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Looking On Tinder For More Than Vanilla Sex

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

I am Sunny ThakuLooking On Tinder For More Than Vanilla Sex r. I belong to a typical Indian family from Himachal. I have been staying in Delhi since my education days. I have been in a serious relationship with my girlfriend for over two years, and we have had sexual activities for a long time. She was the first girl I slept with.

I have written two stories about our sex adventures, and readers can read them on my profile. However, she hesitates to try new activities, unlike me and prefers vanilla sex. She would boldly refuse any position she does not feel comfortable with. She sternly refused to do anal sex.

So, to fulfill my kinky desires, I downloaded Tinder on my mobile for hook up. I had carefully hidden Tinder from my app to avoid being found out by my girlfriend. After two unlucky matches, I got matched with a girl named Rajshree.

About Rajshree, she is a caramel-skinned Bengali girl. She is curvy and sultry and his voluptuous and sexually confident. Her Tinder bio said that she is looking for someone to chat with and nothing serious. Even though I had matched with two other girls before her, one just never responded, and the other was too clingy.

After my match with Rajshree, I messaged her ‘Hi’, and we started a conversation on general topics. Our initial chats were boring. But after 2-3 days I started spicing up our conversations with sexual hints. Like one time we were talking about watching some movie and she asked, “Do you really want to watch that movie?”

I replied, “Who’s going to watch the movie?” with a wink emoji. At other times I boldly proclaimed that casual sex relationships are better than normal ones. Because they give all the perks without any hassle. Within two weeks, our conversations had become very steamy and horny.

And she told me everything from her breast size to her favorite condom flavor. Her boobs were 34B with dark brown areoles and banana was her favorite flavor. Without any hesitation, she would tell me the color of her bra and panty and the porn she was watching while fingering.

This continued for some more days and finally, we decided to meet. But before our meeting she categorically made it clear that things between us will stay between us. She’s in a serious relationship with someone else. Rajshree obviously was too hot to be single. So I was not shocked to learn that.

Her confession only encouraged me to reveal my relationship status too. We then started talking about what will we do. Since we were both getting regular sex from our partners, we decided to do hardcore anal during our session. At last, a meeting was fixed in my room when my roommate would be away.

I told her to come in a saree like a proper Bengali girl. The thought of undressing her and drilling her asshole was making me hornier than usual.

The day finally came, she was at my gate in a white saree with a red border and a bindi on her forehead. We were sitting on my head and I leaped for a kiss. But she held me back using her hand on my chest and said, “Aren’t you going to offer some tea?” I was surprised but I said, “Sure.”

As I was getting up, I held her waist in my hands and lightly whispered in her ears, “Let’s skip that.” As soon as I whispered these words, she slid open my zipper and slid her hand to gently squeeze my rock-hard cock. Our patience broke and we were wildly making out.

I was laying on top of her body trying to grab her voluptuous boobs. Sensing my trouble she unbuttoned her blouse. My lips and tongue rolled down to her belly licking and kissing every inch of her smooth skin. I unhooked her bra and saw her beautiful mounds.

They were shapelier and aesthetic than my girlfriend’s. Undoubtedly, I started sucking her nipples. The harder I was sucking, the more she burying my face in her breasts. In less than ten seconds, I removed every piece of clothing on my body and took out a banana-flavored condom.

Rajshree giggled and said, “Oh, you remembered?” while removing her saree. After unpacking I told her to put a condom on dick and she quickly obliged and gave me a mind-blowing blow job. Rajshree adopted the expert doggy style pose on her own with her head resting on the bed.

First, I inserted my middle finger in the asshole and spanked her ass really hard. Before inserting my dick, I rubbed some lubricant and gave her a warning. It was not going in the beginning. I kept using my force and finally when dick’s head had successfully entered, she screamed and gasped.

Then, it went in with ease, but she was now screaming incessantly. I asked her if she wants to stop but she said no. Then began my thrusts, which were producing ‘thap thap’ sound in a rhythm.

Even Rajshree was now loudly screaming whenever I would thrust into her asshole, staying quiet otherwise. I grabbed her hair, forming the arc of a doggy style. Finally, I came and removed the condom.

We tried spooning and cowgirl position with one time being anal and other normal sex. While spooning, Rajshree dug her fingernails in my thighs and I instantly slapped her boobs tightly. Some blood came out of the affected part of the thigh, whereas part of her boob became blood red.

In between and after, we ate snacks, drank beverages, and talked randomly. I told her that her Rajshree sounds very traditional and conservative. But she is wild and insatiable. Out of nowhere, she grabbed my balls tightly and murmured, “You have no idea.”

Although she didn’t say anything, I guess her boyfriend must have refused to fuck her anally, which is why she was on Tinder to fulfill her fantasy. After this, we continued our ‘friends with benefits’ relationship for a few months, after which she moved to another city.

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