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Milky Heaven For Two Sons

Hi readers, I am Goutham from Tamil Nadu studying in a college near my house. I have a brother named Sanjay, a few years younger than me. He is also studying in the same college. We live in a metropolitan city and from a higher middle-income family. My father works in a multinational company with a very good salary so we lived a very much comfortable life. My father is very much liberal and never been harsh with us. We were pretty much average in our studies. My mother Priyanka of age 42 is also a pretty liberal woman. She is so nice to me and my brother. We never disobeyed her so she always showers us with love and affection which we crave for. She taught us to share whatever she is providing so we don’t fight much often. She wears saree indoor and rarely goes outside. We live in a gated community so she has few friends in a nearby apartment. She spends time with them when she gets bored. We never saw her in a bad way and always has been respected her. We talk pretty much about anything. But we never talk about sex because it gets awkward. She is a beautiful woman with a great body. She has boobs and navel that you can die for. But since she’s our mother we always try not to look her in that way. But sometimes we can’t control it. Because both I and my brother are young so our hormones are raging hard. We have a neighbor nearby apartment called Shruti. She is very close to my mom and always will be with my mom for anything. She is so nice with our mom so we also liked her. Her husband also works in the same company as our father but in a different team. She has delivered a beautiful baby girl. We all went to see her and the baby. But she was crying because of something. My mom asked us to wait outside and was talking with her. We returned to our car after that. While riding back home my mom was in deep thoughts. So I asked mom what's wrong with Shruthi. First, she hesitated for some time but we kept asking what's the problem. She finally told us that because of some medicines Shruti took in the past she can’t lactate and unable to feed her baby breastmilk. My mom was very sad because of this. We reached home and slept. The next morning after me and my bro came from college mom was not there in our house. She came after an hour saying she just gone to visit the hospital to see Shruthi. I asked whether the problem was solved. My mom said she has consulted with the doctor about this. She decided to lactate the baby on her own by taking some medicines. Shruthi can’t take it because of some complications. She was so sure about this and has already talked about this with dad. He also has said ok. She was so happy that she is going to help Shruthi and she began to take medications from next day My mom began to go to the hospital daily two times a day to feed the baby. We noticed my mom was so happy about this. We will sometimes notice her wet nipples from the side and her boobs were larger than usual. Sometimes I will tease her about this. She will laugh it off and ask me to stop talking naughty. One weekend after she returned from the hospital I and brother were watching TV in the hall. She sat down to watch with us. We were having a good time and talking funny about each other. When the topic came about breastfeeding we started to ask her about her body and breast. We asked whether it is paining. She said sometimes it's difficult to sleep but said that it's ok. I asked her jokingly, “Mom I want to taste it.” She laughed and said you naughty milk is only for children. Sanjay also started asking mom about it. He said he also wanted to know how it tastes. We kept asking for it while our mom was laughing. Our dad was not home and we were laughing so hard. We both were sitting side by side near mom. She finally said okay she will let us taste it but only this time. We were so excited that we are going to suck our mother's boobs. I got an instant hard-on. I saw my brother he was ready to jump on my mother's boobs. I was trying hard to hide my erection and my mom began to remove her saree. She was wearing a blue blouse. Near her nipple, it was wet with the milk leaking. We both lost our mind and started sucking on those tits above her blouse. My mom said, “It's not comfortable on the sofa. Let’s go to the bedroom.” We went to the bedroom and was waiting for mom to come. She came without her saree into the bedroom and laid down between us. I and brother were very hard seeing her melon. Once she laid down we started sucking. Mom held her arm around both of us and we started to remove her hooks in the middle. We both kept our legs over her and our cocks were touching her legs in the side. She was not wearing a bra so we went straight for her boobs. Ahh man, that nipple was dark pink and aroma coming from her tits were making us go crazy. I took the right boob and my brother took the left. We were sucking on it so hard for almost fifteen minutes. Sometimes my mother will moan and try to hide her excitement but she was clearly failing. My cock was throbbing inside my shorts and I can feel the precum was leaking. I was so horny I started to bite her tits slightly in excitement. She will let out a moan very short "Ah!" when I bite. The milk was not like cow milk but it was so good. I started to kiss all over her boobs after that. Seeing on the other boobs Sanjay was going crazy. Mom was holding back of our heads slightly pushing to direct our head to boobs. I started slowly humping my cock on the side in excitement while sucking her boobs. I started slowly going from her boobs to navel while licking all over her body. Sanjay was still going mad in boobs. I started kissing her navel. I also bit it slightly and she pressed my head so hard into the belly. And I began kissing on side of her stomach and tried to go down further. I began to remove her pavadai to see her pussy. When I tried to remove it my mom came back to her senses and stopped me. She said that’s it and got up while Sanjay was still sucking. She pushed him away while he was moaning "Maa! Please one more minute." She said no way and put her blouse back. She wore her saree again and went out of the room. My brother and I also realized that we went too far and were ashamed of what we did. We didn't talk to her that night. The next morning mom was acting all normal and we also pretended that last night never happened. She was feeding the baby for a month. After that, the doctor prescribed a new drug for Shruthi to lactate and my mom stopped going to the hospital since the problem was solved. But whenever I and Sanjay thought about that night we will have a hard-on. We are hoping that we will share our mom one day in bed again. Our dad has no clue about this incident and our mom was normal soon after that. Let us all hope that day comes one more time.

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