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Neighbor's Young Son Fulfills Housewife’s Wild Desires!

Hello readers, my name is Pramila and I would like to share my real-life sexual encounter that happened a few years back, as that incident changed my life completely.

The incident happened a few years back, and at the time of the incident, I was in my late 20s, enjoying a happy married life with my husband and a 4-year-old son.

I have a short figure and bell-shaped breasts that would easily raise many dicks. I have always had wild fantasies and unfulfilled desires that I had kept hidden deep within myself until that day.

I gave up my job before my son was born and since then, I spend my time as a typical Indian housewife. My husband has a desk job so he leaves in the morning and returns late in the evening. My son goes to pre-school.

A few months earlier, we shifted to Goa due to my husband’s transfer and we settled down in a very posh building within the city. The people here were very welcoming and friendly, in particular, our next-door neighbor, the Desai’s.

Mrs. Desai had become my best friend and their elder son Rakesh who helped us a lot in moving stuff when we moved in, had become a good buddy of my hubby. They also go to play cricket on weekends.

Our families had gotten quite close, bonding well and between our houses, we had regular coming and going. Rakesh was cute and quite handsome. He was a sportsperson and had a good physique.

Being a regular sports player, I was sure he had good stamina as well. Only time would tell. I used to fantasize about him and his tool often. So, it happened once, that the entire family was visiting their parental village for a few days to attend a family wedding.

Mrs. Desai had invited us to come along but of course, we declined as we didn’t want to bother them and wanted to avoid the awkwardness. We said our goodbyes and wish them a safe journey and to convey our blessings to the newly married couple.

The next morning, the day started as usual. We had our breakfast and later my husband and the kid left for work and school. I got busy with the house cleaning. I was doing my chores when the doorbell rang.

I went to check the door and looked through the keyhole. To my surprise, it was Rakesh standing outside carrying a backpack.

For a moment, I froze and my heart started beating fast because the situation was quite favorable to tease him and maybe fulfill my desire of seducing him. The family next door wasn’t there and I was all alone. So I thought this might be the perfect opportunity.

I quickly raced to the bedroom and undressed, for a moment I saw my reflection in the wardrobe mirror.

I brushed my hands over my boobs and pressed them seductively all the way to my slit, moving my finger over its length. Just the thought of what I was about to do made me wet down there. I changed into a tank top without any bra and wore my shortest pajama shorts.

I looked super hot in this attire. Without a bra, the breast curves looked seductive and the cleavage show was ample. I also pulled up my pajama shorts as high as possible so that my bare thighs were visible.

I was now a complete tease. I went to open the door. Rakesh was still standing right outside the door checking his mobile. I opened the door and greeted him, “Hi Rakesh, Good morning.”

When he heard my voice, his attention turned towards me and instantly, he was stunned by my look. I had worn pajamas and a t-shirt before him earlier, but never a tank-top or shorts. For a moment, his gaze was transfixed on my cleavage-show as he scanned me upside down focusing on my thighs and boobs.

He was having difficulty getting his words together, and he stammered, “Pramila, have my parents left the house key with you?” I could see he was salivating at the sight of my body and I was ready to give him what he wanted but he needed to take the first step.

While replying, I raised my hands to tie my hair and while doing so, I raised my chest a bit more than usual.

I was teasing him with my body show, and this was making me wet.

Me: Aren’t you attending the wedding?

Rakesh: No, I got a project to finish. I got held up on a business tour so couldn’t meet my parents yesterday.

Me: Ok, anyways, come inside while I go look for it.

I wanted to give him as much time as possible to check me out. I was so wet that I wanted to fuck him right there, right now. But in no way I wanted to initiate things.

This was not the first time my neighbour's son was in my home so the request was pretty normal. As he was entering, I moved in such a way to ensure his elbow brushed my boobs. I was sure he felt the vibes.

I walked inside while he stood near the hall entrance. I walked to the TV cabinet and checked a few drawers, making sure I took all the time checking the lower shelves and raising my ass.

The way I was standing, my boobs were hanging and the top also dropped a little giving a clear view to Rakesh who was standing at the door and observing me.

I stood like this bent over with the t-shirt open for some time, making sure he got ample satisfaction looking at my boobs.

After teasing him for some time, I told him I couldn’t find it but will check with my husband in some time as he would be driving at the moment. Even Rakesh didn’t seem to be in a hurry. After all this tease-show, my pajamas had already got a wet patch.

Me: Will call hubby in some time, would you like to have tea or coffee?

Rakesh: I have just returned from tour and haven’t brushed as yet.

Me: Oh, don’t worry, use our bathroom, have a bath if you want to. In the meantime, I will have the breakfast ready for you. I am sure your mom will feel bad if I didn't offer you anything.

Our neighbour's son accepted my offer and settled down on the sofa, gathering his things from the backpack before proceeding to the bathroom. I was upset as I wasn’t able to trigger the reaction that I wanted. Actually, I wanted to say, I am in heat, come and take me. But I was afraid what if things did not work out as intended.

Dejected, I moved to the kitchen for preparing the breakfast and also continued cleaning the utensils. It was some time and I was busy lost in thought of how to conclude my seduction plan. I had thought what I tried until now should have done the trick, but now I needed to do something different to break the ice.

I was still lost in thought when suddenly my neighbour's son came behind me and grabbed me! He held me tight, grabbing my waist and grinding his tool on my ass cheeks. I realised he was naked and all prepared to fuck me.

He held me high while his other hand was kneading my breasts. Surprised, I tried to stop him, just so as not to give him an idea of my intentions.

Me: Hey, what are you doing?! Stop it!!

Rakesh: You have been teasing me, I know. I will only let you go after I fuck you.

Me: This ain't right Rakesh, stop now!

Just then, he took his hand from my boobs and put it inside my shorts and the middle finger in my vagina. I let out a moan, "Rakeshhhh."

Rakesh: Oh, you are dripping, so wet and fucking sexy. Let me satisfy your needs,” and he continued finger-fucking me.

I stopped my feeble protests and concentrated on enjoying the moment. Even though I was showing dissent, this was really what I wanted.

He continued rubbing and fingering my vagina and it wasn’t long before I had my first orgasm of the day! My body was shaking and legs feeling weak, I collapsed on the sink.

My boobs were now inside the sink and the touch of cold metal was driving me nuts. While I was enjoying the moment, he removed my shorts. And now his hard penis tip was rubbing my entrance. After a little search, with one stroke he entered his full size inside me.

He was long and hard. I let out a loud shriek his penis filled me up stretching my vagina walls. The feeling was ecstatic. My horny neighbour's son continued pounding me in doggy style and in between, he was pressing my boobs hard.

The thick, hard penis rubbing inside my hole was driving me nuts. It wasn’t long before I had a shuddering orgasm. Shortly, he also cummed filling my insides with his hot jism. He lifted me in his arms and took me to the hall and dropped me on the sofa.

He removed my top and now I was completely naked in front of him. I started feeling a little shy and so closed my eyes. He took my hand and placed it on his now flaccid penis. I know what he wanted. I haven’t seen his penis yet, but the size in my hand felt big. It was definitely bigger than my husband’s.

I continued shaking his penis when he put his hand behind my head and pulled me closer till my face was touching his tool.

I let go of my hand and opened my mouth to take it in. I took the head in and ran my tongue over in round circles. He was moaning with the sensations. I did my best to get him aroused as quickly as possible and now I was sucking his penis rigorously.

He stopped me before he ejaculated and sat beside me, pulling me over him. Now I was sitting on him facing him as he went about caressing my breasts, sucking and licking them. I was enjoying my ecstatic moments with my eyes closed.

The feeling was amazing. I was moaning all through. He lifted my butt and adjusted his penis over my hole and gave a push to fill it in. I let out a grunt, “Aaaaghh.”

I opened my eyes and looked at him seductively, then gave a deep long kiss.

It was to convey how much I liked the fucking today. We continued to kiss exploring with our tongues while he kept humping me. I was so exhausted and tired that I couldn’t lift my butt to meet his strokes, so he broke the kiss, pulled me up, and laid me on the sofa face down.

Then he mounted me from behind. He drilled me like a bitch in this position. My eyes rolled and I was moaning like crazy. He kept his hand on my mouth to muffle the sounds. What followed was a mind-blowing orgasm, my body broke into spasms like crazy.

He pulled out and shagged on my back and collapsed on top of me. I also was too tired and drowsed. I woke up half an hour later and Rakesh was sleeping beside me and fucking me in a spooning position while kneading my breasts.

It was slow fucking, and I lay beside him enjoying the moment. I wanted to tell him how much I liked his fucking today but didn’t, just laid there in his arms with his penis inside me. A few hours had passed since he entered my flat and he had given me the most awesome fucking I ever had.

Later I talked him into keeping this incident a secret between us. He wanted to have sex with his neighbour's wife whenever he wanted, to which I eagerly agreed.

We cleaned up and I just pretended to call my husband and later picking up the key from the TV cabinet drawer. I handed it over to him.

We said goodbyes, and while leaving he pressed my boobs and gave me a hug while putting one hand on my ass. Inserting a finger inside my asshole, he said, “Next time, baby,” and I replied, “I will be waiting.”

We got a few more days, and I am eager for tomorrow to come.

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