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Sil With Her Female Doctor Friend Trapped Her Bil

Hi Readers, this is Varun. Thanks for your support and energy on the ‘Innocent Bil And Husband’ series. During the time I wrote that series, I saw a few readers complained that it is going slow. I wrote this short story with an action-packed episode to console them. Later I forgot that I wrote this story. Just recently I found it. I'm posting it now. Below is the exact version of the story I wrote at that time. Please enjoy and as usual, send your comment and feedback to me at One reader pointed out that many readers come here to read the story for masturbation. Whereas I’ve not provided an option for that until episode 7. It brought a smile on my face. Yes, it is true, my story is still going on and on in conversation mode. Unfortunately, this story is meant to be like this. It is very easy to cut short it to take the characters to direct sex. If I do so the beauty and authenticity of this story will be lost. I’m trying to give a pleasant travel experience for you all. Taking you all to a different wonderful world and taste. At the same time, I understand the valid concern of the reader. Many people indeed read a story to masturbate/shag reading it. I could very easily imagine people hold the phone in one hand and gently massage their cock or pussy on the other hand. And read the story expecting some exciting content to appear shortly. I could understand and even visualize the disappointment of such people reading this story. Yes true, think of a virtual imaginary girl reader Sneha after her busy night shift work. She came back to the hostel and switched to nightly and slipped on the bed took mobile and landed on this story. She takes her nail polished fair slender finger inside her panty and presses her pussy and starts reading my story imagining her as Bhabhi. She thinks Kishore will fuck her hard and she goes on reading. Finally, she gets frustrated by reading only narrations and conversations. She throws her mobile away and slips into her sleep cursing me. Similarly, Rahul working in a busy IT firm in a given 10-minute break goes to the restroom to relax himself reading a wonderful story. He lands on my story by massaging his cock in one hand and scrolling the storyline. Times run 45 minutes and his boss calls him asking what he is doing in the restroom all this time. He scolds me “Shit” for this and steps back to work cursing that not given too extreme spicy sex scene for him to masturbate. Worse than all the above is Raj, who is in some clinic bathroom with a semen collection cup. He is already stressed in the hospital environment. he wants to produce semen and he takes mobile and lands on this story and he finally gets fed-up. So I could imagine people like Rahul, Reshma, Raj (all fictional) and so many others would have felt missing hard-core action in this story. As an author, I would have told upfront of no XXX scenes for many episodes. Sorry for not informing you in advance. While writing this story, I assumed me in the driver seat and carrying you all passengers (readers) on a pleasant trip in an Air-conditioned Volvo coach showing nice scenery ( Pooja’s story) in this travel. But on this travel, I forgot that I had to stop somewhere to feed you people to get some energy to continue the travel. Because of me not noticing your hunger, I could hear some chatters in the group. So I decided to have a pit stop and feed your hunger for now and then continue our journey (Pooja’s story). So this is a special episode/pit stop episode. Here you will find all the ingredients in this unrelated short one episode story where you can relax completely. Without any further delay, we will get started. I pick authentic real experience-based stories rather than fiction so that readers can engage/visualize real characters. This is one other Bhabhi story, but condensed for quick start and finish trying to keep up to my standards. Don’t scold my introductions. I need this to be connected with you all on my thoughts Here, the story begins Reshma, a beautiful Bhabhi/Anni/Vodina of 19-year-old Madhan (her BIL) living in a home. Whereas her husband is in Saudi on a long work trip. Madhan is studying the 12th standard. Reshma is eyeing on him for a while and looking for a good chance to eat him. Her secret desire is known to her very close friend Nithya who is Dr by profession. They both were classmates in school. Nithya becomes Dr and Reshma become a housewife. Nithya knows in and out of Reshma and her desires that she is looking for the right opportunity to exploit her innocent BIL Madhan. Reshma looked at Madhan, both of them in the living room watching TV. But she noticed Madhan is extremely inconvenient and he is going frequently to the restroom and coming back. His face expressing some sort of inconvenience and also he is frequently taking his hand to his cock over the dress. Reshma noticed it clearly and found that he is having some sort of pain or inconvenience there. She believes that this could be the right opportunity to exploit him. He casually asks Madan Reshma: Hi Madan, what happened to you da? It seems you are feeling uncomfortable and frequently going to the restroom. Are you not well? Madan hesitates with shyness “Nothing Anni, a bit of pain and inconvenience.” (read Anni as Bhabhi /Vodina in your respective language) Reshma: Oh my god, where? What happened? Did you hurt anywhere? Is it a leg? Madhan further hesitates, “No Anni, that is…” Reshma: “Oh is it somewhere inside? Please don’t hesitate, don’t feel shy about health issues. It is not good to leave it untreated. Don’t hesitate and openly tell.” Madhan after getting courage, “Anni, it is paining in… sorry to say on my penis.” Reshma: Oh for this only you hesitated? If it pains there you may need to tell it pains there, no alternate. Oh, why? How long? What kind of pain? Madha: Last two days, Anni, it pains at the tip of it. I feel like urinating, but if I try I don’t get urine, but I feel as if it is burning. Couldn’t tolerate it. (He exhibited his inconvenience.) Reshma: Oh sorry to hear this da. Wait let me check with Dr. Nithya aunty (Reshma’s close friend and partner in crime) Reshma calls Nithya with the expectation that she will help her to exploit the situation. The phone rings and after the formal exchange of greetings, Reshma speaks on speaker mode. Reshma: Nithya, Madhan is going through some pain on his penis. He says he is feeling a burning sensation on its tip. Though to check with you to see if this is a serious issue or something. You need to understand the situation and try to help me. Reshma insisted by stressing the words to hint Nithya that she is looking for Nithya’s help to utilize the situation to trap Madhan. Nithya: Ok dee, I completely understood your situation, I will do my level best to help with this. Reshma smiled with satisfaction that her friend got her intention. Nithya: Sorry to hear the situation. This could be because of many reasons starting from simple heat issues to complex bacterial infections. This needs to be inspected and few tests need to be done to identify the root cause. Nithya: Unfortunately, I’m not in town today. I’m in another city. But these tests are simple. I can guide you so that you can perform it in your home itself. The treatment also can be done in the home itself. Nithya exhibited false shock though she enjoys the situation Reshma: Nithya what are you saying? Me inspecting him? Don’t understand what do you mean? Nithya: I said in simple English, we need to inspect him the spots where he is complaining paining. If I was in town, I would have asked you to bring him to my clinic. As I’m not there. I’m asking you to do it. I can guide you. Your role is just like a nurse helping me. Reshma enjoyed the way she is pulling her inside this one, but still falsely hesitated Reshma: I understand it dee, but how can I? Nithya: Reshma I never thought my friend is so selfish. He is struggling in pain and you are inhumane to ask ‘How / what’ during the terrible situation? Your BIL is suffering. I never expected this from you. Nithya: (she said in a stern voice) Are you feeling disgusted to touch a patient’s dick? Or thinking it as sin? If so what is your thought on me? I would do the same if you brought him to my clinic Reshma: Hey please don’t misunderstand. I did not mean it, just a general hesitation. I don’t have any disgust feelings. I love my BIL I don’t want to see him struggling in pain. If I can do anything to treat it. I’m willing to do it. But this is a sensitive issue. What if my hubby knows? Nithya: Why he needs to know about it? Husbands will not understand this. I treated the same complaint with my BIL. It was between me and him. (In her stern voice, she questioned Madhan). Hey Madhan, your SIL is affectionate and ready to treat you. Are you going to reveal this to your brother? Madhan: Oh no aunty, if you both don’t want to tell anyone, I won't. If Anni is ok to inspect and treat I’m Ok. I won't tell anyone. Nithya: Oh Reshma, what is the issue further. He said he won't say. I hope you should be fine to inspect him now? Reshma is in cloud 9 as she is getting into what she wants. Reshma: Ok Nithya, tell me what I need to do now? Throughout this conversation, Nithya maintained her tone in dominating and dictating Dr mode. Nithya: Hi Madhan, your SIL needs to inspect your private parts under my instruction. Before the inspection we want the parts to be so clean. Please go to the restroom to take a bath. Wash your penis/balls all of them in soap and make it dry. Then wrap a towel and come back to your SIL. Then I will instruct her on what to do. Madhan: Ok Aunty. (He calls her as Aunty) Madhan went to the restroom and took a bath and cleaned himself as she advised. He came back bit shyly wrapping a plush towel in his hip in the bare body. Reshma was waiting for it. Reshma: (in the phone) Nithya, Madhan is back. Nithya: Ok Madhan, hope you are not wearing any boxer? Madhan: (Shyly) Yes Aunty Nithya: As I cannot see what is happening over there, I assume you have not removed your dress and still wearing the towel? Reshma: Yes Nithya, he is still with his towel. Nithya: Ok both of you listen carefully to me as you are new to this. Reshma and Madhan curiously started listening. Nithya: (in a commanding voice) See in the medical field it is a very easy thing for us to see patient’s nudity as we do surgery, procedures, etc. We don’t have any guilt associated with it. But as both of you are not familiar with this, please don’t feel guilty. Nithya: Reshma is going to do medical check-up, my nurse. She is going to follow my instruction and Madhan is patient. Both of you remove hesitation so that I can assist you both and treat the pain properly. Reshma: Ok Nithya I understand it. I’m mentally prepared to follow your instruction and I don’t have any guilt. Nithya: What about you Madhan, don’t feel embarrassed or shame? Madhan: No Aunty, I will manage. Nithya: Ok both of you get ready. Reshma please physically inspect the penis area especially on balls and on the rod and skin surface area for any pale yellow sign. Madhan, you may remove your towel and show your penis to my nurse to inspect. You hold it raise it and show the bottom of the penis. Also, raise the balls and show the bottom of it. Madhan becomes shy to get nude for the first time in front of her SIL. Reshma with beating heart was looking for the sight of her BIL’s hot rod. She does not exhibit her lust on her eyes and kept it within her. Nithya: Madhan, have you removed it? Madhan: No, Aunty (with shyness) Nithya: Come on, don’t be shy and waste my time. Madhan slowly unwrapped his towel and stood nude, his 6.5-inch cock in semi erected mode stood up in half like a snake. Reshma’s eyes widened seeing such a strong monster tool in a 19-year-old teen. She, without exhibiting lust and looked at it deeply and passionately. Reshma: Nithya, he removed and I can see it now. Reshma’s eyes ate those cock lustfully. Madhan with shy held his cock and lifted it above to show it below. He held his balls and lifted above to show under. Reshma closely inspected all the surface curiously and responded back to Nithya Reshma: Nithya I inspected by looking at it. I don’t see any pale yellow patches Nithya: (in curious tone) So overall what color it appears? Reshma becomes angry that she is trying to share the lust by asking the descriptive color of her BIL’s cock. She responded “Nithya, it is kind of brown and white mix, like the wheatish color” Nithya: Ok color test looks good, we need to check the temperate of the rod. Usually, the symptoms can be identified by the temperature of the rod. Reshma are you ready to measure the temperature? Reshma(laughing inside): Nithya how to do, I don’t have any thermometer Nithya: Reshma no thermometer is required. Just use your palm to feel the warmth. Let me know if you feel it as warm or chill. If it is warm it could be because of the Influ-e-sunni virus. We need to check it. Reshma (exhibiting slightly hesitation, shyness): Nithya, do you mean me? Nithya: Yes you only, you are nurse, please do it. Madhan you cooperate Reshma passionately took her soft hand and grabs the thick cock gently. Madhan squeezes his body a bit in the first touch of a female hand on his genital. Reshma could feel the heartbeat the cock is producing in her grab. Madhan squeezed his palm in a kind of feeling Nithya Interrupted: Reshma, are you checking temperature? Hold the whole cock from tip to bottom to see if the temperature is uniform. See if it warm or cold. Reshma just moved gently. Then grabbed inch by inch front and back slowly and pressed it gently. Madhan stammered with the new experience he is getting. Reshma: Nithya, yes I held from front tip to full rod. I feel it is so warm, nearly hot like fever person Nithya: Oh my god, do you see really hot? Reshma: Yes Nithya, I feel it bit hot like a fever. Nithya: Oh not a good symptom. Can you please check if the balls are also hot? Reshma: Yes Nithya, I will check it. Reshma just moved his hand to the ball and Nithya instructed in speakerphone. “Madhan, widen your legs so that she feels the temperature of your balls.” Madhan nervously parted his legs gently. Reshma held the balls slowly in her and gently squeezed them and said, “Nithya, I find balls are also bit hot” Nithya: Oh god, not a good symptom. Heat on the ball on cock indicates e-balla vitamin deficiency. Can you check the weight of the balls, slightly lift in the palm and try to estimate the weight in grams? Reshma: (Just lifts the balls and tries valuing it like a jeweler) Nithya, it appears it may be around 700 grams. Nithya: Ok looks fine, according to the symptoms, I’m thinking if this is TKC syndrome issue? Reshma: Means what? Nithya: If there is TKC syndrome, cock may exhibit a kind of yogurt smell. Could you please smell especially the tip to see if you see any yogurt kind of smell? Meanwhile, Madhan could not handle the extreme pleasure of all the maneuvers by Reshma. He couldn’t control standing he squeezes his body left and right. Reshma: Nithya, I have a problem. Madhan can not stand still properly while I’m inspecting and he is squeezing his body a lot. Anything we can do? Nithya: Oh is it? Is he standing? Reshma: Yes. Nithya: Oh, it will be difficult to inspect patient keeping in standing for a while. Ask him to lie down on bed comfortably facing up so that you can freely inspect. Madhan please lie down on the bed facing ceiling up. Madhan goes to bed and lies down facing up Nithya: Reshma, you get on the bed and sit comfortably where you are do all the assessment. Reshma sat near his thigh and said, “Yes Nithya, I sat comfortably.” Nithya: Ok please check if you get yogurt smell on his cock. Reshma gently bent forward and took her nose close to the tip and she gently blew her breath. The cock and inhaled it deeply and it made Madhan’s hairs on leg goosebump. Reshma rotated the cock and smelled at a different spot Reshma: Nithya, I don’t see any yogurt smell, it looks fine. Nithya: Nice to know, forgot to ask. Some time ‘EKY-Kiktomia-sepresica’ symptom will bring the tip pain and during that erection will get affected. How do you see the erection, is it semi erected or fully erected? Reshma: Nithya, I think fully erected. Nithya: Reshma, how you will know if it is semi or full? You need to ask Madhan. Madhan, please tell me what is the state of your current erection. D you think it is fully erected or semi erected? Madhan gets nervous and says “Nit…Nithya Aunty, it is semi erected.” Nithya: My god, we need to see if it is affected or not. We should check the erection test. A quality penis will get erected within 2 minutes of stimulation. Reshma could you please try to see if you can bring it to full 100% erection in next 2 minutes Reshma: Oh my god, Nithya what are you saying? What I should do? Nithya: (in hurry tone), Reshma no time now, quickly just gently stroke it and watch the clock to see if it is gradually expanding to max size. Madhan, you tell when it reaches the maximum stage. Madhan is in cloud 9, he moans. Reshma holds the shaft and gently strokes from top to bottom in rhythm. Madhan could not tolerate it. He holds the pillow in two hands and slightly moans with cooperation. Reshma finds it is growing big and big by the minute. It reaches a peak size where it will burst in minutes and she slows down. Reshma: Nithya, I think it reached full. Nithya: Oh my god I’m relaxed to see no issues. Reshma could you mind to take a pic of it and send it in WhatsApp I need to assess few things Reshma gets angry that she is trying to indulge in it. Reshma doesn’t like to share his pic with her. She indirectly stresses to Nithya. Reshma: Nithya, please is this required? Nithya: Yes it is required. Otherwise, how can I help you? Both of them are talking about stressing words between them. Nithya indicated that she wants the pic to see. Reshma did not have an option. So he took her camera and took the pic of her BIL’s tool from multiple angles. She sent it to Nithya. Nithya: Ok got it Reshma, I think so far good. Ok, both of you please listen to me. Both of them started paying attention to her. Nithya: So far based on all the tests I did. I see a fat deficiency in his cock. It seems to me he is overexposed to the sun. Sun has evaporated more important vital juices from his body and caused dryness over his cock area. That dryness is causing the issue. Nithya: He needs to completely avoid the sun for the next 2 days, should not go out. Meanwhile, we need to ensure more fat content goes into his affected areas. Reshma: I’m scared about what you are saying? Is it anything serious? Nithya: Serious in one way, but we identified it at the correct time. We can treat it in the home itself. You need to take care of treatment. Reshma: I cannot see his health deteriorate. I cannot handle my hubby's question if his health issue declines. I need to do something to prevent it. Nithya: Good Spirit, don’t worry we can treat it easily with homemade remedies. Reshma: I’m ready to do anything, please tell me Nithya: Ok we need to ensure enough fat content goes into his cock and balls area which so dry now. Immediate thing is that we need to cool and fat feed to his shaft. Reshma: Oh is it, what to do? Nithya: Do you have any milk? Reshma: Oh, it is 7 PM. Most shops are closed. But Ok I have just 1 cup of milk that I use to drink at night. I have it. I can use it Nithya: Ok good to know. Warm the milk with rose petal and a bit of honey and sugar. These three chemicals produce EndoMizniaCritica chemical in the milk which is high in protein. Nithya: Just we need to immerse his cock/shaft in this milk for 30 minutes. This will get absorbed in shaft immediately so that pain will reduce. Madhan Interrupted and said to Nithya. Madhan: Nithya aunty, please SIL has got an ulcer complaint. She needs to drink milk at night. I don’t want to waste her milk for this process. I don’t want her to get affected in the ulcer. Nithya: Madhan, so good ra. This is each of you should care for others. Nice that you told me about your SIL’s ulcer. Ok good, this milk will not go waste. Once your cock is immersed in the milk, it produces a lativa-sorenesia enzyme. Nithya: That enzyme will be produced only in 19-year-old male skin. Once that mixes into milk that becomes like a herbal medicine which is good for ulcers. So don’t need to throw the milk away. Reshma can drink it after your procedure is over Reshma’s pussy started drizzling with such erotic play that Nithya is planning between her and Madhan. Reshma: Nithya, is this milk immersion is sufficient? For his cure? Nithya: No Reshma, just this is an immediate first aid kind of treatment to give fat content to his shaft to minimize the pain. We need to feed more fat to his cock/penis to bring the lost fat content. Reshma: Oh my god, what should I need to do. Nithya: We need to ensure that his cock is moist overnight with fat content, do you have ghee at home? Ok readers. I hope you enjoyed this episode, send your feedback and comments. The story will be continued and ended in the next episode if enough interest is there on this story. Also, I highly welcome like-minded authors to extend this story from where I left. I love to read various different imaginations and plots.

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