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The Trio of Mom l, Daughter and Son

Hi, all. I am back with another story. For those of you who don't know me, I am Chetan, 23 years old. I have written a few stories by now. Feel free to go through them. In this story, I am going to talk about how my mom helps me to bed my sister so let's begin. For the sake of this story of the trio, I am 19 years old. Hi, I am Chetan. I have a family consisting of my dad Ajay (48), my lovely mom Anita (42), my sister Srishti (23), and me Chetan (19). A few months back, my mom and I started sharing a special relationship with each other. We were like lovers. We enjoyed a great sex life. Mom being the experienced one, and me being young and energetic, we complemented each other. So one afternoon, when my father was in his office and Srishti was in her college, I was making love to her on the kitchen floor. Yes, we did it all over the house. We tried new things. So after having sex, mom started cooking lunch, and I sat there looking at her awesome body. I was preparing myself to ask a question that I wanted to ask her for the past few days. I was getting feelings for my sister too. She was 23 and had developed quite a great amazing hot body. My mom had a decent body 36-34-38. She was a bit chubby, but she maintained herself very well. On the other hand, my sister had an hourglass figure 32-28-36. Yes, she had a thick ass, and I wanted to bang it. Her boobs also seemed to be tight. Though I had never seen her naked, I got a chance to glance at her cleavage now and then. That's what I wanted to ask my mother. I wanted my mom to help me bed Srishti. But I hesitated as to what she will think. I was in an incestuous relationship with her but still asking her help to get into my sister's pants is something else. I gathered courage and finally asked her. "Mom, I am kind of into Srishti.” I stopped to see her reaction. She looked towards me, curiously and said, "What do you mean?” To which I replied, "Like I am into you the same way I am into her.” "So?" she asked. "I want to do the same thing I do with you to her.” She looked again towards me and then started laughing, "Hahaha. You naughty boy, I knew this day will come someday. But why are you telling me this, and are you bored with your mom already?” I responded by hugging her from behind and kissing her neck and said, "Mom, you will always be my first love, but I also want to taste Srishti's pussy.” To which she playfully smacked my cheek and said, "Aren't you ashamed saying such things about your sister?” I groped her boobs and whispered in her ear, "When I am not ashamed doing all this to you, why should I be ashamed of saying all this about her?" And I bit her ear slightly. She pushed me away. "Okay, so what do you want from me?” She asked. " I want your help, mom, will you help me?” She agreed to help me, and we started planing about it. And mom started executing the plan that day itself. She was the most awesome mom ever. That day in the evening, when Srishti was in her room, mom started having a casual chat with her. She discussed a few other things and very smoothly directed the conversation on me. She then started praising me a lot that I have become mature and paying attention to my studies and on my health as well. Mom showed her a few of my pics. I used to work out daily, and I was in quite a good shape. Among the pics were shirtless pics that showed my carved muscles, my puffed chest, abs, and biceps. Srishti also praised this picture and said that I really have a hot body. Then she started saying that I had a few girlfriends in college and they were very fond of me. I didn't have any girlfriend as I was in love with my awesome mom. I ignored every girl who showed interest in me. Mom was praising me. She told Srishti that she thinks that it's not just the body that the girls are fond of. Maybe I am good at the other thing too. Though she directly didn't mention it, it was understandable that she was talking about sex. Srishti sighed and stopped mom from having such conversations, though they were very frank with each other. After that, mom redirected the conversation to something else. So Srishti doesn't have any suspicions. Though the first step was very small, it laid the seeds in Srishti's mind. Now Srishti had started seeing me differently. Still, I was far from what I wanted. In the next step, mom made Srishti sleep with me on the same bed. She did so by intentionally cutting the wire of the fan in Srishti's room. So it made it very hot to sleep for her there, and mom suggested Srishti sleep with me. My bed was big enough for two people, and Srishti didn't mind as I was her brother. This step brought Srishti and me closer. We started having late-night conversations. After a couple of days, I was sleeping in my room with Srishti beside me. Suddenly I received a message. I was a light sleeper, and I woke up with the message tone. I saw from the notification that mom had sent me a picture. I opened it and saw mom standing in the kitchen with her pants down. I could see her naked ass. Oh, wow, that pic made me totally hard. I thought mom was teasing me. I was about to go to her when she texted me. "Don't come to the kitchen. This is just a help.” I didn't get it. But then the alarm rang in Srishti's phone and she woke up, and she saw me there sitting on the bed. Suddenly, her eyes went down, and she noticed my huge boner. She acted as if she didn't see it and ignored it. She knew boys do get a boner early morning. Well, this was actually the next step that mom had planned. Now Srishti had noticed my hard dick. I realized what mom's plan was, and I was very happy. That day as a thank you, I fucked my mom very hard, and she enjoyed it. Though there was progress, I still had to make Srishti want me. There was a problem. She had a boyfriend, and as far as I knew they casually had sex at least once a week. So our next step was to make her sex-deprived. Again this was executed by mom perfectly. She acted as she was ill and couldn't do any work. She made Srishti stay home and do all the household work that mom did. Srishti hadn't been to college or went out for a couple of weeks now. Thus she didn't have any sexual activity. I just had to wait for the right time for the next move. In this time again, naturally, I had a boner. Srishti noticed it in the mornings. But ignored as always. One night when we were having a conversation Srishti suddenly asked me that she heard that I was good in bed. Was it true? I was shocked by Srishti directly asking me. But I thought this was the moment. I said yes that I was good in bed, but I cannot tell her in detail. I ended the conversation by saying that girls are always satisfied. I intentionally used the plural form to make her think that it's not just one girl but many that I can please. Though this conversation didn't lead to anything, it was proved that she had started showing interest in me, and we were on the right path. It had been three weeks now, and mom still acted to be ill. I was sitting in my room and doing my work when I got a text from mom. “Sorry, I know it's taking long, but I have a gift for you. Enjoy!” She texted me this, and then video called me. I thought mom was again teasing me, and maybe she had some kinky plan to make me feel good. So I accepted the call. When the screen appeared, I saw Srishti standing there. Though Srishti didn't know about the call, mom was secretly recording her. Mom had ordered a new pair of clothes for Srishti as thanks for her doing all the household work. Mom convinced her to change it in mom's room. When she was about to change, mom called me. Srishti was standing in front of the mirror. So simultaneously, I could see her back and front in the video call. She opened her top, and she was in her bra. I could see her deep cleavage. And her boobs being held by her bra. She then pulled down her pants, and now she was just in her lingerie. She was checking herself out in the mirror, and so was I. Her ass was great. Though it was covered by her panties, I still got to see more than I usually get. Wow, I just wanted to grab them. She had an amazing body. Then suddenly, she pulled down her bra straps. It was an off-shoulder top that mom had bought. This loosed the grip of her bra cups on her boobs. I was able to see more of her boobs. I was getting hard and started rubbing my cock. Then I heard mom's voice. She told Srishti that it would be better if she opened her bra as this will make the top look good and assure that it fits fine. Srishti agreed and opened her bra. What a moment it was. The first time I saw her boobs. They were perfectly shaped, and her nipples were perky. I wanted to suck them hard. I inserted my hands inside my pants and started masturbating to the view. Srishti then wore the top and jeans that mom had brought. She was looking hot in that off-shoulder top and very high-waist jeans, which portrayed her curves. Again my mom had done the deed. And I cummed to my sister's body. I was blessed to have a mother like her. The next day when I was coming from my coaching classes, mom called me. She informed me that she and Srishti had come to a market. So I should join them, and then we all will go home together. And before disconnecting the call, she told me in a whispering voice that this was my opportunity. I didn't get what she means but I was excited as I had full trust in her. We went home on a cycle rickshaw. It had a very small seat on which only two people can sit. So my mom suggested that Srishti can sit on my lap. Though she was older, I was taller and a bit heavy. We were on our way home. I grabbed Srishti by her waist as she was holding shopping bags in her hands. The road to our home was not very good and had many potholes. So with every jerk, Srishti's ass was getting rubbed against my dick, due to which blood rushed to it, and it got hard. I was enjoying being rubbed by Srishti's soft yet thick ass. We both were wearing jeans. I still think she could have felt my hard dick. Now I took advantage of the situation and placed my hand close to her pussy such that my fingers touch her pussy. With every jerk, I was pressing my fingers against her pussy. It felt very warm. I was taking advantage of my sister. She didn't react to my mischiefs. So now I began rubbing her pussy over her jeans. My cock was rock hard and was pushing against her ass. There is no chance she would not have felt it. When we were about to reach home, I felt that her jeans had become wet. I had made her so wet that even her jeans were drenched. As soon as we entered home, she directly went inside the washroom. I don't know exactly, but probably she went inside to masturbate. I thought now I would have to take my next move soon, and this time I planned the next step on my own. That night when we were sleeping in my room, I asked Srishti if she was interested in watching a movie together. She agreed. So we were watching a movie on my mobile and sharing a single earphone. Srishti slept close to me. In fact, she kept her head on my shoulder, and I wrapped my hand around her. I had intentionally selected that movie because it was a suspense thriller. Still, it had a very explicit and detailed sex scene in it. So after a while, the sex scene began, and we continued watching it. The boy was stripping girls cloth and sensually kissing each part of her body. This made my cock hard and looking at Srishti's reaction, she was also biting her lower lips. I knew she was wet down there. So I began to caress her back while the scene was on. She didn't react. I then brought my hand close to her boob and, with a firm grip, held the portion of her body just below her breast. She was breathing heavily. Then I slowly moved my hands upwards till it touched the bottom of her boobs. She didn't react again. I kept moving my hand upwards, and in some time, my fingers were touching a part of her boobs. I gave it a little squeeze. She sighed a bit but was still looking towards the screen. I continued my action, and I reached her nipples. They were erect. I knew she was excited. By now, I had almost most of her boobs covered by my hand. I flicked her nipples over the top. She gave a slight moan and looked towards me. Time froze, and we kept looking towards each other. While on the mobile screen, the boy was fucking the girl. We could hear there moaning voices. I looked in her eyes, and she looked in mine. Slowly I bent forward towards her, and she came closer to me, and our lips touched. So this part of the story ends here. I will continue in the next part. I hope you liked this part. The next part is going to be even more interesting. Stay tuned. Please give your feedback to I am on hangouts too. If anyone wants to talk about there incest stories or want some help, they can contact me too.

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