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Mom Shows How To Get A Discount

I remember it was an autumn afternoon, and Durga Puja was nearing. Like every year, I had to accompany mom for her shopping. We live in Kolkata, and Durga Puja is one of the major festivals. Every lady in this city craves beautiful sarees from Bada Bazaar, and so did my mom. Talking about my mom, she is a beautiful Bengali woman. She is chubby, and if I am correct, her figure is 40,36,38, and she is 5'5. This makes her an extremely desirable woman by men of all ages. I am sure many men and even friends of mine have shagged for her. It was 1 pm when we left for shopping. I drove to her favorite shop wishing she gets it done as quickly as possible. She asked me to join her after parking the car. Very unwillingly, I went taking all my time. As everyone knew us in the shop, we were well greeted and nicely served. That day mom was wearing a red sleeveless blouse and semi-transparent saree. The blouse gave an imprint of her large brown nipple and unable to hold her massive boobs. Some luscious flesh of her gave boner to everyone who noticed it. Her perfectly round and young boobs had brown skin around its nipple. Every time she bent, a glimpse of it was visible too. It always seemed that she was really proud of her milky body and never hesitated to show off. As soon as I entered the shop, I saw the employees fighting to help her choose a saree. I went and sat beside her. I could see her hip curves and her sexy backless blouse. I slowly went and sat beside her. In some time, we saw a muscular, tall brown man came out of a cabin. He introduced himself as the owner's son. He said his father has asked him to personally help her buy sarees. He came and very boldly put his arm on mom's bareback and asked us to come to his cabin. Both of us were fascinated by his boldness as no one has dared to do this ever. We sat in his cabin and were talking about various sarees. I could see he was moving his eyes all over my mom. He said we need to wait until the room on the upper floor gets empty. Then he would show us the latest stock. I was using my phone, and they were talking. Man: Bhabhi ji, you seem to have a good choice regarding sarees. Mom: Thank you. I really love traditional dresses. Man: Bhabhi ji, what material is your blouse made of? It looks cheaper as compared to your saree. Mom: No, its pure cotton, can't you see? The man got up and very boldly put his finger in my mom's blouse to test the material. Mom was not wearing a bra. I was sure he must have enjoyed the soft skin of her boobs. Even mom did not resist him doing so. Man: I am afraid the shopkeeper fooled you. Its definitely not cotton. Bhabhi ji, but I think this blouse has a huge responsibility to carry. Maybe due to this, the shopkeeper did not let you use cotton. (started laughing) Even I was smiling, listening to this, and I noticed my mom smiling too. I saw him adjusting his boner, which was very obvious. Mom: It seems even you have a problem adjusting yourself properly in your pants … and shirts. I mean, you are so muscular (both of them were laughing, looking into each other's eyes) Man: Bhabhi ji, the room is empty now let's go and see some good sarees for you. Beta, meanwhile, you can sit in my cabin as you might get bored. Take the wifi password from my peon. He is bringing some food for you. Me: Sure, I will stay here. Normally, my mom never buys sarees without me, but this time she did not force me to come. I knew some action was about to come. So I did not waste much time. After a few minutes, I went upstairs and asked the salesman there to send my snacks there. As I went, I saw them choosing on various saree. But I did notice that my mom's blouse was a little wet and she had made a bun of her hair. I also noticed that the man's shirt was untucked. I felt I missed some action. I could notice they hid something as they heard my footsteps. I sat beside mom. He pulled out various sarees and was asking me to choose one for mom. I chose one. He asked mom to get up, and he started draping that saree on her. I could see him touching mom all over as if she was her wife. He even adjusted mom's bra cum blouse. Man: Bhabhi ji, you are looking extremely gorgeous in this one. Mom: Thank you, I hope you are giving me a discount. I have done so much for you. Man: Yes, Bhabhi ji, anything for you, you just choose any saree, and I'll try to adjust as much as possible. Mom: It seems you have enjoyed it a lot. Man: I wish I had met you before bhabhi. I would ask you to be our saree model for our shop. Mom was giggling. Man: Bhabhi ji, we can start a business, and we can have fun like this every day Their talk seemed alien to me, and it seems I really missed a lot. I could see him adjusting his boner every time he stood up. He then asked mom, "Bhabhi ji, I have another room where I keep my premium stock. You can take a look." My mom happily agreed, and both of them shared a smirk. The room was just beside the place we were sitting, and it was actually a warehouse. It had a small door. They went inside, and slowly the door was closed. I could hear them putting the knob slowly so that I could not hear. Initially, they were talking and laughing loud, but then slowly it faded. I was curious, and I put my ear on the door. I could hear slow moans and giggling sound. I could hear the man say, "Bhabhi ji slowly, your son is just sitting outside." To which my mom said, "I couldn't take this huge cock in me." But then again, I heard a loud moan. It seemed he put his full dick inside her. Man: Bhabhi ji sorry, sorry, I hope it does not pain much. Mom: Do it fast. It's not painful, I am enjoying it. Then I heard a loud clap sound. It seemed he gave mom a second stroke, and I heard a loud moan. I head mom moaning, "Aaaah, aaah, aaah, ooh, ooh, come on, do it fast, cum in me, do it fast, don't you have stamina." It aroused me a lot. I was able to hear the squishy noise his dick made as it moved in and out of mom's pussy. Mom: Oh yeah! Insert it deeper and deeper. Man: Bhabhi, your son will come to know if I fuck you too fast. Anyway, I don't want you to go home bleeding. Mom: Just show me your manly hood, rip off my pussy. It doesn't matter if anyone hears it, just fuck me. Man: Okay, bitch! Then I heard fast strokes and my mom moaning loud, though the sound was not much audible out. It lasted for around 10 mins, and I could hear them kissing. After 5 minutes, I saw both of them coming out all sweating. My mom's hair was in a bun. Her saree was below her navel. As it was wet, I could see her milky belly. We could also see her brown nipple through her blouse. I could see her saree becoming wet as her pussy was still. As she stood, I saw his sperm flowing down her legs. He asked her to sit for a while and then leave. To give my mom a moment, I left. She then got fresh and came downstairs with him. He packed 5 sarees for her and said he would take money later. I brought the car, and he was standing beside. As my mom was getting in, he literally pressed her ass hard to which my mom moaned again. I saw them exchanging smiles. Mom: Please do visit us Man: Yes, I will, I need to take the money. I hope you enjoyed Bhabhi ji. Next time just tell me, I will bring all I have to your house. We then left, and as we reached home, mom wore her nightdress and went to sleep. I could see her panty still wet and his sperm oozing out of her pussy. I asked her if I should give her a massage, but she said no. So I left, hoping I could have seen the action that helped mom get a discount.

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