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The Pornstar Hidden In The Nerd

Hey guys Varshini Shetty here. Back with another story. To read my previous stories you can go here. Without further delay, I will jump right to the story. It's a long one cause I am typing everything that happened. So brace yourselves. I was 19 years old (now I am 27) when it happened. I was in good shape even that age (35c - 29 - 35. You can imagine Yaashika Anand). It was the first year of my engineering and I was really bad at scoring good marks. It was a huge let down for me. I had to somehow score well to avoid getting backlogs. So, I asked one of the class nerds for help. He was brown, 5.7 feet, lean with glasses looks like Agmark class nerd. Me: Hey Kartik! Kartik: Hey? Me: How are your preparations going for exams? He: Not bad. How's yours? Me: That's why I need your help, Kartik. Can you help me prepare for the exams? My scores are really bad. Please! He: Well. (thinking a bit) yeah. Why not? Let’s start tomorrow after class hours. Me: OMG! Thank you so much (hug him) The hug embarrassed him slightly. Lol. So, we started to prepare hard for a few days. It was the study holidays. So I called him to my house cause my dad mostly isn't at home and it could be easy for us. It was morning at 10.30 am. Kartik rang the bell. Me: (opens the door) Hey Kartik, get in. He was stunned looking at me. I was in my tight yoga pants and a tight t-shirt. I was sweating profusely since I workout hard every morning. He was staring at my sweaty chest. He: Good morning, Varshini. You gym a lot I guess. You are sweating so much Me: Yeah. I just want to maintain my figure well. He: You are too honest, Varshini. Me: Oh, sorry nerd boy. I thought you were my friend. He: You are my friend. And you are the only female friend I have to date. Me: OMG! Hahaha. So tell me how does it feel with me? He: (confused) Me: Come on, be frank. Now we are friends, na? He: Ok. I am proud of myself to have a female friend who looks… Me: Looks? Come on say it. Don’t be too nerdy. I know you want to be free with me. He: Ok ok stop. You look hot alright? Your sweat smell is amazing Me: (laughs) Too honest.Hahahaha. But I like to know that even nerds like you like girl's fragrance. He: Hey I am not that much of a nerd as you say. Me: Good to know. Wait here. I'll go take a bath and come. He: Why? I like your smell. Let’s study like that. Me: Excuse me? He: What? You wanted me to be free I am free. Me: Hahaha ok ok We started to study for an hour. All this time I noticed him being different than usual. He used to constantly touch my hands stare at my breasts. After a while, he said he wanted to use the washroom. He went to the washroom and he took a little longer time. Me: Kartik are you pooping? Taking too much time. He: Huh. Something like that His words were felt different. I noticed his phone lying around. I have a bad habit of sneaking into other's things. I did know the pattern lock of his phone. So I unlocked it. I went to his browser where the funny part is and opened the history. I was shocked to see that most of his browsing history was porn and categories were milf. Big boobs. College sex. Every video was somehow related to girls with huge tits and ass. I started to realize that he was secretly interested in me. He: Hey. What are you doing looking at my phone? (extremely angry tone) Me: Your browser history… I stood up and ran away from him and he started to chase me. He: Give me my phone, please. Me: No way. Nerd's porn collection is a too hot topic to be revealed in college. He: No way you are saying that and I wont leave you to do it. He was a little too fast for me. After a few minutes of chasing he suddenly caught me from behind holding my waist pulling me aggressively towards him. Me: Ouch. Hahaha, leave me, please. Him: Give me my phone now! Me: No way. You are not getting it until these history screenshots spread in class. All this time I noticed something hard was rubbing my butt. Since my yoga pants are too thin I can almost feel it over my ass. It was the first time in my life to know how a dick feels that too over my ass. I aggressively push him and we both fell on the floor breathing heavily. He snatched his phone off my hand and I too gave up. He again started to stare at my breasts breathing heavily Me: OMG. You badly love big boobs huh? He: How do you know? Me: Duh, your browser history. He: I am sorry if it made you feel weird. Me: Well, actually I am learning a few things about nerds today. Well, say now. How is mine? He: What? Me: You know. My boobs. How do they look? Even I wanted to know how others feel about me He: As if you don’t know. I see every man including teachers staring at them. And you know them too. You are too hot and your boobs are too big. I always wanted to touch them. Even now I went washroom to masturbate imagining your boobs. I was shocked to know about his answers. Me: OMG, I just asked how do they look and you blurted out everything. That was new to me. So you love them? He: How should I prove it, Varshini? My question raged him and he suddenly caught my left breast in his hand and gave a little squeeze. I was totally in shock and stunned by his move. It was the first time that my boob is been touched by men. I still remember how I felt to date. I was stunned. He: You believe me now? Me: Dude. What are you doing? He: Proving. He was still massaging my left slightly as if they were chapati dough. I noticed his crotch area bulging. I was sincerely scared to hell and took his hand off my boob and a drop of tear came out of my left eye. He: Hey, please, I am so sorry. I behaved rudely with you. I should have never done that Me: (starts to cry more) What do you mean sorry. I feel too embarrassed to even be your friend. Please leave me alone He went out and I slammed the door behind and started to cry loud since I didn’t know how to react to that as it was new for me. I felt ashamed cause I didn’t know what to do. I cried for a long time and went to take a bath and slept. Waking up at 4 pm I saw 100 missed calls from Kartik. I ignored them went to have my lunch. All the time while eating I was thinking about his hand over my boobs and his bulged crotch. Suddenly I wanted to feel his hand again on my boobs. I slapped myself and went to watch TV. And my feelings skyrocketed. I now I badly want his hand massaging my both boobs now. I didn’t what to do as it was a completely new feeling to me. I was struggling to come over it and I couldn’t. Trust me it was hard coming out of it. I somehow too courage and called me Me: Hello, Kartik. He: Hello, Varshini. I called you many times. Why didn’t you pick my phone? I was scared to death. I am extremely sorry, Varshini. Please… Me: Shut up already. I just wanted to score good marks and don’t remind me of them again. Please come teach me and leave my place He: I will come tomorrow morning. I am sorry. I hung up the call without letting him finish his sentence. I knew I was lying about being angry with him. I badly wanted to see him now. Next day morning. The bell rang and I opened the door. Kartik was sad looking at me and let his face down. I welcomed him inside to study the room we used to study. He: Before we start studying I wanted to make things clear. I am extremely sorry. I didn’t know what I was doing. Please trust me. I again started to weep like a child. I went to him and hugged him. Me: I still fell ashamed Kartik on what you did yesterday. You know how I struggled yesterday not telling anyone. I still don’t want to lode your friendship. He: We will be good friends from now. Trust me I will behave well. Trust me. I smiled and washed my face and started to study for a while. And all of a sudden out of nowhere I blurted out everything about yesterday and started to cry again for no reason. He: Hey, look at me. (lifting my chin). It's ok you felt that way. It's natural. I google a lot of stuff about girls. I do know a few things. It's natural to be wanted to be felt. Me: (smile) Thanks nerd for making me feel good again. He: Actually, I didn’t even start. He suddenly started to press my boobs a little harder than yesterday. This time it felt really good. I closed my eyes tightly and started to enjoy his misbehavior against my breasts. I took his other hand and placed them over my other boob. He started to massage them like stress balls. All this time I was moaning loudly and my hands were struggling scratch my vagina as it was itching a lot. I was afraid to scratch them. He made me lay down and got over me and crushing them badly and moaning changed to sexual screaming. My nipples went hard. I opened my eyes to realize that he already took both my boobs out of my shirt. He was pinching my boobs and started to suck them. I was scared to death as everything that is happening to entirely new to me. I admit I was enjoying every bit as well. After nearly 15 minutes of getting crushed. He stood up and his hands went to his pants Me: Ow, stop! He: What happened? I thought you were enjoying. Me: I am and I truly love it. These things are new to me. I am already in shock today and don’t want more now. Please leave now. We both are in no control. He: True! He hugged me tightly and while leaving my home. He grabbed my butt and gave a spank and winked at me naughtily. It was not the nerdy Kartik I knew. He behaved like a different guy. I smiled at him and slammed the door and ran to my room. I took off all of my dresses. I was staring at myself in the mirror. I felt new and proud of my body this time like never before. Trust me guys (girls know how I felt) I felt proud that moment for having such a nice body. I was staring at boobs and butt and my pussy was wet. I realized this was the cum. I see in porn and laughed hard and started comparing my body to every sexy girl I knew. The very next day he came to my house as usual. I was eager to be manhandled by him and to my surprise, he behaved like a good boy. We went to the study room and started to study. I was confused to the core. I thought, "Nevermind," and started to study. This time it was me who was staring at his crotch. I couldn't turn away for long. It was too difficult to focus on my studies He: Yoy want to see my dick? Me: (shocked) What? No.Why do you say like that? He: Be free, shy girl. I know you badly want to look ay my cock. His talk changed a lot from what I remember. Me: Actually yes. (looking down in shy) He stood up and removed his pants. I was shocked to see his cock. His cock was soft still and smaller than the dick in porn Me: I thought it would be bigger like the dick I porn He: (laughs) That's not real. They take steroids. Me: Can I touch it, please? He came to me. I softly touched it and felt the soft skin on my hand. I lifted his cock and looked every bit like a medical student. His cock was getting bigger and bigger by each second. His balls were breathing up and down. It was too good to watch. His cock was getting warmer and warmer by each second. His dick head came out like a flower blooming out and his foreskin retracted. His cock was looking tastier and I was opening my mouth without my knowledge. He: Want a taste? Me: I don’t know how. He: I'll help you, Varshini. Come near and start by kissing my tip. I started to do whatever he said like a hypnotized girl. I started to kiss his dick slowly. He pushed a little further and I started to suck little. I immediately loved the taste of his cock. I went with the flow and started to take it deeper and deeper. I was sucking it real good. All this time he was moaning like a girl. I was sucking him for a minute and he came huge load in my mouth Me: Eww.Gross. Why didn’t you tell me before? He: Hey, that's not gross. It's your prize for sucking real good. Taste it, Varshini. His cum tasted real good. And a string of cum was hanging from my lips. He then pushed me and told lift my butt. I was doing as he said like his wife. He took off my pants and panty. He started to rub my vagina like he knew what he was doing. I started to moan like a slut. He was too good for me. He got between my legs and positioned his cock over my wet and hungry pussy. He started to rub the walls. He was teasing me a lot and shouted, "Fuck me, please. Stop teasing.” He laughed and pushed it in slowly. "Are you a virgin?” "Yeah, what did you imagine? That I am a college slut?” "Hey not like that.” He started to push his cock harder and blood oozed out as he was tearing my vaginal walls. I let a huge moan and he started to fuck me harder and harder. I could feel his cock inside my womb. I was enjoying every bit of his pump. My huge 35c boobs were jumping here and there with his hard and fast trusts. He grabbed them like a handle and fucked me even harder. I started to scream in pain and pleasure. After five minutes of intense fucking, he flipped me over suddenly and made me go doggy style. He spanked my huge ass real hard and started to drill me from behind. His balls were hitting me and abdomen and slapping ass making weird sounds. Those sounds made us hornier. He bent and grabbed my hanging boobs. He started to pump even more and more till I lost energy. He told that he is about to cum. I told him not to cum inside as I was scared to get pregnant. He let a huge moan and took his cock off my pussy and ejaculated all over my back. His cum splattered till my hair. He laid next to me and I was breathing heavily. I felt really good and took his cum off my back tasted it. It was so tasty with my squirt mixed. I hugged him tightly in joy and satisfaction. Me: Tell me. How many did you fuck before? He: Varshini, I was a virgin too until 10 minutes before. Trust me! Me: You were like a pornstar! He: That's the advantage of a nerd, honey. We can learn just by looking at a few videos. (grabbing and slapping my ass) We both slept on the floor for a while. I woke up to knee pain since I was in the doggy style on the fucking floor. Seems he has pain too. But also to be frank I felt really good. Like a new me was born and I woke up overwhelming energy that day. I kissed his cock tip thank you. Every day from then. We used to fuck as soon as he entered my house and study later. (I still wanted to score well). He fucked me in different styles and different places all over the house. We fucked so much that there was no room left without even a drop of our cum left on the floor. I noticed new energy in me and used them in studies and shined like never before. That I was shocked to see the performance. If you guys and girls like my sexperience. Please tell your feedback in comments or hangouts

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