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My Barren Elder Sister

My name is Ravish and I am 25 years old. I am an engineer and work in a construction company. I am from a small family with my parents (now deceased) and my sister Atiya who is 9 years elder than me. This story is about me and my sister's incestuous relationship. Atiya got married at a young age when she was 22 years old, it was a love marriage with a guy who Atiya knew from her college. I was 13 years old at that time but I had a unique feeling about Atiya. Atiya was a very beautiful woman with a near-perfect figure with big boobs, she always fascinated me whenever I looked at her. My sister's marriage was a happy marriage for 2-3 years when it became apparent that Atiya cannot become a mother due to some complications. As soon as it became clear, the attitude of Atiya’s in-laws changed towards her including her husband. Sometimes Atiya came home completely devastated complaining about her husband’s attitude towards her. It was a difficult time for our family. On top of that, a big accident happened with my parents and they both died in that accident. I was 18 years old at that time and studying in Engineering college. After nearly 2 months of this accident, my sister's husband divorced her and she came back home crying. Some of my relatives tried to reconcile but all in vain. Some of my relatives showed sympathy in the beginning but after a few days, they got busy in their own lives. We had a big home in Delhi and my father left us enough money to sustain for at least 20 years. Now I was living with my 27 years old beautiful sister in the same home with no-one else. Within a week of Atiya returning home, I started to have feelings about her. I am a well-built guy but not extraordinary. However, one thing special with me is my penis which is about 8 inches and fairly thick. I used to masturbate thinking about various women but I started doing it thinking about my sister whom I normally called 'Baji'. I admired her beauty and always stared at her boobs and butt. Atiya realized this as well but didn’t show any resentment. However, one day I noticed that Atiya was wearing a see-through dress, she would normally wear a bra under it, but she was not wearing her bra that day. I was amazed as I could see my sister's boobs clearly with pinkish-brown tits. My little john (penis) went out of control after seeing this, it was hard to contain in my pajamas. I went and wore tight underwear so that my bulging pajama will not show. But, I could not take my eyes off my sister and she kept on looking at me as well. I realized she had lust in her eyes. It went on for a full day, I realized that Atiya was seducing me. That night was a hard night for me to bear, I could not sleep and thinking of Atiya all the time. I also did not want to masturbate as I thought if Atiya would let me why not just fuck her and get satisfied. I decided I will talk with her tomorrow. How will I talk I didn’t know. The next day, my sister came out of her room wearing the same clothes as the last day, with her boobs perfectly visible. We sat at the breakfast table whilst I was staring at her boobs. I started saying. Myself: Baji, how are you feeling now? Leave behind what has happened. Atiya: Yes, I am actually looking forward to my future. Myself: By the way, I should say that your top is a bit transparent (I smiled when I said that). Atiya: Ohhh (whilst smiling back at me) well, I didn’t realize it. Can you see anything? Myself: Of course, I can see a lot. Atiya: Ohh sorry, do you want me to change it, I can do now. Myself: I didn’t mean that’s actually a treat to watch. Atiya: Lol. What do you mean? Myself: I mean what I said..Your assets are huge and beautiful. Atiya: Ohh my God. Do you realize you are talking to your sister? (she said it whilst smiling). Looking at her last few days’ behavior and smile, I was fairly sure that I have a good chance of getting Atiya in my bed, but I will need to work and insist, so I said - Myself: Baji, sorry. But I just said the truth. Is there any chance.. Atiya: Any chance of what? Myself: Nothing, Baji. But I am just thinking how unlucky your ex-husband is that he let you go. Atiya listening to this smiled and dropped a spoon deliberately and bowed to pick it up deliberately showing me her amazing cleavage and a lot of her boobs as well. I was mesmerized and could not say something for a few seconds. I thought that she is ready to be screwed but I did not expect it to be that quick. I could not hold myself and shifted my chair slightly and showed her my bulging pajama. My sister stopped for a moment, then got up and sat on my lap. I could not beehive it! Myself: Are you sure, Baji..? She put her hand on my bulging penis and said, Atiya: Ravish, I really need it, please. Then I held her tightly against my chest and started squeezing her boobs. She started moaning. I removed her shirt and pajama and make her sit on the breakfast table. I removed my pajama, she was dumb stuck looking at my dick. Atiya: OMG! Is that real?!! I can’t believe it. Myself: Yes, this is real and you will get full pleasure. She spat on my big dick and started massaging it. I spread her legs and now standing with my dick touching her pussy. I could not believe my luck that I am about to fuck my real sister who is 9 years elder than me. Atiya was looking like an angel to me, I put my dick against my sister's pussy and pushed it and it pierced her butter-smooth pussy. I kept pushing until my 8-inch dick went it completely. My sister was moaning like a whore. Atiya: Wow, your cock is soo big, Ravish. Please fuck me hard.. I started fucking my sister and fucked her for the next 10 minutes. After that, I asked her to turn back and hold the table showing her pussy from behind. Then I fucked her from behind. That was very satisfying. That day I fucked my sis 5 times and always discharged inside her pussy as I knew it was completely risk-free because nothing can make her pregnant. That day was the beginning of an amazing relationship with my sister. We started living like husband and wife. Atiya now slept with me always and we had sex whenever we wanted. I passed my engineering and got a job. Within 2 years, I was earning quite a good salary. However, our relatives did not know that we are living like a couple instead of brother and sister. No one ever doubted our relationship. I sometimes get marriage proposals for me, but my sister never gets any as people knew that she can not bear children. Five years passed. I was 23 and Atiya was 32, Atiya started feeling a bit sick. I thought this may just be weather change. But, Atiya started vomiting a lot and missed her periods. We got suspicious and tested her for pregnancy. It came positive. My sister was pregnant with my kid! Atiya was overjoyed by this as she had lost hope in this regard previously. However, this was difficult for us to justify to everyone. I tried to convince Atiya to abort the child but she did not agree. She was even ready to go in hiding to give birth to this child. Looking at this, I started to think to move from India and immigrate to another country. I got a fake birth certificate prepared for Atiya with different parents’ names on it. Then we went and did a court marriage without anyone knowing about it. I applied for Canadian immigration as husband and wife and within the next 3-4 months, we got the acceptance. Atiya was 5 months pregnant when we moved to Canada and settled there without anybody knowing. We now live in Canada and I have fathered 2 healthy kids with my sister Atiya.

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