Hannah is an Italian milf with vital stats of 36-32-40.

She owns an Instagram account where she shows off her body wearing skimpy clothes. She gets paid to have sex chat with people. Hannah is a divorced milf, who has been married thrice and divorced thrice. Finally, with great sums of alimony money, she is staying with Skrater who happens to be her best friend.

This story is about my mother who came to stay with me. Let me describe to you about my mom. My mom is 56 years old, she is 4’11 in height and with vital stats of 38-34-40. Her boobs were saggy like a traditional Indian lady. She was a trendy female, who would love to be dressed like women younger to her.

But she wasn’t very modern in thoughts when it came to topics like sex. I was apprehensive as to how would she react to Skrater and Hannah when she gets to know about them. But she accepted them very boldly. My mother had come to stay with me for the past 2 months now.

She was liking the new country but used to get bored as she had the habit of working at home. Here there was nothing to do there. In a couple of weeks, she bonded well with Hannah as if they were best friends. Then things started changing.

She joined the gym with Hannah and she would spend a major part of her day with Hannah. I could hardly meet my mother even on weekends. We stayed on the first floor of Skrater’s penthouse. With Skrater staying on the first floor with his big room with a balcony and Hannah on the ground floor.

Skrater had been on a business trip for a couple of months and was going to return this weekend. We would share the common spaces of the kitchen, living room and a swimming pool area. With her spending more time with Hannah I started seeing a change in my mother.

She had lost weight. Her belly has gone in quite a lot and she even looked like her busts had increased. Her bum looked in shape and her thighs toned. She would come and talk to me boldly about Hannah. What she does on her ‘Only Fans’ page where she would strip off on the camera in front of people.

One fine evening after I came home, I heard some voices from Hannah’s room. It was quite normal for me to hear as she would bring her boyfriend home and fuck with them wildly many times. But I felt the voice was different. So I went toward Hannah’s room and peeped through the door.

I got the shock of my life! Hannah was getting fucked in her ass and was licking my mother's pussy. My mother was naked and was totally into the moment enjoying, moaning.

Mother: Aahh, yes lick me.

Hannah: Oh baby, fuck me harder. What a pussy you have bitch, it's leaking so much, you bitch. The day I saw you I knew you would be another horny Indian woman.

The man removed his dick from Hannah’s ass and put it in my mother's cunt. She gasped with his size.

Mother: Aahh, yes, aahh!

It was then I realized that he was a young boy in his mid-twenties and fucking my mother right in front of me. And my mother had spread her legs and was moaning shamelessly and speaking slangs in Marathi. Hannah was sucking her boobs.

Mother: Aah, kay jhavto tu. Madarchod jhav joraat. Randi choos majhe boobs jorat. (Oh fuck, you fuck so well. Motherfucker fuck me harder, you bitch suck my boobs harder.)

Now my mother turned into the doggy style position and he started pounding her from behind, pressing her boobs. She was sucking and fingering Hannah’s pussy and Hannah was in ecstasy.

Hannah: Bitch, you suck so well. I am cumming.

Saying this Hannah squirted on my mother's face and so did mom. I could see from her face. She removed the guy from her pussy and laid there. Hannah bent down to take his cum in her mouth. My mother pounced on Hannah and kissed her and exchanged the cum from her mouth and licked her.

I was shocked to see my mother so slutty like this. I came back to my room. I saw my mother's mobile lying there. I opened her phone and her Instagram was on. When I opened I was shocked to see her slutty Instagram page. I saw my mother had over 50 posts on that page that read ‘Lollita’.

The page had photos of my mother wearing skimpy clothes and which showed her boobs. There was even a video of her twerking naked with her nipples and pussy covered with emoticons. Her bathtub video. I read the description which read. ‘Indian in the US, milf 56, ready for cocks always, slut.’

When I checked her dm, I found many sending vulgar comments about her post and asking her to show herself naked. One dm was from Skrater and I was shocked to see their chat. She was flirting with Skrater and even sent her nudes to him, a video where she was masturbating.

Skrater had also sent his naked pics, his throbbing cock and she talking dirty with him about sucking his cock and riding him. Skrater asked her about the background in one pic, “Where are you?” On which she had sent him her photo in an open bathrobe, spreading her legs showing her clean shaved pussy.

“On your bed with my legs open for your cock.”

Skrater was telling her about his return on the weekend and planning to fuck her all night long. I was so engrossed in looking at all this, I did not realize that my mother had come up. She had worn her gown. She was shell-shocked seeing her phone in my hand and my cock hard in my shorts.

What happens next? How did Skrater and mom fuck? How did I become a billionaire? I will elaborate in the next story.

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