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My Hostel Roommate Surabhi

My name is Fathima (34-25-35). This story took place when I was in my second year of the degree. I came from a very traditional Muslim family where I had to follow a strict dress code everywhere, even inside my own house. Everything had changed from the time I started living in a college hostel. I was free from those vigorous rules. Since my native was very far from the city I lived in, my parents visited me very less. This, in turn, resulted in me getting sufficient pocket money every month. In my college hostel, two girls were accommodated in one room. But batchmates weren't allowed to stay in the same room. One senior and a junior, was the rule to maintain discipline. But seniors had the choice to choose their juniors and they followed a weird tradition to do it. The freshers were selected as roommates by seniors by making them strip completely naked on the very first day. Lesbian seniors drove their juniors to lesbianism while the heterosexual seniors turned their juniors into their slaves. Luckily my admission happened a month later. There was only one place left to accommodate and my senior roommate was a complete nerd. Her name is Anita. She treated me like a friend, spoke very less and fondly. That was such relief to me. She helped me to keep a low profile. She helped me avoid those horny kinky cunts from adjacent rooms. I used to hear some dirty stories from my batchmates during classes. The lesbo juniors were the luckiest. They were treated as though they were queens. The heterosexual seniors used their roommates as pussy eaters. For example, when the senior is wearing makeup, the junior would kneel and lick their bushy pussies. My roommate was the best, one night she even let my boyfriend stay in our room. And yes we fucked that night and Anita didn't care. She just turned to the well and slept. There were ten rooms in hostel A, that accommodated twenty girls. I was told beforehand that I won't have any privilege of choosing my roommate as I had enjoyed a great deal of freedom with my nerdy senior. I was fine with it. That day finally arrived where juniors were asked to stand in line. They were asked to introduce themselves. They had to strip their tops and kneel with their hands up. The first four girls took off their tops like porn stars. They were ready to do anything we asked. My lesbo mates quickly chose them according to their preferences. Then the fifth girl hesitated to do so. She just introduced herself as Surabhi and stood there with her head down. She was from a small town just like me. One of the senior girls went behind her. She held her salwar's lace and said, "Listen, dear, I'll count till five, if you don't remove your top, I will strip you completely naked all by myself." She did count till five and waited for Surabhi for a few more seconds. Seeing no reaction from Surabhi, she untied her lace in one quick swift motion. Her silky thighs were on a show for everybody to glare at. What surprised everyone was that her pubes that were easily visible and popped out of her black panties. Surabhi felt humiliated and tears rolled down her rosy cheeks. The next five girls saw what will happen to them if they don't obey us. My batchmate who was still standing behind Surabhi, now put her fingers in Surabhi's ass crack. She cracked a joke about how she has hairs all around her ass. Now everybody laughed at that. I seriously felt pity for her and asked everybody to shut up! I asked Surabhi to come forward and lifted her salwar and tied the lace all by myself. I said to her after wiping her tears, "Listen, honey, this will continue forever if you don't obey them. Moreover, no dicks are hanging out in this room. So there's no harm in here. Now I'm going to take off your top. You have anything to say?" She just nodded sideways like an angel, I lifted her kameez until her bosom. This pretty angel didn't have any bra on and yet her 32" boobs were firm and those taut nipples made me horny instantly. Surabhi's sexy body measured 32-26-34. As I lifted her kameez further up, her sweaty armpits with hairs were revealed. The aroma she emanated from her pits hit my nose instantly. It made me dizzy and wet inside my panties. When I finally got rid of her kameez, I didn't throw it away. Instead, I held onto it like I already owned her. In my head, she was my roommate already, period. This girl questioned my sexual orientation. Surabhi kneeled and the remaining girls followed the drill. After that, there was a questionnaire session in which the girls just had to lift their hands to answer. In this session, they were chosen by us. The first question was about who watched porn atleast once. 9 hands went up, 1 down (Surabhi of course) Next was about the girls who liked girls more than dicks. Surprisingly 7 hands were up and the whole lesbian team cleared the room. The last question was about who had sex at least once in their lives. Two hands were up. They became pussy slaves for the other remaining senior hetero cunts. This question didn't make sense. I got Surabhi in my room. She asked me for her top. I didn't oblige to her request and made her walk in the corridor to our room topless. Her cute boobies showed no signs of sagging. They stood perpendicular to her belly. After we were in our room, Surabhi opened her suitcase and took out her nightwear. She was going to the bathroom to change her clothes. Although all she had to change was her salwar, I asked her to be free and change in the room itself. She just nodded and turned to the other side. First, she removed her salwar and wore her pink t-shirt. Next by bending, she removed her dirty panties. She had little hairs in her ass crack like one of my mates had mentioned earlier. I wondered what that smelled like. I was damn sure it would give me an orgasm without any effort. Surabhi had very long, silky, flowing hair. Their length reached till her buttocks. As Surabhi had already removed her panties some of the hairs were stuck in between her soft ass cheeks. At that moment, in my eyes, she was a hairy angel and a perfect example of how modern women shouldn't shave their armpits hair unnecessarily. Surabhi's pheromones made me question my sexual orientation. Suddenly I thought what if in case my boyfriend got to taste and smell Surabhi. He would break up with me in no time. Surabhi affected my judgment. I wanted her badly and close to my body very soon. That seemed difficult. But it also could be very easy since no man had ever touched her. That first touch will be special for anyone and pussy juices will flow easily. After dinner that day, I was lying on my bed. Surabhi had just come to the room. I asked her if she wants to watch a movie. She said yes and I asked her to change. Surabhi said she sleeps in salwar kameez only every day. I gave her my sleeveless tank-top so that she'll be comfortable in it. And I would get to fuck her that day itself. She changed to the tank-top and Surabhi looked so gorgeous in it. I got rid of my bra and slept sideways on the bed with my back touching to the wall. Surabhi was shocked to see my boobs. I circled my brown areola in front of her hornily. I wore a panty that hardly covered anything. Surabhi switched on my laptop and started the movie that I suggested, an award-winning Lesbian movie. Surabhi was sitting on the bed. I pulled her by holding her sweaty arms. She was now sleeping sideways. Her back towards me as we were half an hour into the movie. When the steamy scenes started I pulled Surabhi dangerously close. I got rid of my panties and rubbed my pussy on Surabhi's ass. Surabhi didn't reply, I guess she was enjoying it too. I realized she was still wearing her salwar. I untied her lace and removed her salwar and I found no panties. Surabhi was already naked and wet. I touched her cunt lips for the very first time. Her pussy was soaking wet, a creamy thick sticky cum came out as I ran my fingers on her cunt lips. Surabhi moaned in pleasure. By sleeping behind her I rubbed my cunt lips on her bare ass. I also grabbed her boobs on the tank top and pressed them very hard. I pinched her nipples and Surabhi screamed in pain. I licked her neck and then finally kissed her lips, it was the most powerful kiss of my life. Although for Surabhi, it was her first kiss, she played with my tongue long enough to excite me. She tasted like sugar and mint, and that's why I kept on kissing for like ten minutes. I removed Surabhi's tank top and laid on top of her with our cunts rubbing each other's. I lifted both her armpits and kissed her left sweaty hairy armpits. And then I squeezed her hips with both hands. By opening my mouth wide I licked her bush and the creamy skin underneath that. It was heaven for me. I was so horny by licking her meat that my pussy leaked its juices, Surabhi reached for it with fingers, then she licked her fingers. We both were lost and horny. I got up in between and grabbed a strap on dildo that I had borrowed from my mate. After wearing it, I slept on her body licking her other armpit. Surabhi yelped helplessly and involuntarily wiggled her rump. I gave both of her butt cheeks a good old-fashioned walloping. Slap! Slap! Slap! I fucked her missionary style while kissing her and pinching her nipples. Post-spanking, Surabhi was more open and uninhibited than she’d ever been. Resulting in a pretty intense orgasm the first time around. We cuddled and took a mini-break. But then she kissed my neck and said, “I want more.” But this time around she wore my strap on dildo. She sat on the edge of the bed, holding the dildo at 90 degrees. I hugged Surabhi and sat on her lap and lifted my ass. She slowly pierced the dildo in my wet pussy, I screamed in pain. I started to pound on that dildo. Surabhi pressed my ass cheeks so hard that they became red and pained a lot. Surabhi grabbed my melons and licked them one after another. Her thighs provided me the required cushion to my ass cheeks. After some great fucking, I finally orgasmed and collapsed on Surabhi's sweaty body, licking her armpits again. After that, we slept in 69 position and licked our pussies that were fucked hard a while ago. Surabhi and I held each other's faces tightly with our thighs and pleasured each other. From that day we became lovers, peed together, bathed together. Surabhi turned out to be a very horny partner. She used to lick my ass cheeks by burying her face in my crack And I continued to lick and love her armpits every day.

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