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Lockdown leads to some exciting stuff!

Hello everyone. I hope you all are safe and healthy. Please read my first story, 'Quarantine Sex With My Mother In Hyderabad'. This is my second story. This time I have written a fantasy. I really hope you guys like it. Happy Reading. Let me give you a brief introduction to my mom. Her name is Hema. She is 42, with a height of 5’8. She is fair and has the right amount of flesh where needed. Her sizes are 36-30-36. Her curvy body can make anyone go mad for her. She mostly wears sarees but in a sexy way. She ties her saree below her navel, and also you can see the shape of her boobs from the side. Coming to me, I am Kumar of 21. My height is 6’ feet, and I have a 6’ inch tool. Initially, I didn’t have any bad intentions towards my mom. But that all changed when I was stuck at home during the quarantine. My mom and I lived in a 2 BHK house. We were very close. We talk and share everything. We both generally sleep in our own bedrooms. As the days are passing by, we both were really getting bored. We started chit-chatting for a longer time and started paying different card games until late nights. So we would end up sleeping on the same bed. On the other hand, as its summer, the temperature is increasing gradually. By this, our way of dressing changed. I only used to wear boxer shorts, nothing else. My mom started wearing some really low-cut blouses that made her half of her boobs visible. And her pallu didn’t actually cover them. And guys, her boobs were damn sexy. There was a small birthmark on her top part of her left boob. This turned me on, and I started lusting for my mom. I decided I need to fuck her at any cost. First, I wanted to see more of her skin. And as its summer, I decided to change her way of clothing. Mom: Ah! Day by day, these temperatures are increasing, and it’s killing me. Me: True! I’m sure you might be in a worse place because of the sarees and all. Mom: Yeah. You men are lucky. Me: Why so? Mom: Look at you! You are only wearing boxers. Me: Well, mom, anyone can wear any type of clothes. You can get rid of that saree and wear boxers like me. I have plenty, I can lend you some. I was a bit scared of how my mom would react to what I said. Mom: Haha. Nice one. Me: No, mom. I’m serious. Do you really want to spend the next month or two like this? Mom: Well, you are right. Summer is just starting. Me: And we anyway have to stay at home because of quarantine, so it’s just you and me. Mom: Hmmm. You know what, I am up for it. Hearing this, I was so happy! I immediately went to my room and brought a pair of boxers and gave it to my mom. I purposely selected a very short one. My mom went into her room while I was wondering how she would look in just boxers. She changed, and I was shell shocked! The boxers just reached the bottom of her ass, and she was only wearing a blouse as a top. She was so busty! I had never seen my mom like that - her milky thighs, her soft navel, and boobs that are half visible. I immediately had a raging boner. As I was wearing only boxers, there was no way to hide my hard-on. And yes, my mom did notice my hard-on and just gave a small smile. Mom: So, what do you think? Me: It’s just perfect! Mom: Haha. I know, right. I do think I can get a little more comfortable. Me: How? Mom: I think I can lose my blouse off too. I anyway have a bra inside. I was just dumbstruck. Did my mom volunteer to remove her blouse? Me: Great idea, mom! Mom: Well, you are more than happy, aren’t you? (She said with a smile) I just blushed and kept quiet. She started to remove her blouse in front of me. It was nothing less than a striptease! She removed the first two hooks but struggled to remove the others. Mom: Ah! Honey, I unable to remove the other hooks. Can you please help me unhook them? I gladly accepted and decided to take some advantage here. I went near her and put my hands in between her huge tits near the hook. I purposely acted as if it was a bit stuck and as if I was trying hard to unhook it. In this process every now and then, I was rubbing my hands to her tits. GOD! They were so soft and milky. I just wanted to suck them off right then and there. I came down to the last hook. Me: Mom, this one is really stuck. I need to adjust your... Mom: My what? Me: Your...boobs. (My heart was pounding as I said this) Mom: Oh, that’s okay, honey. Go ahead. Just get me out of these. I was so happy. There was no stopping me then. I gladly cupped her entire tits with both my hands and was squeezing them. I think my mom knew what I was doing. She was just smiling and said, “You have enjoyed enough. Now please unhook the last one.” I felt shy and did as she said. Her blouse came off, and there she was just standing in a bra and boxer. I was almost able to see her nipples. My precum made a tiny wet spot on my boxers. Mom: So, son, how am I looking? Me: Amazing, mom! Mom: Haha! I can see that. (And she looked at my hard-on) My mom left for the kitchen to cook some food. I just ran to the bathroom to masturbate, thinking about this experience. I realized seducing my mom would not be as tough as I thought it would be. I knew it was going to happen, and I am ready with my moves. Later that day, as we were watching a movie. I was just staring at my mom’s boobs. My mom did not say anything for some time, and later with a big smile, she said: Mom: You are missing out on a good movie, son. Me being more confident now. Me: I’m watching something better than the movie. Mom: Haha. You really like these, huh? Aren’t they old and saggy? Me: Are you kidding, mom? They are so damn good. I just really miss being a kid. Mom: Why so? Me: You know, as a kid, I would have had sucked them and kissed them. Mom: Oh, really? Well, even grown boys can suck and kiss boobs, you know. (And she winked at me) I just couldn’t believe my ears. This is it! I just went near her, and with one hand, I unhooked her bra. My mom was amazed as I did that. Grabbed her tit and started to kiss and suck on her boobs like an animal. My mom was amazed, and she put her hands around my head and started moaning. “Ah, God, it feels amazing.” I kept sucking her boobs for 15 minutes. Later I stopped, got up, and removed my boxers. I exposed manhood to my birth mother. She was amazed as she realized her baby boy is now a Man. She was sitting on the sofa, and I was standing in front of her. I put my left leg up on the side arms on the sofa. My dickhead was right in front of my mother’s mouth. She just looked at me once and then at my dick and started sucking it. She started slowly and gradually increased the pace. She felt amazing. I put my hands on her head and try to increase her pace. I was loudly moaning. “Aah, suck it, mom! Suck it!” I was close to cumming. I moaned, “I’m gonna cum!” And I left my mom’s head. She was increasing the pace. I came in her mouth, and she drank all of it. Mom: Wow! My boy has grown up to be a man. Me: I still haven’t shown you how big a man I am. Saying that I lifted my mom and took her to my room. I removed her boxers and started sucking her pussy. I sucked her pussy while she was loudly moaning. This continued 20 for 10 minutes and she came. Then I went on top of her, smooched her, kissed her neck, sucked her boobs for a couple of minutes. Then I lifted my body. We were in the missionary position. I placed my cock near her pussy and slowly pushed it in. We both moaned together. I slowly started fucking and went fucking to balls deep. We were both loudly moaning. Mom: Ah! You dirty boy. You want to fuck me huh? Me: I’ll fuck you, mom - every day. I will show you the best pleasure you ever felt. Mom: Fuck me, son. Fuck me. This continued for 10 minutes, and I knew I was close. My mom realized it and said, “You can cum in me, son.” This was all I needed. I started to increase my pace, and I started to cum inside my mom’s pussy. And fell on her, resting. From that day on, we are fucking every day. Every morning, I just wake up with morning wood. My mom would be in the kitchen preparing breakfast. I just go behind her, kneel down, pull her boxers down, lick her pussy. Then, get up, put my hands on her tits, and put my dick into her. I would just cum inside her after some time, and then I would start the day. Even my mom likes our daily ritual. Then we have another session before we sleep. We try different positions, and every time I cum inside of her.

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