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Our Journey Back Home (Sleeping With Mom In The Forest)

“What the fuck is happening here!” I screamed. I was very angry while I stood at the door. There was a long pause as all three of us stood frozen in our respective places. “What are you doing here, boy? Go away! now is not the right time,” said he. “Can’t you see I’m busy with your mother?” “Please go away!” cried my mother while not looking at me. An hour ago, I was sent to buy some vegetables from a nearby store. My mother had sent me. I had told my mother that I’ll take two-three hours to return as I will hang out with my friends for a while before going to the vegetable market. But I couldn’t find my friends. So I went home early. I don’t know if this is good or bad, but I found something very horrible happening in my house. At that moment, a fat middle-aged guy was sitting in a chair with his dick out. He was staring down at my mother, who was topless and on her knees. From their positions, I realized that my mom was going to stroke his dick by keeping it in between her big fat breasts. They might have sex had I not interrupted them. Even when I did stop them, that guy was shamelessly telling me to go away. My mother insisted on that too. “No! you go away! you fucking pervert!” I shouted while showing the authority of this place and over my mother. Both of them stayed in place while making eye contact with each other. Suddenly that man gave a grunt of disappointment, pulled up his pants, he walked away. This guy was huge and intimidating. Still, he quietly stepped out of our house. All this time, my mother stayed topless while maintaining her bare back facing me. Once he was gone, she picked her bra from the bed and put it on. She turned to me and said, “It’s not what it looks like. Gandhar promised in return of what we were doing to give us free ration during the lockdown.” My mom had covered her naughty bits with her bra. Still, I didn’t want to look at her until she was decently dressed. Even the quick glimpse I saw of her wearing a brown skin color C-cup bra for her D-cup breasts was burning my eyes as I looked away. Even with my eyes shut, I could picture her displaying ample cleavage. The color of the bra matches her skin tone. It was difficult for me to distinguish between her bare skin and the fabric of her bra in the dim evening light. She finally got decent wearing her cheap cotton pink sari. So I turned and handed her the veggies. I’m Umesh Nandan, a 23-year-old guy. I used to work in a garage in Mumbai. Also, I used to attend night school to become a teacher. My mother, Sumita, 43, used work as a housemaid in a nearby society. She used to do the basic chores of washing clothes, utensils, cleaning the house, etc. My father used to work as a peon in one of the top hospitals. Despite all three of us earning money, our financial condition was poor as we were forced to live in slums. Still, our life was manageable until the news of lockdown hit us hard. My mom was stopped from going to the houses. They even refused to pay her basic salary, saying, “Why should we pay if you are not working?” I lost my job, and the school was shut down too. But the worst happened to my father. He died. My father was one of the first to get infected when there was no news of the virus coming to India. He had a poor heart so he couldn’t live long when he got sick. Fortunately, both of us were not infected by him, so we continued with our jobs until lockdown. But now things were getting difficult as there was no source of income. And then I caught my mother being forced into having sex. Despite us being short of food always, my mother was gifted with a hot body - smooth, glowing brown skin, long black hair that she kept braided at all times. She has a thin, slender body with unusually large motherly breasts. I used to get very angry hearing the rumors that she is the highest-paid maid because of her large assets. Unlike other maids, she used to do her cleaning job during the evening time. The employers insisted that she should come when they returned from work. One of my friends said that he found a video on the internet of a man stroking his dick while staring at the cleavage of a housemaid sweeping the floor. Although the maid’s face wasn’t visible, he insisted those were my mother’s breasts. We had a big fight over that video. So it was not out of the realm of possibility that the perverts of our locality would take advantage of my mother once my father was out of the picture. Still, this doesn’t mean I would allow that. The next day that is today’s morning, I decided that mom and I should return to our hometown. We are from a small village in the Konkan region. It is not very far by road from Mumbai. I took this decision for both of us as I thought after my father, I am the man in charge. “Why do we have to leave this place?” asked my mother. “We have to. We can’t live here without any salary. Paying rent, buying food. At least in our village, we can work and eat from our farms. Also, my uncle called last night. He told us to come home.” I said. Uncle Dinanath is my father’s elder brother. He is fifteen years older than my father and a wise old man. While my father was hungry to earn money and so he came to the city, uncle decided to stay where our family roots are. I call him wise because, after all these years of struggle in the city, we are no better. Even though we earn more money than what we could in the village, we lose most of it in rent, bills, and other stuff. In Mumbai, everything is so expensive. On the other hand uncle and his family are happy living in the village. Despite not being rich, every year when we visit during the festival, we have a big celebration. Even though he and my father had a big fight when he decided to come to live in the city, uncle is always kind enough to let us stay with them. It was afternoon time when we started picking the essentials. I started filling the bag with all our clothes. “No, don’t do that,” mom stopped me. “Why?” “If they see the house is empty, they’ll give it to someone else. We will take just some food and all the money,” she said, picking up a wooden box. “Why are you taking that?” I said in disgust. “This is where the money is,” she said, showing me the money by opening the box. The reason I was disgusted by that box was that it looked like, how should I subtly put it? A big black dick! “After all, how can I leave it here? It was a gift from your father,” she said, putting that thing inside the bag. I couldn’t help but picture my father using that thing to please my mother. Quickly I got rid of that mental picture and stepped out of the house. We planned on taking a truck ride since all public transport was shut. There is a wholesale market nearby. There the farmers from our village come to sell vegetables. We were lucky that a truck was there today. But the villager said that he would leave only in the evening. So we had to wait. It was around four when his small vegetable truck was empty. He let us sit in the back while we drove away. Back there, it was just the two of us, me, and my mom. We were sitting comfortably. I dozed off. After some time, I felt someone pushing me. When I opened my eyes, I saw the truck was packed, full of people sitting all around. My mom smiled at me, seeing me be uncomfortable next to some guys. Dirty, stinky people that gave me a feeling of them being homeless beggars. The sun had set by the time we got out of the city limits. It was getting dark inside. The driver switched on a dim light for us. Still, things were barely visible. But it didn’t matter as I could clearly see my mother. That’s all I cared about. The moment we left the city, the road became very bumpy – a lot of jumps, sways, and moving around. It was like some bad rollercoaster ride. Not that I know what riding a good rollercoaster feels like. It was very uncomfortable as those half-asleep beggars rested on me. Still mom smiled at me every time I looked at her, hinting things were okay. Things were not okay! I saw the guys sitting next to her, continuously brush their elbows against her breasts. At times they even grabbed her boob to steady themselves in a shaky truck. Every time they gave an excuse for the bumpy ride, but I knew very well their true dirty intention. Still, my mother was enduring all this quietly. She stayed perfectly calm while they continued to tease her. Then at one point, the truck hit the biggest pothole. Taking that opportunity, both the guys on her side, in a swift move, pulled down mom’s blouse to completely expose her tits. I felt so embarrassed, and so did mom. She covered her ample bosom and looked at me. I looked away. But I could hear other guys giggling. From the corner of my eye, I could see mom gently pushing her breasts inside the blouse one at a time. I don’t understand why she wasn’t wearing her bra. I could hear guys whispering, “No.” “Don’t hide it.” “Show them.” Then mischievously, I saw those guys pulling on her blouse. I pretended to look away. But I could see her erect nipples poking through the blouse fabric. Then suddenly, a guy quickly pinched her nipple hard as my mom screamed, “Ahhh!” “That’s it! stop the truck!” I shouted. Banging on the wall, I hinted to the driver to stop. I was very angry. Once the truck stopped, I looked at those two homeless guys and said, “Get out, now!” I was pissed. So I didn’t realize that I was outnumbered. It was me against all the other people in the truck. Soon things got heated up. All the guys got very aggressive. They planned on beating me up. But my mom came in the middle and said, “Please stop. We’ll go.” By the time the driver came to see what was happening. Mom told me to get down, and she followed. I could see guys spanking her butt and squeezing her boob while she crawled out of the tiny truck. Getting angry, I started punching the guys on the outer edges. But my mom and the driver pulled me away. I don’t understand these people. How can I tolerate seeing my mother being exploited and humiliated like that? I was just protective of my mother. Still, nobody cared. Even the two other women in the truck supported their disgusting degenerate men. Eventually, the truck drove away. My mom and I simply stood by the roadside, waiting for another ride. It was dark, and we were in the middle of nowhere in a forest. There was nothing we could do but wait optimistically. Fortunately, I had my mobile that I could use as a torch. I had conserved its battery to make sure it lasted through our long journey. I could have checked on the internet for a nearby village, but there was no network. Two-three hours went by as we waited. We ate some of the food that we were carrying. Slowly our optimism for getting a ride faded. It was close to eleven when mom started feeling sleepy. “We will not get a ride now. We have to sleep here,” mom said. I agreed to what she said since I, too, was tired. Sleeping on the highway was risky. What if someone robbed us? Or worse, what if they took advantage of my mom while she slept? I didn’t say that, but both thought that as we agreed to enter the forest and sleep there. After walking some 200-300 meters, we found a good flat space under a tree. On the way, mom told me to pick long sticks, and she did too. She emptied her purse under the tree. Then handing it to me, she said, “Now go bring a lot of leaves from that tree to make the beds.” “What about you?” I asked. “I’ll make a tent.” she replied, “Take your phone with you.” “Then how will you see?” She smiled, looking at me, saying, “Look up, it’s a full moon. I’ll see it clearly. You don’t worry.” I started walking away, looking for a short tree from which I could pick a lot of leaves. Remembering what she said earlier, I turned off my phone’s light. As it is, I had to conserve the battery since we might need it in the future. She was correct. Even in the night, I was able to see things clearly because of the moon. As I started picking the leaves, I realized that suddenly mom was calling the shots. In this difficult situation, she was telling me what to do despite me being the man in charge. Never before did I think of my mom as someone who can make decisions. She simply obeyed what my father said. That instant, I realized that her opinion matters and that I should listen to her more. Gathering enough leaves, I walked back to the place. I was surprised to see that she had made the tent somehow. I didn’t think of a very important question, “Where did she find a cloth?” That’s because I was in awe of the beautiful tent she had made. On top of that, she had lit a small bonfire in front of the tent. When I walked around the tent to find the entrance, that's when I realized that mom had made the tent out of her sari. The one that she was wearing the whole time. Meaning she wasn’t wearing any at that moment. Just her blouse and the long skirt was covering her body. Thankfully she sat in a crouching position such that I could barely see her cleavage. She simply directed me to make beds out of leaves. Then she told me to sleep while she waited for the flames to go off. Once it was dark again, she came and slept next to me. Late in the night, I felt something pressing against my body. It was dark inside the tent so I couldn’t see it. But after moving a little, I realized that my mom was rubbing her body against mine while resting on top of me. I realized that both of us were naked. I could feel her soft, warm naked body pressing against mine. She smothered my face with her huge tits while she rubbed my erect dick between her thighs. S he was slithering like a snake while pleasuring me. I was able to smell the sweet scent of her sweat that rubbed on my face. This aroused me even more. But why was she doing that? I located my mobile and turned on the torch. I saw her staring at me with seductive expressions. Her long unbraided hair was falling on my face while she bit her lip, staring at me. She brought her lips close to mine, exhaling her warm breath inside my mouth. That’s when I realized, “Oh, no! this is happening again.” Quickly I rolled her over and got on top. I wanted to move away, but she wouldn’t let me. Rather she pulled me close. Her grip was tight as she pulled my head for a kiss. It was not the first time we were kissing. This disgusted me as I started losing my erection. But then she slipped me her tongue, that got me hard again. Using her other hand, she was forcing my dick inside her pussy. This is wrong! I don’t want to have sex with my mother! But she was forcing me. Every time I took my dick out, she was forcing it back in. At that moment, she was a real succubus. Grabbing my butt cheeks, she made me thrust my dick deeper into her pussy hole. She just wasn’t letting me free. In a desperate attempt, I looked for something to hit her with. Suddenly I got my hands on that wooden cylindrical box. I was close to climax, and she wasn’t letting my dick out of her pussy. Still, in a desperate move, I took my dick out and stuffed this dick shaped box in. She didn’t seem to realize the difference as she grabbed the tool and pleasured herself. I moved away from her. I watched her moan loudly while she masturbated using the tool. Meanwhile, she teased her nipples with the other hand. She moved that tool in-and-out until she came hard with a loud moan. Then suddenly she fell asleep. I was pretty aroused at that moment while ogling mom’s naked body. So I stepped out of the tent and sat by the extinguished bonfire. I lit it up by putting more wood. Staring at the flame, I started thinking. Let’s rewind a bit as I need to be honest here. We did not leave because of what I saw yesterday evening. I made this decision because of what happened yesterday night. Here I need to tell you something about my mother. There are a lot of rumors about her in our neighborhood. One of them being that my parents had sex every night. I used to be away for night school, but my friends used to tease me, saying, "We enjoyed her moans last night and masturbated to it." So when my father died, my mother craved sex. Maybe that's why she started sleep-walking. Not walking exactly, but every time she fell asleep, she used to get super horny. From what I’ve observed since the lockdown, every night, she gets very hot and sweaty and starts stripping in sleep. Usually, I stay awake and walk out of the house while she pleasures herself. But last night I was disturbed by what I saw in the evening, so I slept in the bed first. She then came and slept next to me. It was deep in the night just like tonight, she started rubbing her body against mine. Then she went for a kiss. I backed off and fell hard on the floor. Hearing me scream in pain, she woke up. Once she was awake, she had no clue what she was doing to me. That is when I decided we can’t live like this. Sadly things didn’t go as planned, and we ended up here in the middle of a forest. Rest, you know what happened. This brings us to now while I am typing this story on my phone. I like to type out my thoughts. It helps me think better. I’m not dumb. Despite being poor, I know things. Going to night school, I’ve learned a lot about human psychology, biology, among other subjects. My mom has a mental condition where if she isn’t sexually satisfied during the day, she will crave it during her sleep. Maybe that’s why my father used to keep her thoroughly satisfied. But now my father is no more, and my mom needs a man to satisfy her. Here the question is, who should that man be? Certainly not me! Looking at her dimly bonfire lit naked body is getting me excited. I can’t go to sleep with her like this. I need to masturbate. But I can’t look at her body while doing that. So I take out my phone and start playing that video a friend sent me—the video of a guy masturbating while filming the maid’s cleavage. Having gotten sufficient action already, I am close to the climax. But while I stare hard at the maid’s cleavage, I notice a black spot on her left boob. I noticed a similar spot on my mom’s boob while they were hanging over my face a while ago. Suddenly I realize that I am masturbating to my mom’s video. I put the phone away, but by then, my dick erupts, and my cum falls on the bonfire, extinguishing the residual flame. Instantly all my dirty thoughts disappear, and so I get dressed. I also force my sleeping mom to wear her clothes. While putting on her blouse she suddenly giggles. “Oh, bhaiya, please stop pulling my blouse. My son will see us. Here, take my bra.” I don’t know what that’s about, and I don’t want to think about it. So getting comfortable next to her, I fall asleep. I’m sorry, my dear readers if this story isn’t ‘sexy’ enough for you guys to masturbate. But then again, this story is about me, my mother, and our future moving forward. Hopefully, my wise uncle will help us with this problem. To be continued... Please tell me what you think about the story and whether you want me to continue with the story. My email id is

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