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My Wife's Bathing Video

By: hronyman69 One morning at our village panchayat, all the villagers had gathered for a very important meeting. The sarpanch was conducting the meeting sitting under a tree. They were discussing various issues like crops, rain, loans, electricity, etc. All the villagers were actively participating in the discussion. They were deeply concerned about those topics, especially because the financial condition of the people was bad. Meanwhile, my wife and I were standing far away, just observing the meeting from a distance. My wife Kusum was nervously shaking and shivering as time passed. Even during this cold chilly weather, she was sweating. So much so that she unconsciously let the sari pallu slip giving me a clear view of her moist cleavage. On top of that, her heavy breathing was making the view more erotic. She seemed as if she would burst into tears at any moment and get everyone's attention. But we didn’t want that as we were there to talk about a very sensitive topic. I wouldn’t dare to hug or put my arm around my wife’s shoulder in such a public place. But I held her hand to provide her support. I was so horny at that moment that I fantasized, dragging her to the field and giving it to her hard. Unfortunately, my wife doesn't even let me kiss in public, so outdoor sex was out of the question. After all, it took this serious incident to her, letting me hold her hand. “Don’t worry. I’ll be with you the whole time,” I said. “Please don’t cry.” The meeting was finally over, and all the villagers stood up to leave. Meanwhile, we started walking towards the sarpanch. Kusum was taking slow steps as she was scared to approach him. I understood what she was going through, but this was necessary. A young assistant introduced us, “This is Dibakar Banarjee and his wife, Kusum.” “Yes, I know who they are. What’s their issue?” “It’s Kusum… pssst…” the assistant widened his eyes, trying to tell sarpanch about the issue without actually saying the words. “Is this the bhido issue?” the sarpanch whispered in the assistant’s ear. The assistant nodded, affirming it, “Video… yes.” There was no point in whispering, as close as we were standing, we heard every word clearly. When I looked at Kusum, she crossed her arms out of embarrassment. This involuntary action squeezed her breasts, deepening the cleavage. Fortunately, only I was in a privileged position to view my wife’s assets. “Don’t be scared, beta. Speak freely,” said the sarpanch. Kusum didn’t utter a word. Instead, I made them aware of the situation. “Some motherfucker, pardon my language, recorded my wife’s bathing video. Not only that, that asshole had the audacity to upload it on an adult website for the world to enjoy. Now all the youngsters of our village have seen Kusum without clothes putting my wife in a very embarrassing situation.” I showed great aggression and stared into his eyes while saying this to the sarpanch. It was as if I was hinting him without saying, “We all know who did it.” Sarpanch realized that, and so he hinted to his assistant to bring that guy. That guy is none other than the sarpanch’s youngest son Vijay. This guy is just nineteen and yet has quite a reputation for making shameful MMS of women. Everybody knows that still, nobody dares to put the blame on him directly. “Yes, father. You called me,” said Vijay after arriving at the scene. “Do you know anything about this poor girl’s video?” asked his father. Vijay took some time to recognize Kusum. But when he did, he had a wide grin on his face. “Yes,” he said with a smile. “Show it to me,” said sarpanch. Vijay was hesitant to take out his phone and open a porn website in front of his father. But the old man insisted. After some searching, he played the video for his father. Now, Vijay, the sarpanch, and his assistant were watching the video with full excitement. I noticed that both the youngsters were having a massive erection lusting over my wife’s naked body. At this point, I need to tell you that Kusum is 21, fair-skinned, slightly chubby, firm round ass and big boobs. Her hair is so long that the tip of it brushes against her butt cheeks when she bathes. In comparison to my dark-skinned family and me, Kusum is a beautiful angel I don’t deserve. If she wasn’t overweight, she wouldn’t be married to me. For some reason, the sarpanch played the video on full volume. While I wasn’t able to see the video, I could hear it. Having watched this video a hundred times, I could accurately picture what happened in the video based on the sound I heard. When the tap was opened, Kusum slowly stripped out of her sari, one piece at a time. Then she bent over to free her long, tied hair. This act accentuated her buttocks that were facing the camera. When she closed the tap, the lathering of soap could be heard. Kusum was vigorously rubbing her body top to bottom. Starting from the face, then neck, going down to her boobs, belly, and butt. For most of the part of soaping, her long hair covered her bareback, including most of her butt. But when she started cleaning her back, she moved her hair forward, giving a good view. The water was cold, early in the morning. So with every jug full of water, she poured on herself, she shivered, giving out a loud audible squeak. All the shaking made her ass jiggle. The show was going in full swing. At one point, Kusum sat down to wash her clothes. For that part, she was completely offscreen. Still, these perverts didn’t stop watching, hoping that she would get up. Even the sarpanch, who is far too old to get his manhood erect, was watching the video with great anticipation. Close to the end of the bath, the sarpanch hinted to his son to stop. But then Vijay refused, saying, “Wait...the most interesting part is in the end.” You see, in the entire bathing video Kussum is showing off just her naked back. But close to the end, she turns to take the dry saree from a rope. That’s when for a brief moment, her full naked front is visible. Vijay, who must have seen this video countless times, was talking about exactly that. While these horny perverts enjoyed the video, Kusum was having a tough time. She was so embarrassed that she took a few steps back, turned around, and shut her ears. Unfortunately, this allowed the three of them to, without hesitation, compare the body in the video with my wife standing in front of them. The assistant wiped his spectacles as if he was trying to see through my wife’s clothes. To some extent, it worked as the warm noontime sunlight was making her sweat even more. This made her sari see-through and innerwear cling to her skin, highlighting the assets. When Vijay shamelessly said, “The most interesting part is in the end.” Kusum ran away into an adjacent farm. I followed her while maintaining some distance. When I finally spotted her, I saw her squatting to pee. I shouldn’t say this, but seeing her round, fleshy butt exposed made me very horny. She was crying uncontrollably. But my attention was towards her very appealing bottom and the ‘piss’ sound of the stream of her urine. While I enjoyed the full scene, when she was close to the end I turned around, pretending to not look. I know as her husband, I should not be ashamed of seeing my wife naked. Still, Kusum doesn’t like that. We had sex only twice, during night time, in the dark as she guided my dick inside and out of her pussy. She didn’t even let me see her naked body, and now her body is on display for the entire world. “Are you done?” I asked while my back was facing her. She didn’t say anything but came and stood next to me. Together we walked back to sarpanch. Seeing us approach, all three of them had a wide smile on their face. While I saw them, Kusum was too embarrassed to make eye contact. When we reached there, the sarpanch shouted at his son, saying, “Vijay, you fucker! Did you do this?” “No, father. I did not,” Vijay replied. “Don’t lie. Do you have any idea what this poor girl has to face because of your actions?” “But I did not do it,” Vijay insisted. This argument went back and forth without a resolution. Sarpanch wasn’t convinced. He knew his son was guilty. But that does not mean he will give his son to the police. Instead, he stood up, walked to Kusum, and placed his hand on her shoulder, saying, “You are like a daughter to me. The thing you had to endure was unfortunate. Sadly we don’t know who did it. I’ll make sure that this video is taken down from the website, and all the youngsters of the village delete the video from their phones. For now, the best thing we can do is to continue with our life as if nothing happened.” He said while gently sliding his hand from her shoulder to grabbing her arm. Although his intention was to quickly cup her boob, I pulled Kusum back, preventing the disaster from happening. “Dibakar, I blame you for the situation,” he yelled. I was shocked to hear him say that. “You have a very beautiful wife, and you let her bathe in the open. Shame is a woman’s priceless jewelry. What you did is wrong. Make sure you build proper walls and a ceiling for such a private space.” I acknowledged what he said. We thanked him and then walked away. For a moment there, when he accused me of this, I got very scared thinking, “How can he possibly know?” Well, nobody can know this. But as a secret confession, I want to tell you guys that I was the person who filmed my wife’s bathing video and uploaded it on a porn website. I repeat nobody can know this! Don’t ask me how or why I did it. But in simple words, I want to say that we men think that we own the women in our lives, be it the mother, girlfriend, or wife. I thought that my wife’s body is my property. So it was my right to upload such a shameful video of my wife for everyone to see. But that is not correct. This one mistake of mine has caused Kusum so much pain. I know that now, and I regret doing it. Now, you might be wondering, “Why is this idiot giving us ‘gyaan’ about ill-treating women?” The reason for that being that I don’t want you to make the mistake I did. Once a bad deed is done, it can’t be undone. I learned this the hard way. After uploading my wife’s bathing video, I pledged to never do this again. Sadly another such video was uploaded from my account on the porn website. This time it was me having early morning sex with my wife in our open bathroom. But that is a story for another time.

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