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Seducing My Elder Sister

Hi, Im Ricky from a Bengali middleclass family. I am a 6ft tall, bit yellowish skin tone, muscular and curly hair guy. I did kickboxing since my teenage, so I have an athletic body. I am handsome, you can say. I am here to describe about the incident between me and my virgin didi. After clearing my JEE exams, I got selected in NIT Dur**pur. My dad is a government employee and my mom is a housewife. My sister loves me a lot. She was doing her graduation and wanted to do MBA. She was very hardworking and intelligent too. I was studying in B.Tech 5th sem in NIT Dur**pur during this incident. I was living in a rented place. It had two rooms. I occasionally had sex with my gf and prostitutes. I and my gf broke up a week ago. My didi (elder sister) got selected in the same college for her MBA. She took the admission but didn't take the hostel. My dad heard from his colleague that girls do all sort of intoxication in hostels. As he was strictly against it, my didi was made to stay with me. So, we got a new rent. It had two rooms and one bathroom. All these three lined together. I took the first room and my sister took the second. My dad managed to find a food delivery service so that we can focus on our studies only and not spend time on cooking. After we shifted to our new house, dad left us. I was very happy that I was with my sister. But, deep down I knew that this means I can't bring prostitutes anymore. Anyways, I was happy as we were very close. We shared all of our secrets. I knew that she was a virgin and she knew that I had sex with my ex. So, we were like friends. I forgot to describe her. My sister's name is Riya. She is 5 ft 2 inch tall, with milky white skin tone, long black hairs till her waist, medium-sized boobs and ass but her thighs are a bit fleshy (kop kopa ekdom). But what I like most about my didi is her lips and her voice. I always wanted to kiss my sister since I was a teen. She has pink lips, her lower lip is very small and baby-like. Her voice is the sweetest voice I have heard till date. So everything was going okay. I was busy with my classes and so was she. I was preparing for my minor projects. We were busy studying. But I was missing sex. I was very horny, ready to drill any pussy! One day in August, it was raining heavily. I was in my room. Didi was in college. She called me and told me to bring an umbrella. I went to college and we left for our home together (it was only walking-distance from our college). I had only one umbrella so we were very close to each other. That day, I felt my sister's soft body and got an instant erection. I was intentionally getting more closer. We reached home. She entered my room and I rushed to her room to bring towels. I gave one towel to her and was rubbing my body with the other one. Suddenly, my eyes caught sight of her pink wet top. I was constantly looking at my sister's boobs. Suddenly, she said, "Didi ke emon vabe dekhes na dustu chele" (Don't look at your sister in that way, you naughty boy). I was shocked and didn't know what to say. I just said, "Dhatt ki dekhche." (No, nothing.) After that incident, everything was again normal for some days. One day, I returned from my kickboxing class. It was hot that day. I returned at 7 pm. Didi usually takes an hour-long nap from 5-6 pm. But that day, she was still sleeping. After knocking for some time, she opened the door. I could feel that she was tired. She just went straight to her room and fell asleep. As mentioned earlier, my room, her room, and the bathroom were in a linear manner. So she never locked the door. That day too she didn't lock the door. I entered her room then went to my bathroom. After taking a refreshing bath, I opened the bathroom door. As I entered her room, I saw my sis sleeping upside down, wearing small cotton pants, revealing her fleshy thighs. I got a hard-on! I went near to observe her closely. I was astonished to see that didi was not wearing any panty as it was very hot that day. I knew she was very tired as her project submission was going on. I wanted to see her pussy. But I couldn't gather the courage to undress my own sister. However, I went closer to her ass and tried to take the smell of her pussy and ass. She moved a bit. I was frightened and rushed to my room. But it was a normal sleep movement. I took my phone, went inside her room, and took a picture of her thighs. I took four or five shots. Then I hurried to the bathroom. I opened my gallery and opened those pics. I was holding my phone with one hand and was rubbing my dick above my pants with the other hand. My dick was fully erect in no time and I started to stroke. I cummed in no time. I gave out a huge load. Then I took a bath. I went to my room and lay on my bed. I felt a bit guilty at first then I realized that it was normal for a boy to get turned on by a girl. I thought if I could get her in my bed then I don't have to worry about sex anymore. The two remaining years of my graduation would be the best days of my life. I was scared also if she complained about me to my mom and dad. I then finally decided that whatever may be the outcome, I would at least give a try. I decided to seduce my didi. I knew my sister was a virgin but she was very scared of getting into any emotional business. I knew she wants to have sex but only with someone she trusts. So the only boy she trusts more than herself was me, her brother. So the only hurdle for me was to get her in the mood and after that, she would be mine. In the next story, I will describe how I seduced my didi and got into her pants.Please mail me at if you like my story. Healthy criticism is also welcome.

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