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Mother And Daughter With Their Elderly Neighbour

This is about a family who used to be my neighbor. The husband was a busy man, 52 with work and little time for his wife. His sexual prowess had gone down. So his wife, 48 was mostly without physical love. She had a daughter 24 who had done her MBA and was looking for a job. I lived away from my wife due to work and so was alone. When I came home from work I used to cook and watch TV. I was 52. So the duo would come and chat for a while and bring me snacks and tea. We got to know each other well. Many a time, I would accompany them for shopping. The husband did not mind as he was too busy and would be out most of the month. One day a friend came over and left some CDs on my table. Since I had a laptop the girl used to come and use it. That day I went to a neighboring shop so my house was open. The girl came in and started checking her mail. She saw the CDs and wanted to see which movie it was. Since the movie had a romantic name she put it on. It turned out to be an xx movie that contained nudity but no penetrative sex. She got engrossed watching it as the youngsters in the movie were good looking with good assets. She got horny and was fingering herself under the table. I returned, and while coming to the front I saw that she had her legs spread. She had removed her panty and was playing with her pussy. I saw that the pussy was clean-shaven and puffy lips. I kept quiet and went in. She was so engrossed in watching that she did not notice me come and stand behind her. I noticed the movie and said, “My girl where did you get this picture from?” She said it was on the table and I realized my friend had left it. She felt shy, removed her hand and apologized. I asked her if she had a boyfriend but she said no. So I asked her if she ever watched such movies. She said no and only heard about it from friends. Got to see one first time today. I asked how she liked. She said that it was nice and had seen an adult dick the first time. She asked me if I could let her see one live and feel it. So I sent her to the bedroom to undress and wait for me. She went but removed only her dress and had the inner and lingerie on. I went in and she asked me to show her. I went near her and asked her to take off whatever clothes of mine she wanted. She got up kissed me and unbuttoned the shirt and sucked my chest. While doing that she unzipped my pant and took it off. Then she went lower and held my dick over my pant but it was soft. She removed the underwear and kissed the tip. It felt so beautiful. She said it is small but in the movie the guy had it standing big. So I told her to make that happen she needs to play with it and suck it. She looked at it all over and shook it as it became bigger. Then she took it in her mouth and sucked it and it grew in length. Now the precum started to flow which she tasted and removed it out and went to spit. I told her to relax and taste it properly. She may like it so she waited and took another taste and liked it this time. Now she sucked it hard and deep and also licked all over and the balls too. After having fun for 15 minutes I told her I would ejaculate quite a bit and she needs to drink it up. She did it and enjoyed and milked out the last drop too. I then asked her if she would allow me the pleasure of seeing her nude. So she made me sit on the bed and she sat on my lap. We kissed and caressed each other's bodies. Then I sucked her earlobes and removed her slip. Now she was just in her bra. She had removed her panty while watching the movie. I unhooked the bra and removed it. She was now nude and I made her stand. I kissed her nipples, her navel, bum, and pussy. Now again she sat facing me with her legs across and spread. We smooched and rubbed our bodies together feeling the warmth of each other. I went lower and took the nipples one at a time. I sucked them while pinching the other. She enjoyed the feeling and my dick grew once again. This time though it was touching her pussy I did not let it enter. I then made love marks on her boobs and then made her lie down. I started licking her inner thighs and stomach. She was getting hot as with my finger I played with the lips not entering her pussy. She was a slim girl 32-26-30 perky nipples. She now was holding my head and pushing it to her pussy. I then took my tongue and massaged the lips. I touched it with my mouth she had a mild orgasm. This was the first time she ever had sex. I was the first one touching her pussy. She said jokingly that some girls would put their hands in her dress and press her boobs and pinch her nipples. But no further. But she now loved the feel of a man. I continued sucking her pussy. She got hot and went into a 69 position and sucked me. We both had a lovely climax together filling each other's mouths. That ended the play for the day. She then came every 3 to 4 days to enjoy without her mother knowing. The girl was so sweet in the pleasure she gave like it was for a lover. Since I had given her her first gift of love she was happy. We continued this oral pleasure for two months without the knowledge of her mom. Then one day her mom saw the love bites on her boobs and asked her how she got that. She then told her mother how she watched the xx movie. I saw her playing with her pussy and how she had asked me to show her my lollipop. And that's how it all started. She also told her that we only enjoy orals no penetration. So the mother was happy that her virginity was intact. Now the mother had not had sex with her husband for the last 3 years so she was horny too. She immediately went to her room, stripped and started masturbating. But in her horniness, she forgot to shut the door. The girl came out of her room after dressing and heard the moans of the mother. When she peeped in she was surprised to see the mother humping herself with a rubber dildo. She had never seen one and did not want to consult the mother. So in the evening she came and asked me what was that and what was the mother doing. The girl was innocent as she never had a boyfriend before. So all she knew was to pinch the nipples or press the boobs and rub the pussy without insertion. So I explained to her all about sex and penetrative sex. Now the girl got interested in penetrative sex. But we did not have that and continued just the foreplay. The mother now started visiting me daily with tea and snacks in the evening. One day she came in her nightgown. When serving me her dress neckline was quite open. I noticed she had not worn he bras so her hanging tits were clear to my view. I saw she had massive tits. And my eyes could not help but stare. She noticed it. She was nude below the nighty. Her figure was 42D-34-38. So now the discussion went to her sex life. She told me that she had not had sex in the last 3 years due to the decline in the interest of the husband. So I asked her how she satisfies herself. She said she had a dildo which she uses once a week. She then went got herself water and came and sat next to me. She started telling me that she had a friend Rita 53 who was in Delhi. They used to meet regarding some business of clothes that they did. And how she introduced her into the world of lesbianism. Rita used to play with her tits and make her suck her pussy. Sometimes Rita sucked her pussy too which she started enjoying. During this, she came and snuggled into my arms and rested her head on my shoulder. She was crying telling me how she missed a real dick. She had her hand on my thigh and was caressing it. I had my hand around her shoulder holding her like a lover was caressing her shoulder. I had slid the nighty over it exposing the shoulder. She then showed me pics of Rita moving nude or with bras and panties moving around her house cooking. She also told me that occasionally a relative of hers Reshma comes to help her with her work. They have started enjoying themselves at night. While bathing together she showed me her nudes too and said that the daughter was not aware. By now I had exposed the other shoulder and she had removed her hands from the sleeves. Now I had full access to her back and caressed it lowering the night to the stomach exposing her tits. She also had by now opened my lungi and I was in my underwear. With her caressing my dick over it. I started playing with her tits and pinching her nipples. Then she heard her daughter come home so she dressed up and rushed back home. I started cooking and suddenly I felt my dick being pulled. I turned around and it was the girl. She asked what her mother had come for. I was surprised as she never questioned it before. She said that her mom never came before to my house in just a nighty with the top button open and no bra. She had seen the bounce of her boobs. I tried to pass it off but the girl was smart and asked what happened. I told her nothing happened as such. They were just discussing their life and how for the last 3 years she had not had sex. Her mother used a dildo to satisfy but then she came home so her mother went back. She said ok and just bent down and sucked me off. She knew that the mother had stirred my hormones but did not satisfy me. She drank off and went back as she had to go to a movie with friends. When she went off, the mother came back. As she came in she closed the door and removed her dress and came nude to me. She sat in my lap and smooched me while I pressed her tits and pinched her nipples. She was hot and playing with my chest. She told me that her daughter was asking what happened as she had noticed her come out of my house with bouncing tits. She lifted her dress too and I saw that she was nude below the dress and suspected. Now she got up while I was sitting and fed me her tits. With my free hand, I held her and caressed her bums. She loved it and then undressed me and both were nude. I then sat down, put her on my lap face down and spanked her for being a naughty girl while I pinched her nipples. She loved it and asked for more. With all this, my dick started growing and poking her stomach. So she took it and placed it at the entrance and pushed it in and started humping. I now started fingering her bum with my free hand. Her bum was red with the spanking. The feeling of the dick inside her pussy and finger in her bum hole she achieved a wonderful orgasm. She continued since I had not achieved mine. I now lay her down on the bed with her legs on my shoulders. I started pumping hard which she enjoyed and both exploded together with our juices mixing. She enjoyed for 2 hours that day and went back before the daughter came. When the daughter came back she could see the glow of satisfaction on her mother's face and understood. She immediately messaged me and asked what happened. I told her that I had fucked her mom so she was happy.

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