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Suhagraat For Aditi At A Friend's Wedding

Hello friends, I am Jackson. I am back with another experience. It happened last month with a beautiful woman during the sangeet event of a friend. Guys, the story is a bit lengthy. I confess I have spiced up the sex part. But it's only to give you a good experience. For those who don't know me, I am Jackson from Bangalore, doing my post-graduation. I have been a great reader of stories here. I have posted some of my experiences as well. I hope you guys like my narration of the experience I had. It all started when I went to this Sangeet event of a friend, Rajeev. I am no music lover, but he was one of my best friends. I wouldn't miss it for the world. The sad part was I had taken off from my home. Midway, I got a call that the hotel had been booked off due to several events. I reached there on Friday morning, had my breakfast and sat through half a day. In between, I got a call from Rajeev that he would rectify this. I was angry but didn't want to express it. I sat through the day looking at my phone. I got acquainted with some of the guests and was talking to them. I know this is cinematic, but I noticed a lady. I think she is from the bride's side. She was well dressed in this red saree. It flaunted across as wind flew in, exposing her curves a little bit. I didn't want to stare but didn't want to lose the feast to my eyes. So I gave small peeks intermittently. She was definitely in her mid 30's, with an evil smile on her face. I think it gave her the appeal around men. Looking at her, I would say, she is quite voluptuous and a bit plumpy on the edge. But, she has maintained herself, in a way, making her many flaws glow as her business. I gave quite a few looks, and she noticed me staring and ignored. I then got the room and got refreshed. I dressed up elegantly for the event and went down. I was in hopes to meet the lady again. After some time, my friends pulled me on to the floor with them. We all went crazy dancing and singing. I saw her on side of the stage, looking at it all and smiling. She was a bit hesitant to come on stage. I then did something. It could fetch a moment with her or getting me all screwed up. I went to the lady with a smiling face and asked her to join in. She had a kinky smile and hesitated. I pulled her in with both hands like we knew each other. We rocked the floor that night. I could see her enjoying with the rest of the youth gathered. She felt as if she had wings again. After some time, we all were exhausted, and taking a seat, I grabbed a drink and went to her. I offered her the drink and sat near her. I introduced myself, so did she. Her name was Aditi. She had that drink very much fast. Me: - Do you want me to get more soft drinks? Aditi:- I don't think they will help. I want something hot. Smiling at me, she was taking deep breaths, blowing air out like she was feeling the heat in that tight dress. I was shocked by hearing it. I thought of going with the flow. Me:- So what do you prefer then? She then gave this devilish evil smile and told, “How about a beer for now?” Me:-.Yea sure, just let me buy it for you. Aditi:- Oh! I can't miss out on that offer. I then told her we could get some drinks from the restaurant section, She told me she can't go now. She was around her family. I then asked whether I could call her, once I have them. Aditi:- Cute, how you asked for my number in a subtle way. I gave her a smile. She then took my phone from my hand and called her number. She asked me to call her once I have them. Then after some time, she left. I then ran to my room and grabbed off the condom. I went to the restaurant grabbed a few beers along with a bottle of something hot. I called her, but she cut the call. I was suddenly depressed. But in a minute I got a text with a room number, ‘Come fast after 11’. I then waited out in the room. I took a shower and was in the best dress. I then knocked on her door at 11. She opened the door in a green satin gown. Oh wow, her plumpy body was barely covered. She invited me in, I followed her jiggling ass. It led me to her bedroom. We both sat on the bed and I handed over the beers. I opened them and had a few drinks. We started talking about random topics, after a basic introduction, Even about my friend's wedding plans. We finished up two bottles, opened up a bottle of vodka. I was having it when the topic titled to love life. I told her I had broken up a few months ago. I asked her about her husband and kids. She said haven't had any kids and her husband is a workaholic. Everyone here was asking for him. His work made her come alone. She was fed up answering everyone to question:- "Where is your husband?" She was then told with a reluctant hope he might join on the wedding day. I was pretty good in a trance. She was in a good mood too. I threw a hook asked her more about her personal life. She then slapped on my shoulder and told me to stop trivializing into her personal life. Let's just enjoy the moment. Then we kept on talking some more, soon topics led to sex. She asked me about my ex. I then reached for my phone on the table and opened up the gallery. Her eagerness made her come closer to me laying her head on my shoulder. I showed her a picture, told her my story. She was like, “Just let go of that bitch anyway. You seem like a nice guy, you 'll get better.” We finished that bottle of Vodka and was in the last few bottles of beers. I asked her for a selfie with me, she agreed. She then came close and put her arms over my shoulder and her cheeks were stuck to mine. Her one hand was pressing over my thighs. I clicked two or three pictures. I then felt confident and placed my hands on her back and pulled her closer. Then I started to click pictures. I then moved my hands to her hips and pressed on her navel and pulled her closer. Her breathing was a bit heavy. I then placed my phone on the bed and placed my hand on her shoulder. Our faces close. Our eyes stared into lust that was in each other. She then closed her eyes. I then slid my hand from her back to the nape of her neck. She looked at me as she bit her lips. I then held her nape as I pulled further close and gave her a small kiss on her ear. I gave a few kisses there and finally a bite on her ear lobe. I went in for that kiss. I then looked at her lost at the moment. I placed my lips on those juicy lips of her. Our lips locked and she pushed me onto the bed and kept on lip-locking. Our tongues fought each other to gain access to lust inside us. Her hands started to grip on my hands very hard. I was getting wet with those juicy lips. I then pulled her gown up and I felt those smooth skin of the thigh on my hands. I rubbed her inner thighs to her pelvis and felt her panty. I then broke the kiss, as she leaned on the bed. Her upper body lowered and she raised her lower body. Her hips on my hands. I then licked my tongue in a straight line from her chin dropped to her neck. I then lined with tongue out till her cleavage. I then gave a small bite on top of the top. My hands took hold of her thighs and held them close. She was eager and reached for my shirt and removed all the buttons. She felt my abs and removed my shirt. She then raised and we kissed again, This time, I made her sit on my lap, as we kissed like were young lovers. I then slowly raised my hands through her gown to her back rubbing her back skin. My both hands were in her gown, rubbing over her back. I then went to earlobes kissing them both. I lined my tongue down to the nape of the neck and gave her a deep kiss there. Aditi started to take deep breaths. I then came to her neck and started to suck on her neck bit by bit. Even biting the skin and giving love bites. I then removed off of her bra straps and raised my hands to shoulder back. I pulled her in close and started to lick her neck a bit more. Then I moved my tongue to her collar bone and licking it. She was in a hurry and she was rubbing her hand all over my back, turning her head in the rhythm of passion. She started breathing heavily. I then turned her around and place her around on the bed. I then raised her satin gown and made her nude. Her bra dropped along with it. I saw her boobs, those big areolas on those 36d boobs, those were great. I then hugged her tightly. I started to kiss her shoulders, biting her shoulder with my teeth. She gave out sweet moans in between and she stuttered for her breath. I then turned her and made her lie on the bed. I then removed my pants and trousers and went to her legs. I caught them and started to kiss her from her toes. I raised in both her legs. As I kissed on her toes and feet she would take a moment of a deep breath in pleasure. I raised my hands to her. I rubbed her nipples in my fingers, more vigorously and fast. I grabbed the boobs with a tight grip. She took a very deep breath and gave out a good moan. I then kept ton kissing her legs one by one. I slowly started to press her boobs, they were soft, I then squeezed her hard nipples. She bit her lower lips, moaning a bit more. My left hand moved into rubbing her inner thigh, closer to her pussy and asshole. I licked her thighs and legs bit by bit, like a kid enjoying his ice cream. My fingers drilled into her thigh skin making marks with my nails. I kept on fondling her boobs and bit her inner thighs, making her moans more frequent and her hornier. Her hands were lowered to my back, rubbing it with her nails. My tongue moved in for more of her inner thighs and till it reached the edge. I kissed it for a few moments and blew some air into her pussy. I looked at her, her eyes closed and her breathing was heavy. She pulled me close as she said, “Don’t stop. Take me.” I then went to her and started to kiss her deeply, moving my fingers over pussy lips. I caught hold of her clitoral skin and pinched it for a little bit. I felt her body shaking and she literally jumped on the bed. I squeezed her clitoral skin and the nipples together. I broke the kiss and gave her a deep kiss on both sides of her neck. I came to her boobs and rolled my tongue around her areolas. She told me with a moaning voice, “It’s only for you, squeeze it all you like.” I put them in my mouth started to suck it like a baby. While she moaned a lot, I kept rubbing on her pussy lips, not entering her pussy. She was getting hornier. My tongue was focused on her boobs, with my lips rubbing the nipple region. My tongue rubbing the button nipples more. I then slowly entered her dripping pussy. I fingered her for a while, while my mouth and tongue played with her boobs one by one. I then slowly used my other fingers to enter her asshole. Her legs were already spread for me. She was moaning a great lot as I entered her asshole. She was well sized over there. It was a new sensation for her. I fingered her asshole with my three fingers. While the other two stirred up her spots teeth biting her nipples. Her body was about to tremble. I raised myself to kiss her as she squirted onto the bed. She then came on top of me as she directed her hard thick cock on to her pussy. I saw her face, as my thick cock drilled in, it was a lewd face. It just gave me more energy. She had a tight pussy, we both moaned, as we joined in our lust. Then after a few moments, she started to ride on my cock. I then raised my self to suck on her boobs and fondle them. We then fucked like that for half an hour, till she let me cum in her. We fucked around a lot that night, finally cuddling and falling asleep in each other's arms. We both were awoken by a lot of knocks on the door the next day. The knocking continued and there was call out for Aditi’s name. I woke her up. Guys, I am sorry for the long story. But I am glad you stuck here till the end. I would love your valuable comments in my inbox. Again feel free to contact my mail/hangout at

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