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Parents Absence Brings Siblings Closer

Hello guys, I am Ramesh from Tamil Nadu. My family consists of four members. My father and mother run our family business and are mostly out of town due to the business. Then there is me and my sister Shalini.

My relationship with my parents was not very close as they had the habit of missing almost all important family functions on the pretext of business.

My sister and I grew up at my grandparent's house until we were teens and shifted to our house after my grandparents passed away. Ours is a very big house with our own private swimming pool. Money was never a scarce commodity for us. What we longed for was love.

We never got to feel what parental love was. Our parents pampered us with almost everything that any one of our age would dream of.

Dad gave us an ample amount of pocket money but never spent the time to take us to the nearby park. Such was our life. At our home, I and my sister were the only ones who seemed to care for ourselves.

My sister was quite an innocent girl. She wouldn't talk to boys at college. But she was quite frank and normal with me at home. At college, she wouldn't mind me at all. We both used to come in our car.

Let me describe my sister to you all. She is not very thin neither is she too fat, just right. She has the curves that every guy would ever dream of. She used to dress very conservatively.

Though my sister chose to wear modern dresses, they were never revealing any part of her body. She has the most beautiful pair of eyes, lips, ears, and breasts. Any guy would go nuts seeing her curves. My sis was the crush for many of my college mates but she would never respond to their advances. She even seemed to ignore them.

It all started when my sister caught a bad cold and fever. She was not ready to leave the bed so that we can get her checked by a doctor. So I had to call a doctor home.

Dr. Manikkam was our dad's friend so he readily agreed to come home and treat her. He diagnosed her to have caught a common cold and fever. He assured me that there was nothing to worry about and all she needed was just some rest and good food.

It was not a big deal. Our maid Shanthi would cook tasty meals each and every time. It wasn't much of a difficult task until the lockdown was announced by the government.

Our parents were caught up in New Delhi as all local flights were canceled. Our staff couldn't come as all buses had been stopped. Now we were left all on our own till everything returns back to normal.

For the first day, I cooked some Maggie noodles for both of us as it was the only thing that I could probably cook besides heating water. I tried my best not to turn Maggie into a soup!

We both ate and slept off in my sister's room. In the night, I felt a hand around me and it was my sister's. Nothing seemed odd to me and I let her keep it. Without thinking much, I slept. Being a heavy sleeper, she too slept off soon.

The next day, it was quite a challenge as we both knew nothing about cooking. We tried to figure out anything to eat and ended up watching cooking videos on the internet. We somehow managed to cook some vegetables for us. Though it wasn't as good as was made by our maid, it was just okay. My sister and I started chit-chatting like friends.

We used to talk while lying on the bed. We used to hit each other playfully and nothing seemed to be wrong with those innocent touches.

One day we were watching a movie. In it Brad Pitt was showing off his chiselled abs.

Shalini asked me whether I still had my rock hard abs. I lifted my tees to show them to her. She moved her hands over them and complimented them. It was nothing to think a lot about.

Then my sister went on to say that many girls in her class wanted her to introduce them to me. She told me that I used to be the crush of many of the girls from her class.

That was is when I asked if she had a crush on someone. She told me that she didn't find the right person yet. I asked her to describe her idea of the so-called right person.

As my sister went on to tell me his qualities, I noticed that her description matched me in every way! It then became awkward when Shalini's hands started to rub my hair while talking. I looked in her eyes and there was complete silence.

I don't know what overtook us. My sister bought her lips near mine and I leaned forward and kissed her on her lips. We stayed in that position without moving. We both were confused. Then suddenly my phone rang and this bought us to our senses.

Shalini pushed me and ran into the bedroom and slammed the door shut! We both were clueless and didn't know how to face each other. As dinner time approached, we both were getting hungry.

I knocked at her door. No reply came and I opened it and what I saw just shook my core. My sister was lying on her bed without clothes on!! From her pose, I assumed that she must have slept off after masturbation.

I went near her and I admired her body curves. My cock was throbbing under my shorts. I wanted to fuck her there and then but something was holding me back. I just covered her with the bedsheets and went to the kitchen to cook for us.

My sister came down after a couple of hours but she was unable to face me. We both ate in silence and returned to our respective rooms. This time, I didn't sleep with her in her room. I couldn't sleep. As soon as I closed my eyes, all I could see was the beautiful body of my sister Shalini.

I grew restless and thought that masturbating would ease me. I removed my clothes and was masturbating when I felt someone standing beside me. I turned around to turn the lights on.

It was my sister. We both remained awestruck. I never knew when she sneaked in. My face went red with shyness. She looked at my mobile which has a picture of hers.

I had clicked a picture of my sister when I found her sleeping nude. I couldn't resist myself from taking a snap. With no more words to say, I pulled her over and started to kiss like there was no tomorrow. We both were lost in our pleasure and we forgot the blood relationship that we shared.

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