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Fucked my Crush - The newlywed Sneha

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Our next-door neighbor Rajiv had recently gotten married to Sneha. Rajiv lived alone and his parents were in a remote town in UP.

The day Sneha moved in, my mom gave me two thalis to deliver at their home and advised me to leave them alone. She told me not to go inside even if they invited me in since the newly married couple needed privacy. I told my mother that I’m 25, not a kid anymore and that I understood everything.

When Sneha opened the door, I was dumbstruck by her beauty. She was in the typical wedding dress: a red saree, with a long thick braid. Looking at her hair, I thought it couldn’t be real hair. She was wearing heavy bridal makeup, but I still noticed her beautifully shaped lips, teeth like pearls, and her mischievous eyes.

Her figure was petite, with milky skin and small firm boobs. Her nose was sharp and clean, with no piercings. She had regular earrings in both ears and the tops of her ears were pierced, with stud-like ornaments in them.

When she smiled, her eyes became bigger and made her look very pretty. I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

She turned back to call Rajiv to the door and gave my eyes the most amazing treat. Her entire back was bare, with only a couple of threads holding her blouse in place. The saree was tied low on her hips and displayed the shape of her ass clearly.

I could see a circular tattoo under her neck but hidden by her hair and flowers. Her waist had a hint of puppy fat where the saree was tied. Her hourglass curves were perfectly matched by the tightly draped saree.

I gave them the food and left with a super hard erection. Later, I masturbated thinking about Sneha. I tried to remember her face and her slim petite figure of 5’4”. I squirted my cum thinking about how light she would be if she was riding on top of me.

What a lottery for Rajiv, I thought. Rajiv was in his early thirties, and he kept telling us he’s getting past the age to find any good girls. His dad told my mom that Rajiv was 33 last year. Sneha looked much younger. As it turned out, she was only 25 years old.

The next morning, the doorbell rang and I was alone at home. Mom must’ve gone to my grandparents’ house. She went to visit them every month after my father got posted to Myanmar. Since she was working, and I was doing my CA internship under a senior CA, we decided to stay back in India.

I opened the door to find Sneha with the empty thalis. She had just taken a bath. Wearing a white churidar kurta, she was looking cute. There was no chunni and her hair was tied in a big bun. She still had her marriage bangles from her wrist to halfway up her elbow.

She asked me if our maid has come. I told her the maid was off for the day and that my mom was also out. She asked me for a piece of paper and wrote her cell number on it. She asked me to call mom and ask her how to hire a maid in this building.

I told her our maid goes to Rajiv's flat once a month because that was all he needed. She told me she wanted the service three times a week, so she had to talk to the maid.

Her fruity smell made me horny again. I invited her to have tea but she said next time because Rajiv was waiting for her.

I saved her number in my phone and got the maid’s details from my mom. Later, I texted Sneha with the details. When there was no read receipt till late afternoon, I gave her a courtesy call to tell her the details.

Sneha answered promptly, but she was doing something. Her breath was strained as if she was breathing heavily but controlling it. She said, “Ok Varun, thanks b…” and was cut off with a muffled shriek as if she didn’t have a chance to cut the call. I guessed the activity must have been sex.

Slowly, I got friendlier with Sneha and got over my initial crush on her. I helped her with settling down, arranging for a laundry service, etc. After a week, I was in my room when I heard Rajiv talking to mom in the living room.

He told her he was going to Hungary for a six-month project, and that he would apply for Sneha’s visa after getting proper accommodation in Budapest. Meanwhile, he asked mom to take care of Sneha and keep her company.

Mom told him to have a safe journey and not to worry. From then on, Sneha came to our place regularly in the evenings, mostly when I was out playing cricket. By the time I returned home, she would finish her dinner and leave.

One day, I was already in my room, at my computer table, when she came and started talking to mom. Soon, mom called me to come and take my dinner.

I overheard their voices through the TV chatter. Mom was asking if Rajiv knew about the tattoo. Sneha replied that he knew that there was a tattoo on her wrist but not exactly what was written in Marathi. That’s why she wore those bangles. Then mom was laughing and telling her to get rid of her ex-lover's tattoos.

The next morning, I got a text message from Sneha saying that I should call her when I woke up. So, I called her number:

Sneha: Varun, can you take me to the clinic?

Me: I can give you the car keys. Our car is parked on the ground level, D8 spot.

Sneha: I’m not confident about driving in traffic.

So I got ready and we went to a skin clinic nearby. Sneha wasn’t satisfied. She said they were asking her to wait two years before deleting a tattoo, otherwise, she’d be left with a visible scar. I asked her if I could see, and she showed me the wrist.

For the first time, her hands were not covered by those bangles. I saw that her slim hand had a shining golden complexion. Her maroon top was contrasting with her evenly fair skin. She still had her hair in a type of loose bun. She said in a flirty voice, “Come on, haven't you ever been with a girl?” when I held her hand and raised it to see the writing.

Surely, something was written in Marathi, but I couldn’t read it. I said, “If you don’t mind, I can take you to my friend's tattoo studio.” She agreed.

We went to the studio, and Ankur, the tattooist, showed her some designs to cover up the old tattoo. She selected a sexy half bracelet kind of design that would go halfway around the wrist and started getting it done.

She saw my phone and asked me whose picture I had as my background, and I told her it was my girlfriend. “Shivani is 18 years old. We’re trying to get engaged.”

“Wow, she’s so cute,” said Sneha, slapping my shoulder in a flirty way.

“Did you guys get cozy?” she asked. I was feeling shy and horny at the same time and I told her we’d only kissed a few times.

Sneha whispered to me, better do it before someone else takes her cherry. I got really horny and bold. I told her that I was waiting because I didn't have any experience.

She laughed, “Silly! Then get the experience with your girlfriend. Why do you want to show off?”

Ankur told us that the tattoo was done and gave Sneha aftercare advice. Just as Sneha was getting up, her bun opened and a curtain of hair fell till her waist. It was thick and simply cut straight at the bottom. I let out a soft whistle.

Spontaneously, I asked Sneha why she didn’t get a modern hairstyle. Sneha said she wanted to get a haircut but she had been waiting for her wedding to get over. When we exited, I held the door open and put my right hand on Sneha’s back to feel her hair.

She came closer and kept walking to let me feel her hair. My hand went down to touch her baby-soft ass. She just looked up with her big eyes as if she were warning me. I simply removed my hand off her ass.

Then, she said, "Ok, let’s find a beauty parlor. So we went to a parlor in the same mall and I left her there because it was a ladies' parlor.

After about half an hour, when Sneha came out after a shampoo and blow-dry, she was a different person. She had beautiful side bangs, and a short graduated bob cut with slight layering till the nape of her neck, clearly showing off her tattoo.

I told her she looked like a sexy college girl and she just blushed.

Driving home, we kept talking about Shivani and my dating scene. Then, she asked where my mom was, and I told her that mom is in Valsad and that she would come home the next day.

When we entered my flat, Sneha turned around and asked me to check if her nape was trimmed properly. I checked and then went to my room to get a straight razor. I shaved the edges to make sharp lines. Then, I shaved her sideburns a little to make straight lines.

Putting aside the plastic razor, I told her she looked so cute I felt like kissing her. She moved closer, hinting me to go ahead.

I held her face and gave a dry kiss on her lips. She pulled me closer and stood on her tiptoes to kiss me again, this time with her tongue stroking mine. This went on for several minutes until she started opening my jeans' zip.

Finally, when she got my dick out, she held it in her delicate hands and started stroking it. I helped her remove all her clothes. We moved to my room and I lay down on the bed. She got on top of me and started riding me like a cowgirl.

After four or five minutes I ejaculated inside her. She didn’t mind and continued fucking me till she also came. Then, she showed me many different positions of sex so that I would become more confident to take Shivani’s virginity.

After that day, we fucked three or four times every week, and once when mom was not at home, I brought Shivani home and broke her seal. Within the next two days, Shivani convinced her mom for our engagement.

After almost six months, Rajiv said he was coming back the next week. Sneha told me she would manage to meet me once in a while. That night, while having sex, I was in missionary position, driving my cock deep into Sneha, when she wrapped her creamy legs around me and told me, "Darling, I missed my period today."

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