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Fucked Married Maid When Wife Went to Chennai

Hi guys, I am Zamim here again with my next story. I hope you are all doing good. Thanks for the comments and suggestions for my previous stories. For those who don't know me, I am Zamim 26 years old, slightly chubby. Basically from Chennai, but now living in Bangalore. My stories are usually long, as I don’t like to go directly into the story. I will usually narrate how everything happened. So pardon me for that. So let’s get to the story. I was married and lived happily with my wife. We used to have a maid, who comes every morning for doing housework. I didn't notice her much as my wife would always be around and I don't want to create any issues. Let me tell you about my maid. She is in her 30’s. I don’t know her exact age as I have never asked her. She is the mother of 3 kids. She has a milky white complexion with big boobs and a nice round, big ass. She has a curvy body and every guy would die to fuck her. Though I am married I am always open to trying new sexual encounters. Once, my wife had to travel to Chennai to be with her mom for a month, as her mom was not well. Since she was also working, she got permission to work from home and so she would work from Chennai. Before leaving, she informed the maid to make food for me every day and we had agreed to pay her extra for this service. I was happy that now I can spend time with her alone. The maid usually comes at 8 and leaves at around 9. But since she had to cook food, we told her to come at 7. I usually work from 11 to 8. So I leave home by 10.30. So the maid came at 7 and I started talking with her when she was working. She was also responding well. She usually wears salwars with a shawl. Once she comes in, she removes the shawl and keeps it in the kitchen, and starts working. Whenever she bends down while doing her work like, cleaning the floor or washing clothes, I would take a peek at her and notice her boobs. Though she noticed me watching her sometimes, she never did anything about it. A week passed by and nothing happened. The housemaid told me that I was a nice guy and took good care of my wife and that my wife was lucky to had me and stuff. I asked about her husband, and she said that he was always drunk and forcibly took money from her and drank every day and that he never took care of her or the children. I decided to give her some money and help her out. I felt pity for her, so I gave her an extra 3k which I told her not to tell my wife about. The married maid was very happy and thanked me. Since there was no progress, I decided to make a move. I gathered all my courage and was thinking about what to do. It was a Sunday and I thought I should do something to take matters forward. She came as usual and started working. My phone was on the TV table and while cleaning by mistake she pushed it down and the display broke. She started crying and told me she was sorry about that. It was my work phone and was just a basic android phone. I told her not to worry, it was just a basic phone and it was also more than a year old. It was not even worth 3-4k. But the maid was very upset and didn't stop crying. Then I went near her, held her shoulder, and consoled her. She didn't stop crying and told me that she brought bad luck wherever she went. I was consoling her by patting her back and I wiped her tears off. As she didn't stop crying, I put her face on my chest and consoled her, and then she was okay. I also used this chance to touch her hip and play with it. She never noticed though, but I got a hard-on. The maid had just had her hair bath and the smell of shampoo was tempting me. She told me that her husband never held her like that and he has never been this kind to her. All he wanted was her money. I then slowly turned her towards me and gave her a proper hug. She then noticed my hard-on now and hugged me tightly. I realized that she wanted me to go further. I slowly moved my hand on her ass and she jerked. I grabbed them and pressed them hard. The servant gave a moan. I lifted her face, but she didn't look into my eyes. I gave her a kiss on her lips, as she started breathing hard. I then started using my tongue and she was also responding. She didn't know how to kiss though. I don't know how her husband had never appreciated her and fucked such a sexy woman properly. Then I pushed the horny married maid on the bed and removed her salwar. She lifted her hand and helped me to remove it. I was stunned to see her having such an awesome body. My wife is skinny and never had any features. She was in her bra and I kissed her navel and started to lick her. She grabbed my head and pushed it towards her. She also took my hands and kept it on her boobs, which were very huge and I was not able to hold it with one hand. I stopped what I was doing and went and removed her bra with one hand and threw it aside. I started squeezing her boobs and nipples. She had pink nipples. That was the first time I saw suck puffy pink nipples. I started biting her. She never uttered a word. After playing with her boobs for 10 minutes, I went down to her pants. It was difficult for me to remove as my wife always wears leggings and those are easy to remove. The maid helped me and removed both her pants and panties for me. I saw a very hairy pussy which was drenched in her juices. Even though I like slightly hairy pussy, this was such a mess. So I didn't lick the maid's hairy pussy. I fingered her and her pussy was still tight. Then I realized that she had given birth to her children by C-section, as I found those cars on her tummy. Then I removed my clothes myself as she didn't take any step to help me. I had forgotten to wear a condom. I tried to insert my dick into my married maid's pussy but it was tight for me. I then used some saliva and inserted it into her hole. She gave a scream. I closed her mouth and started fucking her. Tears were rolling from her eyes, down her cheeks and she started moving in rhythm. She shivered a lot and had an orgasm. I could feel the juices flowing and it was very hot. I fucked her only in missionary position as she knew only that. After about 10 minutes I cummed inside her and collapsed on her. She held me tightly and kissed my cheeks. We began cleaning up soon as she had to go to other houses for work. She left without saying anything. That whole day she didn't look me in my eyes, but I could see that she felt satisfied. The next day, when the maid came, she hugged me and said thanks. I had brought I-pill for her and told her to take it. She said that she had done family planning and there was no worry of her getting pregnant. She said she wanted to feel my dick inside her to know how it was and she had great pleasure. My secret affair with our horny maid continued till my wife came. I also taught our maid different positions and even shaved her pussy.

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