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Indian Housewife Mom and Son

Hi guys, my name is Abhishek. I am 19 years old. My family consists of me, my mom and my dad. My mom is a housewife and my dad, Kumar works in an IT company. He spends most of his time at his office. My mom Ananya is 37 years old. She is so health-conscious. She does exercises and yoga regularly. She maintains her sexy body like a pro. And of course, all this is for showing off her body! My mother always wears a dress in a revealing manner, even in the house. She roams in a short baby doll dress or just a t-shirt with shorts most of the time. I was having my holidays at that time. I used to steal inners from my mom's room for masturbating! After masturbating, I would return it to her room with my cum stain on it. My mom never seemed to notice anything until one day. I usually wake up around 10 am and come out of my room at 11 am. My dad would have left for work by then. So, one day, I casually came out of my room and noticed my mom sitting on the sofa with a pantie in her hand. She was wearing a long t-shirt. I couldn't see what she was wearing at the bottom. I've seen her before wearing just a t-shirt and pantie. "Abi! Come here," she said and patted on the sofa signaling me to come and sit near her. "I want you to be completely honest with me," my mom said. "Yeah, sure," I said. "Do you have sexual feelings towards me?" she asked with a smile. For some reason, I felt like there was a dirty reason behind that villainy smile! "What are you talking about, mom? No! Of course, not," I said. My mom smelled the pantie that she was holding and said, "I know you use to sneak into my room and steal my panties daily. Did you really think that I won't notice your cum on my pantie?" she smacked her lips "Or should I say, my own son's sperm?" I gotta admit, her expressions gave me an instant boner. It wasn't exactly shocking to hear my mom say the word 'cum'. I had always imagined her as an open-typed woman. But I was also nervous, I had never been nervous and horny before in my whole life, it was also a weird mixture of feelings. "Mom, I can explain. I just needed a pantie, I never imagined you in that way" I said. Suddenly, my mom placed her hand on my crotch and rubbed my rock hard cock! "Then why is your manhood excited now?" she asked. I badly wanted to wake up from this dream, but unfortunately, it was all real. She kept rubbing my crotch. I stopped her and removed her hand from there. "What? Isn't this what you wanted? Also, I have been waiting to be manhandled for a long time" she said and mouthed, "ummah"! "Mom, please understand, I never imagined you that way, I just wanted a pantie to make masturbation interesting. That's it!" I said. Her face became serious. "Really? That's it?! Pfft. Do you have any idea how long I was waiting to have sex? I thought you'd quench my thirst. At first, I thought you were doing it for a kick, but since you made it a habit, I thought you were interested in me" she said. She was truly disappointed. "You've known this all along?" I asked. "Of course. I don't sleep that soon, I watch porn, but when I hear the sound of the door opening, I put my phone down and act like I am sleeping." "Mom, I am sorry. We can't do this. Why don't you ask dad?" "If he could do it, why would I be even asking you?" "Mom, I'm really sorry. I promise I won't steal your panties, I really can't help you." "No, you can have my panties, I don't care. But one condition" she said. "What condition?" My mom leaned back on the sofa and spread her legs. She wasn't wearing anything inside! Her clean-shaven pussy was wide open. "Finger me!" she said. I was totally dumbstruck by the sight of her pussy. "Mom, I--" "Please, this is not wrong. And from what I've read online, incest is quite common" she said. I went near my mom. "Put your arm on my shoulders and be comfortable," she said. I put my arms on her shoulder. We were so close. I really wanted to kiss my mom. I slowly inserted my middle finger in her pussy. "Mmmmm..yes, like that. Use two fingers" she said biting her lips. I inserted my index finger in pussy and started fingering my mom. She kept moaning. Her moaning sounds grew louder as I increased the pace. Unknowingly, I started squeezing my horny Indian mother's right melon in excitement. Then I realized what I was doing and let go of it. "It's ok dear, I don't mind," she said. So I started squeezing my mom's boobs again and this time, harder. She kept moaning loudly. I moved close to her and rested my head on her shoulder. I tried my best to take a nice look at her tits, but she was wearing a close neck t-shirt so I couldn't see it. My mom came after 15 minutes of intense fingering. Her moaning sound reduced as I reduced the pace. I took my head from her shoulder and we exchanged a glance. Automatically, our lips got attracted like a magnet and we locked out lips for almost 2 full minutes. "I- I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that," I said. I felt genuinely embarrassed. She cupped my face in her hands and said, "No honey, like I said, I don't mind. If you want to do anything, ANYTHING with me, just ask. I'll be ready for it" she said and kissed my forehead. "I love you, dear," she said. Drop your feedback at

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