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The killer Sex!

Hello readers! I am back with yet another orgasmic story about killer sex. I hope you enjoyed the last story I shared. If you are all ready, let us hear from Harshika, the heroine, and narrator of the story. I could feel his morning wood in my ass as I stirred in the bed. I inhaled the fresh morning air as my senses came alive again. With the breath that filled my lungs, his smell hit my nostrils, bringing back the vivid memories of last night. I smiled at the thought and turned to face him. My movements seemed to disturb him. He stirred in his bed ever so slightly and ended up laying flat on his back. I smiled as I realized the room was so cold after seeing his goosebumps. I ran my hands over his body sensually until I reached his cock. It still had some pre-cum left in it. I turned to look at the clock, which read 7:00. I smiled at the thought that formed in my head. I decided to wake him with a blowjob. I moved down between his legs, making sure not to disturb his sleep. Once in the position, I opened my mouth wide and devoured his cock. The cock slid through my moist mouth until the tip hit my throat. His cock was covered in my saliva as I brought my head back, releasing his cock from my mouth. It fell flat on his belly and made a ‘plup’ sound as it came out of my mouth. The cock was glistening from the light of the morning sun. It was very enticing to eat. I licked furiously from the base of his cock to the tip multiple times. I felt the cock throb and starting to grow. I looked up to see if he up. He was up alright with a strange look on his face. The 20-year-old still was surprised how he got lucky last night? How the computer lessons turned into fuck lessons? And most important of all - how did he lose his virginity to this 30-year-old sex goddess? I crawled up to him and kissed him on his lips straight. He probably would have tasted a bit of his saliva. I remember feeling the heat radiating from each other's bodies. My nipples touched his, and his cock touched my pussy. That was enough to wake the huntress in me. The kissing intensified. I could still taste the dry pussy juices deposited around his lips. I could feel his hands going down to my ass, grabbing it, spanking it. He was horny again. He wanted more. Before he could push me down on the bed, I started grinding my pussy on his cock. My pussy started leaking some juices, which acted as a lubricant that reduced the friction. I was gasping for my breath as the grinding and kissing happened simultaneously. I could no longer feel the chillness from the AC. His hand was constantly rubbing my back and sometimes grabbing and spanking my ass. Every time he spanked my ass, I was gasping for breath. The kisses turned to smooch and then turned to bite each other. I was the one who gave him a lot of love bites on the neck, a souvenir of last night's events. I felt a sudden pressure in my anus. His finger had found its way there. He gently pushed his finger in. After the initial pressure and pain, my anal walls gave in, letting his finger slide in. After few initial strokes, he started finger fucking my ass faster. The constant attention I received through my ass pushed me through the edge. I came for the first time that morning. My pussy grinding had stopped. I was slowly coming down from the orgasmic high. I kissed slowly after the orgasm, and we cuddled for a bit. I like young boys because they will not push you after a certain limit. I can control the way we have sex, and not everyone will be very domineering. I wanted to fuck now! I positioned his cock just below my pussy and slowly sat on it. His cock breached the threshold and easily glided in. The orgasm that I received earlier helped the case. I felt full by the time three fourth of his cock was in. I could feel my walls clenching the cock tighter, and he groaned under me. I continued to sit down on his cock, and the pussy seemed to devour his cock. His hands found my breasts after roaming around the hips and navel for some time. He seemed to like kneading my boobs. He pinched my nipples and started tugging them. I groaned at the sudden pain I felt. It sent shivers down my body, and with a jerk motion, the cock fully went in. The feeling was ecstatic. We gasped at the same time. I started to grind on his cock in a circular motion. His constant arousal made him pinch my nipples harder. Every pinch sent shivers down my spine, and I felt the goosebumps on my body. It was only fair to return the favor. I pinched his nipples with my hands. His well-contoured pecs made it difficult, but it was entirely possible. It was a competition for us to see who could pinch harder, and ultimately, I won. His hands fell to his side. With hands over his chest, I started riding him. He couldn’t do much except trying to help me on the way up and down. The feeling of being full and empty alternatively was slowly pushing me towards orgasm. I leaned towards him and kissed his lips. He reciprocated, and our kiss was really intensifying. I moved towards his neck, and so he found something else to do. He held my ass in his hands and started fucking me vigorously from under me. The orgasm was swelling inside me. I was sucking his neck, ears, and lips and every place I could reach from that position. My moans had increased in frequency to groans of pleasure. The room was filled with our moans and the constant sound of my ass hitting his underbelly. The situation was extremely erotic. He kept fucking me in this position for around 10 minutes now. He pushed me to bed and flipped me - now my ass was facing him. Without wasting any time, he dove in. His tongue was teasing my ass hole. The very touch sends chills up my spine. I was in heaven - the lick in the threshold of my asshole and occasional penetration of tongue inside the anal hole was pushing me over heaven. My pussy was burning, craving attention. I could not ignore it. I needed another cock now, fucking my pussy. Miraculously I found my dildo near the bed. I just shoved the black crystal dildo inside my pussy. While I fucked my pussy with the dildo, he had graduated to fingering my asshole. Every time the asshole loosens up, he would insert another finger and continue the action. After inserting three fingers all together, I shouted at him, “Fuck me! You bastard.”As if waiting for my permission, he shoved his cock inside my ass. The fucking was slow and sensual making sure, I didn’t feel the pain much. After a dozen couple strokes in and out of my ass, the pain was gone. Every time the cock entered the ass, my nerves lit up. I could no longer fuck my pussy. I left the dildo inside and concentrated on enjoying the sensations. He briefly pulled his cock out and flipped me again. Once I was on my back, he pushed his cock in my ass again and began fucking me like a beast. I was speechless! He wasn’t done - he continued to use the dildo as well to fuck my pussy. It didn’t take long for him to come. We both reached our orgasm at the same time with a loud groan. He fell flat over me and then rolled over to the side. I turned to look at his face. The relief that spread through his face was erotic. I just wanted to eat him up then and there. Little droplets of sweat were coming down his neck. I rolled over to him and licked the sweat rolling down his neck. Our eyes locked, and smiles spread. We cuddled each other and went back to sleep. The day was just beginning for us. I remember thinking how good the sex was, how great his technique was. It will be a pity to lose this wonderful cock. Too bad, he would be dead by night! The End!

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