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Fucked Newly Married Bhabhi At Destination Wedding!

Hello folks, this is a story about my romantic sexual encounter with my bhabhi (sister-in-law) a few months back. The names have been changed for anonymity, but the events described are real. The story is a bit long with proper experiences involved and not just sexual anecdotes, so kindly bear with me. About me, I am Ankit, a 25-year old single male, residing in New Delhi, having average Indian height and a decent-sized tool capable of satisfying even the wildest fantasizing sex goddesses. I am used to working out regularly and have maintained a decent physique (though not the athletic kind). Coming to the heroine of this story, she is Ritika, 27, recently married to my cousin staying in Mumbai. My bhabhi is an attractive female with a height of 5’6”, slim, long silky hair flowing till her butts. Her boobs are just bigger than the size of mangoes, her navel is so smooth that if you put your finger on it, it will slide straightaway. Her feet are so toned that if you see her in shorts, you would not be able to keep your eyes off her perfectly toned legs and would develop an instant boner. Our meeting and becoming friends was an accidental affair. It so happened, that one of my close cousins’ destination wedding had been arranged in Jaipur and I was supposed to travel to the city 4 days prior to the wedding on my cousin’s insistence. To my luck, Ritika bhabhi was to arrive for the wedding on the same date just with her parents-in-law and without my bhaiya. To be honest, I was pretty excited to meet her as she looked pretty on social media and was the new entrant to the family. Till then, I had only heard about Ritika bhabhi from my cousin and stalked her on Facebook. This was the first time that I was going to meet her. However, the challenge was that I knew about her, but she didn’t know about me. How was I supposed to start the interaction with her and take it forward?! The wedding was scheduled for Friday, and I reached Jaipur on the previous Monday morning. I had a habit of smoking cigarettes, and as soon as I exited the airport, I asked the cab-driver to stop the cab and let me have a smoke break. To compensate him, I bought him a couple of cigarettes as well. When I reached the destination, I was greeted by my cousin herself and we were so happy to see each other. We hugged and talked for a couple of hours (in between our conversation, I asked her when bhabhi was arriving and who would be accompanying her?) on the lawns before I went to see the farmhouse they booked and meet all my other relatives. The destination was awesome, to say the least. It reminded me of "Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani" movie, albeit on a little shorter scale. I was escorted to my room by the management team there. I freshened up and was ready to attend the day’s functions by noon. While I was sitting in the lawn smoking a cigarette, I saw my bhabhi arriving from the main gate. I was stunned and the cigarette dropped out of my hand as I saw her. Though she had been recently married, my bhabhi looked like a complete single damsel. Ritika bhabhi was wearing western attire, a red-colored gown with thigh slits, showing an ample amount of her perfectly toned thighs. Her hair was silky and flowing as she shook her head from one side to the other. Her boobs were showing the tiniest cleavage from the neck cut which was enough to tempt any onlooker. She was wearing the perfect smile while entering and I, being a fan of smiles, was attracted to her then and there. I could see the guards eyeing her as well as she walked and swayed her ass. Ritika bhabhi entered and greeted the family members with a namaste, and for the elderly, she bent down to touch their feet. As I was constantly looking at her, on a couple of such occasions, I was able to catch a glimpse of her ripe mangoes! Wow! I got a hard-on. Sitting in an open lawn, I now had to hide my boner. Fast-forward to the Tilak function in the evening. All of us cousins were dancing and that’s when Ritika entered. My other cousins invited her to dance but she denied it initially, as she did not know many on the dance floor. As the atmosphere warmed up, we were grooving pretty well and that’s when she entered the floor along with her sister. Both of them joined us. Of all the people on the floor, only Ritika bhabhi and I looked like pro dancers. Suddenly, there was a romantic song playing, and we wanted to dance to it and dedicate it to my cousin who was getting married. I tried to do a couple of steps with my sister in sync with the song. But instead, she asked Ritika to dance with me as everyone had sensed that we were pros at it. This is where my sexual feelings for her arose. We came close, she kept her hand on my shoulder and I on her waist. Damn, I could feel the current. Bhabhi was so smooth ad her fragrance so mesmerizing that I forgot the track that was playing and instead kept looking in her eyes. Involuntarily, I pulled her closer without realizing the others around and tightened my grip on her waist. Ritika was smiling throughout and I sensed she was enjoying it. Her boobs were slightly touching my chest and our faces were almost 6 inches away from each other. Had it been any other situation, I would have taken my chance and kissed her. But I controlled myself. We had great chemistry dancing together and everyone applauded once we were done. After the function when I was lying in my room, I got a message from an unknown number, “You dance really well, Ankit!” I searched the number on True caller and pop came to the name 'Ritika'. I couldn’t control my happiness. It seemed like we had ticked off on the right note. We started chatting and I asked her, “Why didn't bhaiya accompanied you?” to which she replied that he had work to be completed but she didn’t want to miss her sasural’s first function post-wedding. We talked for a couple of hours and I wanted a sutta (cigarette) break. I casually asked her if she smokes to which she replied in the affirmative but requested me not to tell anyone. I asked her to come to the lawns. We met there at 2 am without anyone noticing and started smoking and talking. We really hit it off well and felt more like friends rather than bhabhi-devar. The next three days passed casually and we used to chat daily for a couple of hours at night after all the functions for the day were completed. It was on Thursday night that she asked me, “Do you have a girlfriend?” to which I replied, “No.” (even though I did have one). Ritika bhabhi replied, “Don’t lie, how come such a smart guy doesn’t have a girlfriend?” I couldn’t stop blushing. I knew my bhabhi was impressed but didn’t know to what extent. I knew I had to take a chance now, else after the wedding, I don’t know when we shall meet next. So, here goes the conversation - Me: Well, to be honest bhabhi, I do have a girlfriend. She’s in Delhi but is nothing compared to how beautiful you are. Ritika: Aww, how sweet. But why don’t you tell this to your bhaiya, he doesn’t find me that beautiful. Me: Whaaaaaaaaaaaattttt! How can that be! Ritika: It’s true, Ankit. I haven’t had the attention I should have had after marriage. (I didn’t know how the conversation came to this, but I thought maybe I should proceed.) Me: His bad luck, bhabhi. He doesn’t know what he is missing out on. Ritika: What do you mean? Me: Don’t act smart. I know you’ve understood. Ritika: Yeah, I do. Anyway, I don’t want to talk about it. Come out for a smoke. I went out to the lawn to greet bhabhi. My sister-in-law was looking stunning, wearing just a sports bra and denim shorts. As soon as I met her, I asked her what would others feel if they saw her like that? Ritika bhabhi said, “It’s already 3 am, no one would see us. You just light up a smoke.” As usual, I handed her one cigarette and lit mine. I smoked one puff, and asked her why she hasn’t lit hers? Ritika bhabhi replied, "let’s smoke from one cig only." Before I could say anything further, my bhabhi came close to my lips and smooched me, asking me to release the smoke which I had inhaled. Wow! This was the first time I was shot-gunning. This wasn’t expected and as soon as I realized what had happened, I dropped the cigarette and started smooching her lips. I held her hair with one hand and caressed her back with the other while bringing her closer to me. Her soft boobs were pressing on my chest, and her luscious lips engrossed in a very romantic kiss. I cannot explain the feeling that I was going through. Her back was so smooth to touch and her lips were so full of nectar, that I didn’t want the moment to end. I shifted my other hand to her butts and was caressing her. But she pushed my hands away. And we stopped. I thought maybe I crossed a line. Ritika bhabhi just went away without saying anything. I kept calling her but she didn’t reply. I thought I fucked up! The next day was my cousin’s wedding. We all dressed up in traditional attire. At the venue, I was only searching for my bhabhi, to maybe apologize and get back to normal. But she kept on avoiding me. A couple of hours into the wedding, I got a call from her, asking me to come to the bride’s room. But the bride was on the stage! I couldn’t comprehend why she was calling me there. But, I went. There was no one in the room and she was in the bathroom trying to fix the back chain on her dress. She asked for my help on the same. I couldn’t understand what was happening. I asked her about last night, to which she replied, “Forget it, that just happened in the heat of the moment and won’t happen again.” I thought maybe this was over and just sought an apology. Then bhabhi replied, “It’s okay. I don’t have any harsh feelings over it.” While I was closing her chain, suddenly someone entered the room, and without thinking anything about it, we just closed the bathroom door and locked it. Ritika asked, “What will I say to anyone who’s there as to why you were doing this task?” I didn’t have an answer. We heard a knock on the bathroom door and it was her mother-in-law asking if she was inside. She was shell shocked and wondering what should be done. Ritika bhabhi, out of fear, asked me to hide somewhere, but where was I to hide in the bathroom with no windows even! We couldn’t hold the silence much longer, so I told her, “You open the door, I will hide in your lehenga. You just maintain your posture so that she cannot see us, and ask her to go out as soon as you can.” She agreed. I went under her lehenga. You all know how Indian wedding lehengas are, with their huge circumference, one average person can easily fit inside. I was sitting there while her MIL entered. While Ritika bhabhi was conversing, I smelt a strange smell. I soon realized it was my bhabhi's dripping panty! It might have got wet while I was helping her with the chain on her dress, and touching her back with my bare hands. She might have got aroused. I thought I might have something and thought of taking a chance. I knew she wouldn’t react else her reputation would be devastated. So, I put my tongue out and reached for her dripping panty. As soon as I touched her, I sensed shivers. My bhabhi's words to her MIL flowed in a stammer and her legs shivered. Her juices tasted like ecstasy. I kept rolling my tongue over her panty and licking her juices. I was sensing she was not able to take it without reacting. But I thought of going a step further. I used my hands to slide her panty down and directly put my tongue in her pussy. As soon as I touched her pussy, she shivered again. But I knew I had her because there was no resistance on her part. I slowly put my tongue near her pussy teasing her. She didn’t have a single hair on that part, and that was arousing me way too much. I couldn’t control myself and put my tongue directly on her pussy pushing it inside. I heard an, “Ouch” from her. She somehow controlled the situation in front of her MIL and made her leave as soon as possible. As soon as she left, she got me out of her lehenga and starting kissing me madly. I knew I owned her now. We locked the room so that no one could enter and engaged in passionate kissing after that. I pinned her to the wall and caressed her boobs from over her blouse while smooching her. It was a double bonus for me. While her lips were so soft and juicy to kiss and lick, her boobs were very fluffy and spongy to press. We kept kissing for 10-15 minutes or so. Then, I took her to the bathroom where all the action had started and made her bend over the dressing table. She was in an L-shape with her back still unchained. I caressed her back from under her blouse and completely took off her blouse. She was wearing a black bra underneath. The contrast of her white skin with black bra was driving me crazy. I wanted to fuck her brains out then and there. I unhooked her bra and took it off and grasped her mangoes from behind. They were so soft that I cannot even begin telling you about them. I was pressing them hard from behind and Ritika was continuously moaning. Her moaning was making me crazier. My bhabhi had submitted herself to me. I wanted to fuck her wildly. So, I picked her up in my arms and threw her on the bed on her back. For the first time, I saw those yummy spongy boobs. They had a small dark brown nipple capable of arousing any man. I pounced on her like a hungry lion, kissing her, biting her boobs, caressing her neck and navel. I have a fetish for navels, so I kept kissing and circling my bhabhi's navel with my tongue for 10 minutes or so. She was very beautiful and no words can describe her. After all this, I thought of jumping to the main action as we also had a function to attend. I undid her lehenga and now she was only in her black panty. It was all wet from her dripping and my licking. I could not believe my sight. There was a beauty on the bed only in her panty of whom I had only heard of a week back. I took her panty off completely and took off my kurta. I love the 69 position and I wanted to lick that yummy shaved pink pussy of her. I made her lie above me in 69 and started licking her pussy. I was pushing my tongue deeper and deeper, teasing her and giving her all the pleasure she craved. She reciprocated well, giving me a great blowjob and licking my 6” dick with her soft lips. I wanted to ejaculate in her pussy, so I brought her down to missionary position so that I could bang her pussy now. I made her lie on the bed on her back and started teasing her by making slow moves down from her legs with my tongue. Finally, when I reached my shaved pink destination, I couldn’t wait. I put my dick on her entrance and entered her in 5-6 deep thrusts. She moaned loudly but I suppressed her moans by kissing her and playing with her tongue while giving her deep thrusts in her pussy. One of my hands was caressing her butts and occasionally, reaching out to her asshole trying to insert a finger in it. My bhabhi's pussy was tight, and looked like my bhaiya didn’t work well on her. But it was for my enjoyment now. I was having the time of my life banging her. Ritika bhabhi was moaning continuously and asking me to keep humping her till she came. I was a stallion. How could I not oblige that gorgeous woman on my bed? I kept humping my sister-in-law for another 15 minutes (taking breaks in between, because, of course, no man can handle 15 minutes continuously) till she came. We both came at the same time. I came inside her itself as my bhabhi requested that she wanted it in and she would take a pill afterward. As we finished, we both were exhausted from all the great satisfying fucking we had. We dressed up and headed to the function after making sure we looked normal!

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