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First Time As A Gigolo

Well, I'm Abhi from Hyderabad. I'm 22 years old tall(6.1ft) slim fit guy with a 7- inch black drilling tool. I've been reading stories on this site for a long time. I never expected that I would write a story. But here I am with the real experience that I had. I'm the type of guy with wild sex fantasies and loves adventures. I always loved the concept of a male gigolo but never expected that I would become one. This story is really long because I want to share every detail so please bear with me. When I was 18 years old I received blowjobs and performed cunnilingus on my neighbor who was 18 years old too. Well, that's another story I will write about that if you want to know. So, after 5 years one of my fantasies came true i.e, getting paid for sex. I lost my girlfriend and after 7 months of agonizing pain, I was trying to forget her. So I tried some dating sites like Tinder. I did find some matches but they were looking for serious relationships. So instead of hurting them I was honest and ignored them. Then I tried some adult sites. After two months I met this married girl or should I say a woman who was 28 years old. To be honest I was looking for a single female for a hookup. But somehow we started chatting. First, we started talking about sex and fantasies. Then the conversation changed into personal topics like her marriage life and my love life. She said that she is married but she isn't satisfied with her husband because he never cares about her feelings. Her husband stays abroad and visits home once in six months. And every time he comes home he treats her like a slut. He just rips her clothes off and fucks her without even kissing. She also said that he doesn't perform oral sex. He never calls her from abroad too. So she is a frustrated woman who is trapped in this arranged marriage. She was also a virgin before her marriage. She said she dreamt a lot about her future husband when she was in college. She rejected so many guys because her parents wouldn't accept love marriages. But she had so many fantasies. She said she loves oral sex. But she was extremely disappointed that her husband doesn't perform oral sex. This type of conversation went on for a while and we exchanged hangout IDs. And after a few days of chatting, she sent her pic wearing a white bra and panty. Damn, that's when I started falling for her. She is 28 years old but she looks a lot sexier than today's 18-year-old girls. She asked me to send my nudes. So I went to the washroom removed all the clothes and sent her my nude pic hiding my face. And this was her exact reaction "Awwww you look so hot, dear, your body looks sexy.” I never knew that I look sexy until she told me. She said she would like to suck on my dick for hours and hours. I asked to send a pic of her pussy. But she denied, so I didn't force her. After that, she said that she wants to see me bathing. So I video called her on hangouts with a lot of excitement. But she didn't turn on her cam because she didn't want to show anything. I started thinking that she might be fake. But the concept of being watched while bathing excited me. So I installed my phone on the shower in such a way that she can't see my face but she can see everything. Then I took an erotic bath for 1 hour. The fact that I'm being watched while bathing gave me chills and the cock was rock hard. After one hour I masturbated and ejaculated loads of cum. Then immediately I turned off the camera. I didn't open hangouts for two days and didn't repl to her thinking that she was fake. After two days I opened my hangouts and read those messages. To my surprise the last message was, ‘Honey would you like to meet me?" I was like, "WTF! Did she just say that? OMG! No this isn't happening she is fake." But I controlled all my feelings and replied normally, "Why?" She said that she fell in love with my body and 7-inch tool. She wants to perform oral sex and also wants me to perform cunnilingus on her. But she was clear about this point that, "I don't want to have sexual intercourse I just want to taste a cock and want someone good enough to taste my pussy to satisfy me." Well, to be honest, I was looking for sexual intercourse. But as she made her point clear I didn't want to force her and I agreed. But I said, "It's not about what we are going to do it's about where we are going to do?" She said, "Honey, that's not a problem at all. Let's book a hotel and enjoy for a day." Then I reminded her that I'm just an engineering student with multiple backlogs looking for a job. I can't afford a room. And shockingly she said, "Don't worry dear you don't have to pay a single rupee. I will take care of everything." I was literally speechless when she said that. That was the coolest thing that someone has ever told me. But I did feel awkward because a woman is paying for me and I can't even afford my petrol charges. Well forgot to mention that I have a KTM bike. She loves long drives and we didn't even exchange our numbers because of privacy. Everything was planned using hangouts. And now coming to the story. We prepared a plan for one day. It's not just sex that we were looking for. It's something else something that can bring us out of our frustrated situations. Now the day arrived. We chose a rendezvous point and she said she will come in white chudidhar at 9 AM sharp. I told my parents that I'm going for combined studies and started at 8 AM. I reached our meeting point and she was already there. Damn. She was more beautiful than any other girl from my college. (I'm not considering my girl because I still love her). She looks like Shraddha Kapoor and I wasn't expecting that. As soon as I saw her my heart beat increased. I felt like a train was running in my heart and my brother(dick) got hard and started leaking already. She immediately came to me by seeing the bike and got on the pillion seat without even saying a word. She kept her hand on my shoulder. Her boobs were touching my chest. The perfume smell from her body was making me feel like an angel sat behind me. She then said, "Stop dreaming and start your bike." I started my bike and we were on the way. I still didn't say anything as I was still in shock that I met a beautiful stranger woman. And we are going for a long drive. I was in felt like I was riding my bike in heaven. After a few minutes, I said do you want me to go fast or slow. She said please go fast, honey, because I always had a fantasy to go for a long drive. So I increased the speed suddenly and because of the jerk, she kept her other hand on my shoulder and squeezed it. Then I started applying sudden brakes and so that her boobs can touch my back. I saw her smiling in the side mirror. I still remember that touch and feel. After 2 hours we reached Ananthagiri hills. I parked my bike and we started walking between those trees. We sat on a rock and started talking. After a few minutes I placed my hand over her shoulder and she pinched me on my waist. I took my hand off her shoulder then she immediately caught my hand looked straight into my eyes. I placed my hand over her shoulder with a smile. That smile can kill 1000 hearts of men. After a few minutes, she started talking about her husband and tears were rolling out of her eyes. I can see the pain in her eyes and honestly I really felt sad for her. I took her face into my hands made her look straight into my eyes. I didn't say anything just kept looking at her for a few seconds. She leaned forward and just placed her lips on my lips. That was not my first kiss but I never ever had that type of feeling in my entire life. I pressed a little bit further and inserted my tongue inside her mouth. Now I started sucking her lower lip and she was sucking my upper lip. We exchanged that and after a few seconds, my tip of the tongue touched her tip of the tongue. Within a few seconds, we inserted our tongues into each others mouth. She was really passionate about kissing. I was rolling my fingers on her ears and neck while licking her lips. Soon she the kissing changed from passionate to wild. We were pushing each other's lips deep inside. I bit her lips gently and she gave out a smooth moan. Then I made her lie on the ground her head was pointing towards the north and my head was pointing towards the south. My head was on top of her head. She opened her mouth and I kissed her like in Spider-Man movie. She took her tongue out and I placed my whole tongue on her tongue and started moving outside and inside. Our tongues were rubbing against each other. After a few minutes of kissing, we got up and kissed on her forehead. She said, "You're a great kisser, honey." I said thank you and we again started talking about normal things. After that, we went to a nearby restaurant and finished our lunch (as I expected, she paid the bill). We started from Ananthagiri hills towards Hyderabad. And by 5:30 PM we were in the city. We reached the hotel that she booked by 6:15 PM. We went inside the room. As soon as we closed the door I pinned her to the door held her hand and started kissing her. She was getting more passionate and wild. She was also moaning. After a few seconds, I moved my hands towards her navel and then her ass. I started squeezing her ass and kissing her like crazy. We were exchanging each others saliva. Then I moved towards her neck pushed her hair backward. I started kissing and licking her neck and ears. Meanwhile, she was licking my neck like a wild animal. My hands moved upwards and started squeezing her amazing boobs. She starting unbuttoning my shirt and removed her top. Finally, a stranger woman was standing in a bra right in front of me. I immediately took my shirt off and hugged her and kissed her like a starving lion. She pushed me towards the door and started licking my nipples. She was splitting and licking her own saliva. Then I took her mouth and licked that saliva. She was licking my chest saying, "Your chest is making me go crazy honey.” Then I removed her bra and - kaboom... her boobs looked exactly like Mia Malkova's(pornstar) boobs. I took one of that milk packets inside my mouth and I was biting her nipples. My hands were moving over her back. I licked, sucked, bit and played with those boobs for 2 minutes. Then we walked towards the bed and we were standing beside the bed. I took her leggings off and I can see her pussy lips through her panty. I was like a wet burger trying to come out. But she suddenly sat down and removed my pants and underwear. She was surprisingly quick. My cock moved like a stiff pendulum up and down because of the force caused by underwear. I can see that her face was glowing. She held my cock and moved my foreskin back with ease as it was already wet. She slowly licked the precum from the tip of my penis and then she took it inside her mouth. I was moaning like. After a few seconds, I started pressing my dick deep inside her mouth holding her head. The to and from movements were making me go crazy. Then I sat on the edge of the bed she was sitting on her knees and took my dick deep inside her throat. My penis was completely dripping wet in her saliva and my cum. She spat the tip of the head and licked that saliva when it reached my balls. I immediately took her mouth and licked her saliva. We were again licking each other's mouth and she was giving me handjob like pornstars. After a few minutes of wild kissing, I threw her on to the bed and removed her panty. There it was, the real beauty which was already leaking. I spread her legs hold her thighs and kissed her pussy lips and slowly licked that precum and swallowed it. I felt like I was drinking ‘Amrutham’. I started rolling my tongue all over her pussy and inserted it as deep as possible. She kept her legs around my head and was pushing my head with those legs. Then I spat inside her pussy, inserted my finger and took my saliva out and licked it. I fingered her pussy for a few seconds and she came. I drank all the juices and trust me that's the best tasting juice that I've ever tasted in my entire life. Now I moved my tongue from her pussy towards her ass. I never thought I would lick someone's ass. But I couldn't control myself after looking at that beautiful glory hole. I rolled my tongue on her ass for some time and then inserted my tongue inside her hole spreading her ass cheeks. I was licking it like ice cream while fingering her asshole. After a few minutes of stimulation, she came again. Then I turned her around now her ass was pointing the roof. I was spanking one of her buttocks while kissing and biting another side. Then I placed my tongue on her hole and started rolling my tongue in the upward direction. I slowly reached her neck and now I was lying on top of her. My dick was getting pressed against her ass. I asked her if I can put it inside but she refused. So in order to respect her feelings, I didn't force her and turned around. Now I was lying with my chest on her boobs. I spread her hands and licked her armpits. They were smooth as cheese and I was licking then like cheese. I took chocolate and rubbed it on her armpits. Now her armpit is looking like a plate which is coated with chocolate. I couldn't control myself and licked that clean. Now I did the same with her pussy. Then we got into 69 position and were literally fucking each other's mouths. After a few minutes, I released my load into her mouth and she swallowed each drop of it. We took some rest and again we tried different positions to lick, suck bite and play with our parts. We did this for 2 hours and we ejaculated 3 times. After that, we were completely exhausted. So we lay naked on the bed hugging each other. We talked like that for a few hours and finished our dinner naked. After having dinner we did two more sessions in the night and fell asleep on each other. That's the best thing that has ever happened to me in my whole life. I woke up in the morning at 7:15 approximately and saw that she was still sleeping. I went down her and again started licking her pussy. She woke up with a beautiful smile. Damn, I would do anything to make her smile like that. We again did one more session. And you know what? She helped me in dressing and I helped her in dressing. Then she asked my account number. I said why and her reply- "Just say it, honey," in the sweetest way. I didn't say anything and I gave her my account number. She immediately transferred some money(I don't want to say how much) to my account. I was like WTF did just happen? She said, "I know that you're looking for a job. I can understand your financial situation. Please don't think that I'm helping you. You deserve that. You've earned that." I was speechless. I just had an amazing time with this woman and she paid me for that. I immediately hugged her tight and kissed on her forehead. (This time not at all sexual feeling, it was something else). Then I dropped her at the same spot where I picked her up. As soon as I reached home I opened the internet and learned a lot of things about women and gigolos. We again did this one more time and she paid me again. That's the end of my amazing adventurous and erotic story. Hope you liked it and please send me the feedback at

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