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Me, My Friend And Friend's Wife - Sex Triangle

Vishal and Anna are married but I was always their third wheel when they were dating. We three had a very good bond, even after their marriage we used to hang out drink alcohol together, and party most of the weekends. So this story unveils on a full moon day when we three and her friends decided to hang out in their villa in Vytilla.

Her friends Shruthi and Shilpa were gorgeous and this was the gang we always had fun with. So the night we were partying at Vishal’s Villa, I and Vishal were having a couple of drinks in the dining room and watching some films on Netflix. The girls were at the kitchen cooking dinner.

While pouring some pegs, Vishal asked me to take three glasses of whiskey to the kitchen for the girls. I readily accepted to go there so I could see Shruthi (I had a crush on her).

When I entered the kitchen, I saw three asses of different shapes lined in order! The girls were all wearing yoga pants and those were tight and I could see their panty lines.

My eyes were focused on only one ass in the middle which was a petite ass and it was Anna’s which was tightly wrapped in the yoga pants. I could see her ass-crack which was really tight and ran down to a pair of long thin legs.

Anna was a slim beauty but was well built around her hips and chest. Her boobs were 34D. She had a 25-size waist and 34-size ass.

I always used to check her tight ass out, but suddenly the consciousness of Anna being my friend's wife tiptoed my horny thoughts and therefore I shifted my attention to the other two asses on either side which was even bigger and juicy.

While I checked them out, Anna turned and noticed me looking at Shruthi’s and Shilpa’s ass. She shouted, “Jacob”. I was shocked and looked at her. She smiled at me with a naughty grin and said, “Give me the glasses, I am thirsty” in a seductive voice. For a minute, I thought she saw me looking at the girl’s ass.

After cooking the girls served dinner in the table, I couldn’t get my eyes off the asses and boobs which were coming and going while each dish was served. It was a treat for the eyes. But my eyes always got glued on Anna’s body. I always like forbidden fruit!

My friend's wife was wearing a tight pink t-shirt which complimented her round boobs and one thing I noticed compared to the other girls was that her nipples were hard and were pointing out slightly. I knew that girls nipples get pointy when they are horny.

My doubt was cleared when my friend's wife came near me and was serving me a curry. She brushed her boobs on my shoulder and was looking at my bulge with the same naughty grin with which I saw her in the kitchen!

I was embarrassed and excited at the same time, but the feeling of the touch of her soft melons on my shoulder made me lean towards the hornier curve.

Even though it was an awkward situation, things turned out to be normal when we all started cracking jokes and was having a good time. So later when the time was 1 am, we all decided to call it a day and sleep. We all were pretty drunk and dizzy so the decision was made promptly.

In Vishal’s villa, there were only two bedrooms. Me being the only bachelor in the house, I decided to crash on the couch because I can’t sleep in between two hot girls, right?? Hehehe.

So when I went to Vishal’s and Anna’s bedroom for a pillow, Vishal told me I can sleep in their bedroom because the living room did not have an AC and it was really hot due to humid climate of Kerala.

So eventually, after a couple of convincing, he got me on board to sleep in their bedroom. Their bedroom was more like a master bedroom with a king-size bed and a window opposite to door with great rich looking maroon curtains and good ambient warm light in the room because of the lamps on the nights stand.

The only thing I did not like was the bathroom facing the bed which was awkward a little bit. When I was crawling up the bed to sleep, my friend's wife Anna had already dozed off under the white blankets on one end and I could see her hip curve like a wave on the blanket.

Vishal was hugging her in the middle. I slowly settled to the other side of the bed and started to sleep. Time passed and after a couple of hours, since I was in a different environment, my sleep was not deep. After a while, I heard some murmuring sounds which got my attention.

I tried to eavesdrop on what I was hearing because anyways I was sure I was not getting a sound sleep. So, why not have some fun hearing the couple gossip?

When I started to concentrate, I realized it was more than a gossip. Anna was breathing intensely and I heard Vishal whisper in her ears, “How do you like it when I rub your clit slut?”

I was dumbstruck when I heard that. I couldn’t believe my senses. What I heard was uncalled for, but I couldn’t hold my curiosity and I tried to be keen.

My friend's wife was breathing heavily in a low voice and kept calling Vishal’s pet name, Vichu.

"Vichu, slowly, Jacob is next to you, he may wake up."

I was aroused when I heard her whisper my name. My dick started to harden up. Since they were whispering in a very low voice, I was trying to concentrate apart from the AC buzzing noise and imagine things at the same time.

After a while, I could hear a fapping sound and that’s when I realized my friend had started fingering his wife. And that picture started to get clear when Anna started to moan louder.

Anna again reminded, "Jacob is near us, can you please slow down?! I can’t be more silent." To this, Vishal replied, "He is in deep sleep, and what if he wakes up?"

“What?” Anna exclaimed with a perplexed voice and asked, “What are you saying?” while still moaning silently and breathing heavily.

Vishal said, "Yeah, if he wakes up, he will also join us and lick your black hard nipples, bitch." Hearing this, I was shocked again and my dick was fully hard and forming a tent in the blanket. Anna screamed silently and said, “What the fuck?” “What are you saying?”

Vishal said, “I saw what you were doing while serving him in the dining table. Were you serving his plate or serving his dick?”

Suddenly they were both silent and I could only hear kissing sounds. Vishal was making out with her. I couldn’t hold myself I wanted to get up and go to her and push my 6-inch thick dick into her mouth while Vishal was fingering her.

Anna then whispered, “Someone is really hard now. So, you don’t mind if I serve his dick, huh? And you want your friend to suck my boobs too?”

Vishal replied, “I don’t mind if you suck my friend's dick. I more want to see him lick your juicy pussy now".

My friend's wife started breathing heavily and she started moaning louder. Vishal did reduce her sound by grabbing her mouth. I could hear the silenced moans of Anna now. I was losing my mind to the fact that both were feeling up their bodies butt naked near me!

I wanted to turn away but I couldn't my trunks were already wet with the overloaded precum. Slowly, I slid my hands downwards into my trunk to stroke myself but suddenly, it moved the common blanket in which we were inside. Anna and Vishal suddenly became silent and so did I.

I tried to act like I was totally in deep sleep by snoring lightly. They waited for 5-10 seconds to make sure I was asleep and started doing the same but more violently. I could hear Anna’s moaning louder and louder. Vishal was fapping her pussy vigorously that I could hear the slopping sound of her pussy.

Meanwhile, I was rubbing my dick from inside the blanket and was imagining my friend's wife sucking my dick. To my surprise, I heard Anna saying, “Honey I want to lick his dick when you are fingering me”. Vishal moaned to it and said, “Aha, you want to lick my friend's dick, you slut?”.

Listening to all this, I wanted to burst my cum inside the blanket. Things were pretty loud and intense but I acted like nothing happened and didn't move an inch. After some moments, Anna started moaning louder and climaxed with Vishal fingering her. I could hear Anna humming slowly down to the orgasm.

Finally, Vishal slid himself out of the white blanket from the middle portion of the bed by kissing Anna in her forehead and he went into the bathroom. I was lying there motionless with my dick pushing against the blanket.

While Vishal was washing his hands, the bathroom door was partially closed. So, the warm light from the bathroom was reflecting on the bed.

When I looked at Anna, she was turned towards her left side but her ass pushed backward like spooning. To my luck, I could see the moonlight from the window reflect on my friend's wife's bare ass. Her yoga pants were pulled down till her knee and her ass was wrapped in a tight yellow panty.

Seeing this, my dick got hard again, but I couldn’t do anything because Vishal was returning in a few minutes and the bathroom door was open. But after a few minutes, he closed the door from the inside and he was going to use the toilet.

It became darker but the moonlight was still showing me Anna’s petite tight ass. The darkness gave me chills and the guts to do something for myself.

I moved my portion of the blanket and started stroking my dick by looking at Anna’s partial exposed round ass. I hardly had 10 minutes to ejaculate before Vishal came back to the bed. While stroking, I could only see her ass exposed one-arm distance away, but I couldn’t do anything.

After 2-3 minutes, I understood Vishal was not using the toilet. He was masturbating and I could hear him moaning slightly. This gave me the guts from nowhere and slightly moved towards her and touched her bare ass and slowly started squeezing it. It was really soft and firm.

She did not respond, maybe in her unconsciousness, she thought it was her husband.

This encouraged me a lot. I moved more closer to Anna. I was so close to my friend's wife that my dick was just inches away from touching her bare ass. I waited for a while and slowly slid my hands inside her panty and started feeling her ass crack. The lower part of her ass crack was still wet from her orgasm.

She suddenly started moving and turned towards me and said, “Stop, it’s enough for today. If we do it again, Jacob will get up”.

Anna thought it was Vishal who was groping her ass.

The remaining part of the night is even more interesting will post the 2nd part after hearing your reviews.

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