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Oh Husband Please Fuck Me!

It has been six days since the lockdown. This means it has been six days since I slept with any of my lovers. I miss their penises and crave for them. I desperately want to touch them, taste them and want to feel them inside me. Sadly, I can’t do any of that. I am stuck in my apartment because of this stupid cho-virus outbreak. “Why god why! why would you do this to me?” I ask him every morning I sit to pray. You guys have no idea how tough it has been for me to get some pleasure these days. My name is Lubna and I am a housewife. I am married to a rich man named Prashant Lamba. We live in a posh apartment on the tenth floor. Just the two of us because all the servants were sent home due to fear of us getting infected from them. Now I don’t know whom to ask to have sex with me. All the men of the building are scared to leave their apartments or even to let others inside their apartment. They have stacked food that would last them for three months. So they won’t have to leave their safe space. These rich people I tell you, the more money they have the more they are scared of getting sick. There is one guy who is brave enough to visit me. Dr. Mishra from the fourth floor. From time to time he used to drop by my apartment with an excuse for a routine health checkup. But now he is busy at the hospital 24x7. This leaves me alone, to pleasure myself. I never thought my situation would come down to this, not with the kind of money my husband has. It is night time and I am laying in one of the two single beds of our bedroom. I am wearing a plain pink transparent nighty. I never wear any underwear to bed. Just a thin transparent fabric that is just long enough to cover my butt leaving my thighs exposed. I won’t tell you how old I am. but I have a figure of 38-24-36 with double D breasts. Not to brag but I can bet a crore rupees that you won’t be able to correctly guess my age if you see me. I keep my pussy clean. So if any you guys like a girl who has a bush between her legs then fuck off! I don’t care what you like. So, there I am alone in the bed fingering myself. I am doing a bad job. I feel no pleasure at all. Since the time I learned the pleasures of sex, I never felt the need to masturbate. There was always someone kind enough to make love to me. Still, I try my best, starting with one, then with two fingers, three, four. I did exactly as they instructed on a website. It isn’t working. “A man’s penis is irreplaceable,” I say to myself. “If only I had an option.” Well, to be honest, I do have an option. My husband is there with me in the bedroom. He is fast asleep on the other single bed in the room. I even consider waking him up for a favor. But I know he wouldn't agree to it. Our marriage hasn’t been any good to ask for sexual favors. Still, I hope the beast inside him might want to fuck me. So I sleep naked on the bed. The next morning I see him wake up. He simply walks past me, ignoring my hot naked body. Prashant and I, we have an open marriage. Meaning, in the public image we are husband-wife. But secretly we are free to have an affair or casual sex with whomsoever we want. For the last few years that we have had this arrangement, there have been countless times when Prashant walked in on me having sex with one of my ex-boyfriends. He used to simply close the door and walk away. You know, one time a friend had come for an overnight stay. My husband was kind enough to leave the bedroom for us to make love. After having sex when I walked to the kitchen, I saw my husband watching TV in the dark. I felt sad for him. Suddenly my friend showed up and started rubbing his erect penis on my bum. He started pulling my hand to take me to the bedroom. But I insisted him to fuck me then and there. I started moaning very loud to catch my husband’s attention. I was hoping he would join us for a threesome. But he didn’t. Prashant is committed to his one and only long term relationship. Prashant has a girlfriend who lives in China. She has been with him for six years. Same as long as we have been married. She is a nice girl but with a name difficult to pronounce. The meaning of her name is an ‘angel’ so he just calls her Pari. A young fair girl half of Prashant’s age. I know her very well, she quite often visits us and stays over here. The last time she visited was six months ago. She is not the kind of woman one can easily forget. Prashant knows Chinese very well. But I was not very eager to learn a whole new language to bond with my… I don’t know what I should call her, “My husband’s bitch?” Harsh words, I know. As much as it is difficult to talk to her, she compensates for it by expressing her thoughts through touch. I clearly remember her last visit. Something that changed a part of me forever. One morning I saw them having sex in the bedroom. Without reacting I quietly walked past them and into the bathroom for a bath. While I was in the shower suddenly the door opened. Pari, who has a young petite body, joined me in the shower and started kissing me. I tried to make her stop, saying, “I don’t want this… I don’t want this…” But it was pointless. She wasn’t going to understand. Pari continued to kiss me all over my body. Then sticking her tongue between my legs she started pleasuring my pussy. It felt amazing! The things Pari was able to do with her tongue, the pleasures she gave me, many men failed to do that even with their astonishing sized penises. She even bathed me later, cleaning every inch of my body with soap and water. I wasn’t into lesbian sex before. But now I am open to it, so long as I meet a professional like Pari. By professional I mean, Pari is a prostitute. That’s actually how Prashant and Pari met six years ago. One month before our marriage, Prashant had gone for a business trip to China. There his Chinese colleagues took him to a brothel for his bachelor party. It is a different kind of brothel where a man gets to spend one night with a woman he picks. There he can eat, sleep, bathe or have sex with that woman. Prashant did all of that. But the thing that made Pari fall in love with him was Prashant’s fluent Chinese. Since Prashant and I were already engaged he felt obligated to marry me. During our first night in bed together I was really happy to see his seven-inch fat penis. The only penis that I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with. We did have sex that night and it was really good. But that was the only time we did it. After marriage, Prashant was almost always busy with work. Almost every alternate month he used to take business trips to China. There he used to stay for 15-20 days at a time. Back then I did not know about his secret affair. This went on unnoticed for the next two years. Prashant continuously cheated on me with his girlfriend. Living with her, sleeping with her, having sex with her and whatnot. Prashant’s credit card bill was always very high every time he went to China. When asked he used to say, “China is very expensive.” All this time I was being a loyal housewife… That’s not true. I couldn’t keep this act of ‘one-man woman’ longer than two weeks after marriage. The day when Prashant went for his ‘business trip’ I started seducing the handsome men of the building who would fall for me. I preferred young fit actors over rich businessmen. But I was always careful, unlike my stupid husband Prashant. I mean, even an idiot would have figured out what Prashant was up to by looking at his Facebook pics. Hundreds of photos with the same woman again and again. He did make her wear a suit to make her appear to be a colleague. But that won’t work if she is wearing a visible bikini underneath. Prashant was caught by his father, within two years into this affair. When confronted he boldly agreed to his affair and asked me for a divorce to marry the woman he truly loves. Prashant was being a stupid romantic. Fortunately, his elder sister put some sense into him. First of all, he will have to pay me big alimony. Second, his father won’t agree to let him marry a foreigner, that too, a prostitute. Finally, he will be thrown out of the family business and wealth. So Prashant will have to struggle hard to keep him and his relationship afloat. That’s why my sister-in-law suggested to him the concept of ‘open marriage’. I too agreed. Thus began the happiest time of our life. Prashant was happy with his young committed secret girlfriend and I was happy with my long string of lovers. Both of us were happy. We never had sex with each other, even in the bedroom when we slept together. Prashant had made an arrangement where during the day our bed would be one single double bed. But during the night he would move his bed to make two single beds. I was okay with that. Both of us were happy until a month ago. The coronavirus started chaos that disturbed our life drastically. Prashant’s girlfriend Pari was one of the many in China to get infected. Prashant was shattered hearing this news. He was going crazy and came up with this stupid idea of bringing Pari to India. It was hard for me to convince him otherwise. Fortunately, his elder sister came as our savior again. She managed to put some sense into him. “That China chick of yours is young. (she didn’t approve of this relationship) She will live. But if you get infected, you might not survive. So for once think with your brain and not your penis before you go running to that whore.” Since then Prashant was in depression. Every now and then he used to go crazy and say, “I don’t mind dying if it is the only way to be with my Pari.” I have to then calm him down. At times I felt guilty to invite my lovers over to our apartment for sex. So instead we used to do a quicky in the elevator, or staircase, or the basement parking lot. Now, that option too is gone. With this virus spreading in Mumbai, there is nowhere to go. I am alone in this one big apartment with my sexless husband. He simply walks around the house like a dead man walking, continuously staring at Pari photos on his mobile phone. I tried seducing him countless times but it didn’t work. Since day three of lockdown, I stopped wearing clothes completely. I used to roam around naked while cleaning the house, cooking, having breakfast-lunch-dinner. Still, Prashant used to just ignore me. I didn’t know what to do. Back to the present. It’s morning time and after the shower, I walk to the closet to put on something sexy. While scanning through the dresses I find a brown packet. It’s a Pari’s dress that I was supposed to mail to China. But I forgot. It is a schoolgirl uniform consisting of a white shirt with a Chinese logo and a green checkered mini skirt. This was one of the outfits Pari used to wear for her customers. The size is too small for me. The skirt I wore covers nothing of my bottom and the shirt is too tight around my bust. There is no way I can close the top two buttons which results in me showing off massive cleavage. Even my brown nipples are partly visible. Wearing it I walk out to the hall where Prashant is sitting. Without a word, I walk past him to the kitchen. He catches a quick glimpse and then suddenly says, “Pari…” followed by some words in Chinese. He seems really excited at first. But then he gets a good look at me and disappointed he looks away. I continue to cook and then we sit to have our lunch. While we eat he tries hard not to make eye contact with me. I guess my plan has failed. So I decide to change out of these tiny clothes as they are suffocating me. After lunch, I go to clean the dishes while Prashant resumes watching the news. Done with the work I walk past him. Suddenly he speaks, “You know this is what she wore during our first time.” I look at him and Prashant's eyes are red due to excessive crying. For the first time, he is talking. So I go and sit next to him. Sitting on the sofa is uncomfortable as I am forced to spread my legs. It puts my bare pussy on a display. Prashant continues to speak. Prashant: I requested her to wear that one out of the many clothes from her wardrobe. She showed me a sari and said, “I can wear this if you want.” But I preferred her as a Chinese schoolgirl. Me: Interesting. You never told me about your first time with her no matter how many times I asked. Why now? Prashant: That’s because it was very personal to me. Even when my colleagues asked me about the night, I lied saying that we had hardcore sex jumping up and down on the bed. But the truth is that we didn’t have sex at all. Me: What? Prashant: Yes. When I told her I prefer her to wear a school girl’s outfit. She mumbled “Typical old pervert.” thinking I won’t understand. So she was shocked when I replied to her in Chinese. She was shocked and surprised to see an Indian speak such fluent Chinese. Me: What happened after that? Prashant: Then we started talking about everything; family, job, future. The whole night we talked. In that instant, I felt like I met my soulmate. Although I shared everything about me, Pari didn’t share anything about her personal life. Prashant: She said she’s not allowed to. So to talk to her even more, I went back the next day. We talked and talked, still she kept on lying. It wasn’t until the seventh night in a row that she told me the truth. That’s when we did it. Me: You mean had sex? Prashant: Yes. But more importantly, we made love. She insisted on continuing her profession of prostitution. I agreed to that since it’s her life and her decision. And our love was not sexual. I didn’t care who she slept with so long as she had time for me. That’s where I went wrong. Me: Why would you say that? Prashant: She didn’t need to have sex for money. I was taking care of her financial needs. Yet I let her continue. And now she is infected because of me. I could have brought her to India a long time back but I didn’t. Saying this Prashant starts crying. I go and sit next to him patting his back, “It’s not your fault. Nobody could have prevented this virus attack.” Consoling him I make him look at me. Still, he is unable to make eye contact while I am in that dress. But I force him to look. “Please let me be your Pari for one day,” I say pulling his face close for a kiss. But he moves and my lips land on his cheek. “I’m sorry. I can’t,” he says looking away. “Yes, you can,” I respond, guiding his hand to place on my breasts. Then all of a sudden he presses it hard. “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to…” he says pulling his hand. “No, I want more.” I have been missing a man’s touch. “Please have sex with me. I’m your only wife. I am begging for it.” I plead gently rubbing his crotch. I don’t dare to unzip his pants until he agrees to it. Meanwhile, he is resisting. Then he suddenly gives up saying, “Okay. I’ll do it. But I want to have sex with you.” Prashant makes me take off the outfit and throw it away where he can’t see. At this moment I am standing naked in front of him. He too undresses while sitting on the sofa. I am seeing his dick after so many years it’s as if I am seeing it for the first time. Surprisingly his dick is hard and it is hard for me! I almost cry seeing that 8-inch rod standing in attention. My heart is beating very fast and I am getting aroused as my pussy starts getting moist. I stand as if frozen admiring the beauty of his penis. I am confused as to how to approach him. I take the first step and go on my knees grabbing his shaft. Slowly stroking it I pull my mouth close to it. But then he stops me. Lifting my chin he says, “You can’t be like Pari, so don’t even try.” He makes me sit on him slowly inserting his dick inside my pussy. Then he gently kisses on my cheek saying, “Just be you.” Then holding me by my hip he starts moving me up and down. The pleasure I feel is immeasurable. That’s because the pleasure I feel in the moment isn’t just sexual, there is actual love between us. My husband is having sex with me and not with some substitute pussy. Everything feels like it is slowing down. I can feel his every thrust hitting deep inside me. I am tempted to moan uncontrollably but I don’t want to spoil the mood. So instead I pull his face and go for a lip-lock. He doesn’t resist. We keep on kissing with a full exchange of saliva and tongue action. At this moment I don’t care about the oral hygiene of the person I am kissing as I used to. What we do is a slow, steamy, sensual sex as we reach the point of orgasm together exploding on the couch. Once the lust for sex had disappeared the feeling that is left between us is pure love. I can sense it in him and me. We continue to cuddle while still naked on the couch. All these years of open marriage when I was having casual sex with multiple lovers, deep down I was trying to be like my husband’s prostitute girlfriend. I lied when I said I didn’t know about my husband’s affair. All these years I was competing with her. I thought that becoming a slut like Pari would make Prashant feel attracted to me. Sadly it took me six years to realize how wrong I was. All I had to do is be myself just once and that instant I found my soulmate in my own husband. As we lay naked on the couch in each other’s arms we feel as if we are a couple of teenagers who just lost their virginity to each other. For the rest of the day, we run naked around the house having sex at many places in creative positions. The days that follow are pure bliss and suddenly the forceful lockdown doesn’t feel like a prison anymore. I wrote that story because I want to give a message to all. I guess this is what life does to us. It puts us through difficult situations to teach us the most important lessons. This virus, as bad as the situation is, please try to make the best out of it. This is the time to bond with our family, our loved ones, the ones that really care about us. For me, that is my dear husband. After six years of a bad marriage, I found my true love in the form of my own husband.

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