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Meera Comes Of Age

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

A parcel arrived on Saturday. It was for Meera Shaik, Apt 1806, Trinity Towers, Andheri East, Mumbai. I tried to tell the courier guy but he had already stepped into the elevator. There were 6 apartments on each side of the elevator shaft. I went around looking for ‘Shaik’.

It was the last one on the left side of 1807, technically next door to our home. But the elevator shaft and stairs were coming in between us. I rang the doorbell, no one was at home. I went back to my apartment and started watching TV. My parents were out, so I had my feet up on the coffee table.

After completing engineering, I used to fix computers for my pocket money while waiting for my acceptance to masters in the US. My physique is quite athletic because of playing cricket my entire life. That day I was in shorts and vest, relaxing when the doorbell rang. I called out, “It’s open, come inside.”

Everything went rosy the moment I saw her, I went into a happy state for 10 seconds that felt like an hour. What I saw was the most beautiful girl ever, big kohl-rimmed eyes. Jet black hair that was parted half in front half at back, the front side was till her stomach.

Her lips were so perfect she needed no lip color. Ears had hanging earrings and the left nostril was pierced with a thin silver ring. The figure was perfect for 5 foot six inches, even her feet were perfectly pedicured. A baby’s complexion with the fairest skin tone possible.

“Sorry to disturb you, my package came to your address,” she said smiling and showing her pearl-like teeth.

“It’s alright,” I said, “I’m Nishant, nice to meet you. Your parcel is on the table, never saw you in the building...”

“Oh I’m mostly at home or college,” she said examining the package.

I got up and offered a drink. Meera accepted shyly and sat down. She said her parents are coming home in half an hour. We chatted for a few minutes and decided to meet the next day at my place before my parents came back (There were no cell phones in those days).

Meera came the next day looking prettier, in a white shirt and blue jeans, open hair as usual. We watched tv and had a casual conversation. She completed her B.Com and was taking a break from studies. Then came the biggest shock, her marriage was fixed and the boy’s family were coming to see her this Friday.

“Why so soon?” I asked. She replied, “It’s my parents who decided. I wanted to have fun for at least a year before marrying.”

“What fun?” I asked, “Didn’t you have fun in college?”

She laughed, “Ya, the college was fun but you know I went to a girls' college.”

“In this day and age? Wow! So no boyfriends no dates?” I asked seriously.

“No chance,” she said somewhat sadly.

I took her hand for the first time, “Don’t worry, I’ll be your friend. You can share everything with me, I mean it.”

We were on the sofa and our eyes met, I had to kiss her. We kissed like desperate lovers. Our tongues meeting and sucking, my hands in her hair and her fingernails digging in my arms. She went home and I didn’t see her till Sunday.

The doorbell rang and my mom went to open. “These kids are so naughty!” my mom said coming back, “They ring the bell and run away.”

I understood it was Meera and went out looking. She was standing in the staircase, usually, no one used the stairs on the 8th floor. We sat on the stairs between floors. “What’s the news?” I asked impatiently.

She said, “They approved, and marriage is fixed for next year. The engagement is next week.”

I was happy and sad at the same time. “Why next year?”

She answered, “Imran is going to Singapore for a project, and my parents need that time to prepare for the wedding.”

“What about you?” I asked.

“All I want is to spend the whole year with you,” she said holding my arm tightly. We kissed and hugged again. This time I was feeling every part of her and she was willingly giving herself to me. We made a plan for her to come to my room the next day when my parents would be out at work.

As promised, Meera was at my door at 10 am, I was excited. She came straight to my arms and started kissing. I took her hand and slipped it in my shorts to hold my dick. She was feeling a guy’s erection for the first time. She wanted to see. I took off my clothes and she just looked, rubbing my cock slightly.

I asked her to suck it, to which she responded by sitting down and taking the head of my penis in her soft lips. The tongue came next, licking my shaft from balls to tip. Her soft silky hair was brushing against my groin and sending electric sensations.

I held her head to show her how to suck harder, taking my cock deeper into her mouth. Once or twice she gagged, became out of breath and paused. She quickly got over it and came back vigorously to suck again. I must have masturbated a million times, but never had I felt this kind of sensation in my penis.

She held my balls lightly. I had shaved my balls and pubic hair the night before. I could feel a breeze on my cock. it was Meera’s breath. She was licking my balls, slowly sucking each one. Her tongue felt rough on the soft sensitive skin of my balls. I would come very soon like this!

Immediately I made her take off her clothes. In her small black bra and no panty, she was looking like a goddess, I took off her bra and she held her boobs feeling shy. I slowly removed her hands to see the most beautiful boobs in my life. They stood up like conical cups with erect pink tits.

I immediately wanted to suck them. We dropped on the sofa. I started sucking on the left boob, teasing her right tit with my free hand. She arched her head back moaning. As she dropped her head back over me, I could feel her silky hair fall like a curtain around my face. I could smell a floral scent in her hair.

I would cum with all these senses together. So I decided to fuck her before losing my erection. Little did I know that it doesn’t work that way! I made her lie down and tore my first condom packet. As I wore it I asked, “ What if you bleed?”

“I won’t,” she replied as a matter of fact.

“How are you so sure?”

“I used a candle when I was 19, it’s over. Now start…”

I rubbed the head of my dick at shaved pussy lips, trying to find the correct hole. She was dripping wet. Finally, she took my penis and guided it in slightly, only the head was inside. As my shaft went in she gasped, raising both her legs in mid-air.

I tried a stroke, felt very excited, increasing pace and length of strokes. Almost pulling out till the head of my penis and going back inside her full depth. Her eyeballs were rolling she was not in this world. She couldn’t hold her legs in the air and dropped them on my back.

I held her in a tight embrace, kissing her now and then. Suddenly I felt like increasing speed. As I did I started shuddering, I was about to come. Then she came with thunder, holding me so tight I didn’t know it was even possible. Her whole body became stiff as she matched my strokes.

I came with a force like opening the floodgates. My balls pumped semen in spasms for 5 seconds. Then I fell beside her to rest. She turned and put her face in my chest. We were both in heaven. We lay on the carpet for a long time. The only thing stopping us was the lights that were on.

We had no clothes so the air conditioning was feeling a bit cold. I took off my condom and put it in a trash bag. She started stroking my limp penis again, looking at it with surprise. She cleaned it with a tissue and started licking again. I showed her how to suck and stroke at the same time.

She did it like steadily for 2 minutes. I asked her to increase the pace and she did. I pulled out of her sweet lips this time and she looked up surprised. In the next second, she had her answer. A warm drop of cum fell on her forehead, then another on her hairline between her parting.

The last drops were on the head of my penis. I said you can lick this. She tried it, felt ok and sucked off the last drops, swallowing everything. I rubbed off the cum on her forehead but couldn’t do anything about her head. All I could do was I rubbed it into her hair so it’s not visible.

It was 2 pm before we knew. “Shit, I missed my appointment,” said Meera.

“What appointment?”

“I had a salon appointment for a haircut.”

“Your hair is so beautiful, I love it. It’s thick and straight till your mid-back,” I said playing with her hair.

“I know but it looks frizzy and unkempt when I don’t wash it. I want to get a step-cut till my bra line, to go with my engagement dress.”

“Can I come and watch?” I asked eagerly.

“Ya, but where should I go now?”

I suggested there is a Geeta beauty parlor outside our apartment complex. It’s not as good as a salon but should be ok. It’s been there for 10 years. So we dressed up and went to the beauty parlor. A middle-aged lady asked, “What can I do for you?”

Meera said, “I need some suggestions.”

“You look like you had all beauty treatments recently, waxing threading. What else?”

The lady asked me to take a seat.

Meera said, “I need a haircut for my engagement, not too short, I’m thinking step cut, will it suit me?”

The lady made her sit in one of her 3 chairs and raised it. “Ok, you can get a step haircut without losing too much length.”

Soon her haircut was over. She lost almost half her hair volume there. The top half of her hair was cut till her shoulders, removing almost 2 feet of hair. Then the remaining hair was cut in steps till just below her bra line, again reducing a lot of hair.

She asked me how is it looking. I went to Meera and said, “Can you ask the lady to cut around your sideburns and trim them short as possible?”

The parlor lady took out a trimmer. She started trimming around Meera’s sideburns and neck to remove loose strands, making it neat and clean. She just put the trimmer in Meera’s cheek at jaw level and shaved up taking off all the peach fuzz and almost the whole sideburn.

Then she checked the length and repeated the same on her other side. We paid and left the store.

Meera was looking gorgeous. I kissed her outside the door in the shade of trees, pressing her against the building wall. My fingers exploring her freshly cut hair.

“Baby, can you come home tonight?” I asked

“It’s risky. What if your parents wake up?”

“Ok then, I’ll come to your room,” I said.

“Ok, come at 2 am,” she said as we went back towards the apartment gate.

From that day we fucked 2-3 times daily till her engagement day. Even fucking without condoms when I ran out. Saturday came, we had made love 14 times in 5 days. I didn’t get to see Meera the whole day. Nothing could satisfy my hunger for sex. Then in the evening a surprise.

I was locked up in my room when my mom called me, “Nishant, wear your jeans and come outside. Our neighbor is here.”

I went out reluctantly and immediately froze. The most gorgeous lady in a semi-transparent red sari, beautifully set hairstyle, wearing delicate jewelry, a nose stud, sexy 3-inch heels that could wake up a dead man was standing with a box of sweets. It was Meera! She winked at me not to speak anything.

“Aunty, I just wanted to give sweets. No need of any formalities, today is my engagement. You can come for dinner at the apartment grounds at 7.”

“Oh very good to hear. God bless you,” said my mom taking the sweets.

“Congrats,” I murmured, refusing the sweets. I would get my sweet package at night!

Mom and dad left for Navi Mumbai as usual. They would be out till Sunday night.

At 11 pm the bell rang, I was ready with candles and a rose for my lovely girlfriend. Meera came straight in, closing the door and hugging me.

“How did you manage this?” I said.

“I asked Imran to take me out after dinner. We drove around for an hour and he dropped me back at the gate. now he’s out with friends till 2 am. He asked me not to tell anyone about his secret drinking party. Now take me,” she said with open arms.

I hugged her, feeling the texture of her new haircut. It felt wonderful, after that the last thing I know I pulled off her saree in one swift motion. She unhooked her blouse, bra fell, we were in bed, kissing and fucking till midnight. She woke me up from a dreamy nap. I saw her brushing her silky hair.

“See you tomorrow,” she said, “I have a surprise for you.” She left.

The next morning she came wearing my favorite dress, white shirt, and blue jeans.

“What’s the surprise?” I asked.

“My mom agreed to send me to Goa with ‘friends’, but that’s not the surprise.”

“Then what is?” I asked.

“I took permission from Imran to get a short haircut! I know about your secret hair fetish,” she laughed, “I wanted to try a short haircut all my life, now is the chance.”

I was in my boxer and she could see my half-raised dick. She coddled it softly, “Not now baby, let's go before Geeta closes. Then we have all day.”

We went to the Geeta beauty parlor. Geeta gave us a book to select a short haircut. I picked a bob haircut, till nape at back and longer till chin in front. The parlor lady said Meera’s hair is too thick. It will look odd unless we reduce the volume.

I told her ok just trim her nape hair short till 3 inches of the hairline and shave it all around the sides and back. The undercut will make her bob cut stay in place automatically. When we came outside, I could see the sexiest bob haircut swinging and shining in the morning sun. We rushed to my place to make out.

“Let’s go to Goa tomorrow before my mom changes her mind,” Meera said.

I packed my bag and got ready. The next day we met at the airport. The flight was about an hour. Then a taxi to our hotel was another hour. We took some rest and wanted to go to the beach. That’s when Meera took out the package.

“Oh, isn’t this the parcel that got delivered to my place by mistake?” I asked.

Meera laughed mischievously, taking out a bikini, “You dumbo! It’s wasn’t a mistake.”

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