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Making Love To Friend's Mom At House Party 🎉

I am Arun from Pune. Recently, I have am very sexually active with my friend's mom. Prior to her, I had relationship with my girlfriend. My girlfriend and I are in on-off relationship. We meet occasionally for fun and sex. So, I am dating a girl and have a love-sexual relationship with friend's mom.

The story started in November 2019 when my friend Rashmi planned a house party at her house. She lives at Deccan Gymkhana, Pune in a lavish 3 BHK apartment.

Her father is C level executive in big firm in Qatar, I don’t want to mention his exact profession. He comes one a year and enjoys his life there alone. Her mother is the heroine of the story, her name is Shweta. She is housewife and live with her daughter Rashmi in Pune.

Shweta also occasionally travels between Pune and Mumbai as they own few properties in Mumbai and her in-laws stays there. So, twice a month she spends her weekend there.

In Nov 2019 last weekend, the party was planned on Friday. A few of us were invited and 6 of us showed up. When we reached there, Rashmi welcomed us. At 9:30, the booze started and everyone was enjoying and chatting. A typical house party mood was floating when soon we realized that Shweta’s mother Rashmi’s mother was also at home.

Let me describe her. She is 49 years old with 5 feet 3 inches height, with a typical Indian dusky skin tone color and chubby figure which I like the most. Dusky color and chubby figure equals to great affair in general.

I am an average looking guy with medium physique and 5 feet 7 inches height. I don't want to mention tool size on the platform. I also like sharing love with older women not just sexual acts.

Since Rashmi shared her family stories with me, I had an idea how Shweta might with her physical relationship.

Shweta came and greeted all of us and talked with us for 10 minutes. She asked about health, job and left the hall and entered her room. She was wearing a saree with a full sleeve bouse which made her look like a very faithful wife, but the story was different.

The party was in full swing. The music was playing in the background. We moved to the balcony and most of them were high. As I don't drink, I was enjoying soft drinks, juices and food. At 1 am, a couple of members left and then came a situation where one of our friends was totally out of control.

So being a sober person, I was given the responsibility to drop him to his apartment which was a couple of kilometers away. I took his bike and dropped him and then came back to Rashmi's house by rickshaw.

By the time, I reached Rashmi's house, it was 2 am and she was asleep. Her mother Shweta opened the door for me. I collated my belongings and was about to leave and Shweta asked me not to leave as its already very late and I live 18 kilometers away.

My friend's mom insisted me to not leave and I agreed to stay there for the night. I called my parents and informed them.

As Rashmi was asleep, only we two were awake and none of us was feeling sleepy. To be honest, I was feeling sleepy but the sheer hope of getting laid with this this dusky chubby 49-year-old female didn't allow me to sleep.

We started talking about how the party went and who did what. Meanwhile, I suggested her that we can clean the tables while we are talking.

She said I shouldn’t be working at her house as I was one of the guests. I insisted her that I would love to help her with the work.

We started arranging the table, placing the chairs on the place and keeping food items in the fridge.

While we both were keeping the bottles in the refrigerator, I took a chance and rubbed my already semi hard dick in her ass, which she noticed but didn’t say anything thinking that it might be the mistake.

Again, while moving around the table, I touched my right hand on my friend's mom's ass. This time, she bit her lower lips and looked at me and gave a naughty smile.

Now we both got green signal from each other, but I didn't have enough courage to make the first move. After finishing the work, we sat on the sofa. This time, she came and sat next to me. There was hardly any gap between us. She wanted me to make the move and I just did that.

I placed my right hand on her thighs and slowly moved it near her pussy from above the saree. She closed her eyes and paled her head on my right shoulder and whispered in my ears to kiss her.

We immediately lip locked. After a minute, she stopped and said we should move to her room as Rashmi might wake up. She entered in her room and I followed her. She locked the door and we started kissing immediately behind the door. While kissing, we crashed on bed and switched on the air conditioner.

She was lying on the bed and I was on the top. While kissing, I was pressing her left boob and she was rubbing my dick from above the pant.

We both started undressing each other. I removed her saree then petticoat and at last blouse. She removed my shirt and pant and I was only in my underwear.

Now we again started kissing while I was rubbing her pussy from above her panty and then I removed it. She started lightly moaning and closed her eyes.

I whispered in her ears that I want to tear her red color bra, to which she immediately said in Marathi "Fadun tak" meaning "Tear it". I toured her bra from the font and pulled and threw it on the ground.

Now she opened her eyes and was smiling. I started kissing her ears, neck, boobs and then went all the way to her. I didn’t lick her pussy which was hairy but kissed above her pussy. She was scratching her fingers in my hair pressing it.

Meanwhile, my friend's mom was enjoying touching my fully erected dick and rubbing it up and down. I asked her whether she want to give me a blowjob for which she said yes and while I was lying on the bed, she took my dick on her mouth and started sucking.

Her teeth were touching my shaft which was a little bit painful. I told her to not touch her teeth and only touch her lips.

She started doing as I requested her and now I was enjoying it. Now I told her to come up and lay on the bed as I didn't want to cum in her mouth.

Now I was ready to enter my dick in her pussy. As I didn't has a condom, I asked her if she has any disease or infection. Call me mad, but I am very conscious about disease and infections. She said she don't and I can cum in her pussy as she can no longer get pregnant.

I pulled her near me by legs and kept her legs on my shoulders and started rubbing my dick above her pussy. Just after 3o seconds, she started shaking and asked me to stop and just insert my dick directly in.

I started pushing my dick in and her pussy was a little bit tight. After I inserted, I started stroking and asked her why her pussy is so tight. She said she haven't had sex from the last 14 months and only masturbates occasionally.

While stroking, I started pressing her boobs, ass, slapping her on the face. I went near her ears and said in marathi, "Tula aaj pasun majhe rand banwun jawen" which means "From today I wal fuck you like my whore".

Shweta was enjoying the stroking and was moaning and said, "Hoo mee tujhee rand aaj pasun" which means "Yes I am your whore from today".

After 10 minutes of stroking, I was unable to control. I told her that I was about to cum. She took her petticoat and placed under her ass so that bed sheet shouldn't get stained because of the cum.

She tightened her grip around my ass with her legs and on my back with her fingers and said, "Aat sodh paani" which means "cum inside me".

I released my cum inside her and it stared flowing out of her pussy. She started cleaning her pussy with her petticoat and we laid beside her.

We both were naked and started talking and we shared our sexual preference. I told her that I like older women more than girl. She said that she too was attracted towards young guys and her husband is enjoying in Qatar and she was left alone.

At around 3:30 am, she asked me to dress up and go to another room so avoid suspicion.

I woke up at 10 am, Shweta was alone at home in the kitchen. We talked and kissed for 30 minutes has tea and numbers. Then I left and now at least twice a month we meet and have sex when Rashmi was not around.

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