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My Friend's Mom, Rachna

Hi, guys, this is Raj with yet another sex story. I have always had a thing for older women as you all know. I used to stay with my family in Mumbai. But recently I had to shift to Pune for my post-graduation. To start with I am a 23-year-old guy. I am an average looking guy but quite friendly with people. I started with my course and I used to stay in a rented flat in Pune. I had a classmate named Udit who used to leave just near my home in Pune. So we both used to spend time mostly together. Once he invited me to his place for dinner. I also agreed and went there. He used to live with his mom Rachna and a younger sister who was I think around 15 years old. She was studying in a nearby school. I got friendly with them and used to often hang out at his place. Even in his absence I would go there and have lunch with his family. Till then I had no bad intention for his mom Rachna. Though she was 45 years old she was a pretty and attractive lady and had fats at the right place. One day I went to his place. As Rachna aunty gave me a glass of water she bent to put it on the table. Ohh god I saw her cleavage which got me hard. I knew it was wrong but this made me think about her in another way. Many times I used to stare at her ass when she would wear tight leggings or denim or even in suit or saree. She was a little chubby but at the right places which made me desire her more and more. I now started getting more close to Rachna aunty hoping of getting a chance with her. One day it was his sister's birthday and he invited me. They kept a couple of dances. Since I had no partner Rachna aunty decided to be my partner and we were dancing together. While dancing I got to touch her waist which got goosebumps in me. I slowly moved my hand from her waist to her ass and silently felt the bum. Now I didn't know what to do. Then suddenly I saw his mom make a drink for her. She went and sat on the balcony. I thought it would be a great opportunity to get close to her. I too made one drink for me and went to the balcony. I started interacting with her. I started asking her, “Don't you miss your husband? He is in Dubai and you here.” She gave me a smile and said, “It's ok, he has to stay away because of the family.” Then I said aunty what about you. She smiled and said I have you guys with me. I smiled and said aunty whenever you want. While chatting with her my one hand was on her thighs. I noticed when I moved my hand on her thighs she was getting a little uncomfortable. I said, “Aunty sorry if you don't like me getting so personal with you.” But she smiled and said, “Raj I like it when you are around. You are very nice,” and she passed a wicked smile at me. I thought that it's now high time to seduce her. I came near her and kissed her on her hand. She got uncomfortable and went inside her room. Her room was on the 2nd floor not on the same floor where the party was going on. I followed her and said, “Aunty sorry if you felt bad I kissed your hands.” She said ok and said to me, “Raj thanks for being with us.” I took an opportunity and went near her. I saw that she looked sad missing her husband. I gave her a tight hug. She also hugged me tightly. Then suddenly what got into me I gave her a lip kiss. She kept on staring at me as if she was shocked but didn't say anything. I kissed her again, this time for about 2 minutes at least. After the kiss, she got up and said, “Raj you are my son's friend. Let’s not get carried away.” She started walking towards the door but I ran and grabbed her from behind. Without removing her suit I started massaging her breasts. I said, “Aunty tell me, don’t you want to get a man's touch?” She held my hands and said Ra, “I fear it will be wrong.” While I was trying to convince her I didn't move my hands from her breasts. I then pulled her towards me and asked her to close her eyes. She closed her eyes. I asked her to just relax. I removed her suit and opened her bottom. She was standing in her white bra and pink panty in front of me. I removed her bra and started to suck her nipples. Her nipples were getting hard and even she was moaning with pleasure. Then I bent down and removed her panty. Then slowly I started licking her little hairy pussy giving her goosebumps and pleasure. Now I could feel she has given up and was enjoying my company. After a few minutes, she undressed me bent down and gave me a nice blowjob. I must tell you she gave me one of the best blowjobs of my life. She even sucked and played with my balls. We hugged each other and were playing with each others body part. I was fingering her pussy. She too was enjoying it. She made me lie on the bed and came over me. She started playing with my body biting my nipple which got me hard again. I then slowly inserted my cock in her wet pussy. It was a heavenly feeling. I was slowly stroking and she also was jumping on cock and enjoying. I then put her in the doggy position and fucked her in the doggy style. She was really very horny and naughty in bed. Finally, I cummed inside her. I was feeling tired but she wanted to go on. She stroked my dick so that it gets hard again. I got hard and this time I banged her in her ass. Her ass was tight and I had to put oil on my dick to enter her asshole. After a few minutes, I cummed again. This way I got to enjoy the milf. If any milf wants to contact me message me at

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