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Enjoying A Backseat Quickie!

I am sharing a real story about a quickie that happened to me. I was working in Muscat, Oman, in those days, a bachelor with the vim and vigor of life and a lot of testosterone. One day as I was driving out of a parking lot, I chanced to see an Indian lady attempting to park her vehicle into a corner slot but clearly had difficulty doing so. The gentleman that I was (and still am!) I went across to her and told her that my slot was vacant. It would be much easier for her to fit her car into my vacating lot. She looked across and accepted my offer appreciatively. We had a small chat. I handed her my visiting card as I was a car salesman those days. I was always on the lookout for a potential customer. Then we parted. Imagine my surprise two evenings later when I got a call from an unknown number. On answering, I got to know it was from Yogita! In a tremulous voice, she said she wanted to thank me for my parking slot's offer the other day! Now readers - all the men - we know that when a woman ‘thanks’ us - in a husky shaking voice - she has something ‘else’ in mind, don't we! And women - please do not think we men are imbeciles. We understand what you have in mind when you drop your voice to a husky decibel! So I thought, "No point wasting time if she wants what I think she wants." I asked her if she'd like to meet. "Yes," she answered, "just that my husband and I are at home now. If you are coming to pick me up, tell him that you wish to show me a new vehicle that my company is planning to buy for the office." What a woman! She had thought of everything! I reached her house in half an hour and rang the bell. Out came Yogita to open the door. God! She looked divine in a knee-length skirt and a short tight top with front buttons in front. "This woman has everything planned to the T,” thought I as I felt a familiar stirring in my loins! "Hi, there!” she chirped, "Thanks for coming at such short notice to show me the car. Come meet my husband." We walked inside to see a decent man with glasses pouring over some drawings. "Good evening,” he said. "Pardon me as I have to immerse myself in these plans of the interiors of a new project that I am finishing." We shook hands as I felt a big drop of pre-cum wet my jocks! The thought of taking permission of a man to have his wife out and return her after a sound round of banging was a huge turn-on! "We'll be back in a couple of hours," I said. "We'll get dinner.” Yogita and I sat in my car and headed out of the city. "You are good! Your poor husband has no idea what fun we are going to have!" said I as I put an arm around her and massaged her bare shoulder. "Well, I have my needs, and he is too busy with his drawings,” said Yogita. "So this works quite well for me. And you look to be a decent man who will have fun with a woman and yet treat her with respect.” I was already hard and wet in my jocks. I slowly put my fingers into her top from inside the shoulders and felt her bra's straps. I massaged her chest above the swell of her breast. Slowly I circled it as I went further down. "Mmm...that is nice,” said Yogita as she tilted her head towards me. Her face became lusty as her eyes shut and lips parted to let out a sigh and soft moans. My fingers inched down, and I found her nipple. It was stiff with desire. I circled it as it became rock hard, and she let out a soft squeal. I circled her areola and could make out that it was big and round with the gorgeous nipple in the center like a hard diamond. I continued tickling that turgid nipple as I drove to the outskirts of the city. In her lust, she had spread her legs wide now, and her skirt had come way up. Yet I could not sight her panty! Ladies - you know that we men have an idea where the panty line should be visible once the skirt starts its upward journey. And panty! I was in heaven! Can it be true? Are my dreams coming true? Had this sexy bitch not worn panties for the drive? I gently removed my hand from her top and caressed her earlobes. Now all of you women and the experienced men know what an erogenous zone a woman's earlobes are. Yogita moaned loud and long as I fingered her gently there, and she placed her hand on my cock over my pant. I slowly took my hand to her skirt and started massaging her upper thighs, and rubbed the other one. Gently I went up further, and lo! I sensed wetness! Oh my God! This bitch was in heat and had shed her juices! Perfect bitch for this bull! I took my fingers further up and found the origin of her release, the swollen pussy lips! I drove my fingers into her valley of lust as I wet my fingers with her carnal juices. "Aah," she moaned long and loud. "I need that, do me more, please." She shifted herself in the seat and reclined it back to afford me a full view and access to her well shaved V. She opened her thighs to my ministrations. Soon we reached a secluded part of Muscat where I knew from experience nobody drove to. It was a rocky area with shrubs, and apart from a rattlesnake, there really would be nobody to startle us. I kept the engine running and the AC on. And faced her full now. "Come to the back seat, my dear. Let me make you comfortable." I took her behind and placed her in the back seat. I spread her sexy legs and gazed hornily at the sweet smooth cunt smiling at me. I touched her vulva with almost reverence as she rocked and jerked. I went on her and brought my face close to her. Our lips became one, and our tongues darted in and out hungrily of each other. Saliva exchanged mouths as we kissed deeply and passionately. She had her arms wrapped around me now and kissed me arduously, sensually, wet and long. I responded equally. "Sweetheart, am I your husband? I wonder.” "You are better. You kiss a million times deeper and wetter.” I gently removed myself over her and unbuttoned her top. Her bra was no problem. It was flimsy, thankfully. She removed her skirt in a jiffy. And was stark naked in a necklace and a single left anklet in front of me! Men and women, I am sure you are visualizing what a Goddess she must have appeared then - supine, naked, legs open, the pink of her vagina glistening, looking at me longingly and lustily! I dived into her open cunt and place my mouth on her wet lips as I licked and licked. "Aah,” she cried as she held my head closer to her cunt. I let my tongue behave like a snake as it darted into her pussy in rapid in-out motion. It was too much for her. She let out a long helpless wail and clenched the walls of her vulva. I knew! She was on the verge of squirting! I kept on at it with even more rapidity. I thrust in a finger too like a hook and reached her coveted G spot. She was thrashing like a mare in heat. With a long moan, she released a torrent of her cum juice that met my palette bang on. She was squirting into my mouth like a water pistol. I just love it when I make a woman squirt like that. Men - believe me - nothing satisfies a woman that a long squirt. It is not she peeing to release her bladder. It is her love juices getting a deserved release after a long lusty orgasm. Women - you know what I mean. Those of you who have been fortunate to squirt know what I am talking about. Others will have to fantasize. Get your partner to put his middle finger into your pussy like a hook, and tell him to go inside till he touches the back of your pubic bone, meeting a ‘rubbery’ tissue. Make him massage that tissue firmly and ask him to press gently on your abdomen. Be at it till you feel pressure build up inside you. It is not pee. Believe me, it is your release. Smell it afterward to know it. Anyways, back to me! Yogita came and came, and I drank and drank! After what seemed to be an eternity, she landed back on earth. I gently took my mouth away from her lovely lips between her legs. My hands were on her breasts as I was gently kneading them. She had a tingling sensation going into her body as it was wracking with orgasm after orgasm. Her lusty face said it all as her lips opened and closed. Her eyes were sensuous as they stayed shut. Her arms were spread as I could sight her fair smooth underarms. I gently made my mouth towards those lovely armpits as they beckoned me. I tasted her there as my tongue ran light flicks on them. They are salty and wet from her orgasms. Guys, a woman's underarms pine for touch and feel. Pleasure her there, and her orgasmic levels rise many notches more. "Fuck you,” she wailed, "Where were you when I was getting married?” "You need a lover, my dear, not a husband. I am the guy!" "How right you are!” I was in my clothes till now, waiting patiently for her to ride her waves of pleasure. My turn now! And hers too! Can't let a horny woman go after the first few orgasms. Till she has cum buckets, a woman is never satisfied. I have learned that from experience. My wife swears by it! As do the loads of other women I have had sessions with. She helped me remove my clothes soon and had me in just my jocks. She played her long well-polished fingernails over the contours of my hardened cock. "My my, he is impatient. See how he has wetted you so much," she remarked as she fondled me. "Take him out," I said. She slid her sexy fingers into my briefs and tugged at them. Out sprang my monster all of 6 inches and 4 inches girth, turned deep red, staring at her with one eye. "O, look at him, how he has suffered!" she said as she gently held my penis in her fist and rubbed the underside of it, my frenulum! Ladies, if you know, the frenulum is to men what the clitoris is to you. It is that supersensitive bit of skin under the base of the penis that has a tiny nub which you can feel as you roll your fingers on the underside. It is the most sensitive part of a man's cock. Tickle him there a while, and your partner will cum copiously without a handshake. And will spurt on gobs and gobs, more in volume tan in terms of the spray's distance. But the orgasm will be deeper than a handshake release. Try it! I knew that if I let her at it, I would shoot my load. I quickly took the front passenger seat as ahead as it would go. I took forward the back of it so that the back of the front seat was like a diagonally placed support. On it, I lay Yogita so that she could face me rested on the seat. Her legs could take the support of the back seat and spread her thighs wide. Her sweet pussy was smiling at me, hungry for my monster to ford it. I now positioned myself on her. With a single stroke of my loins, entered her valley of lust, all shaven and smooth. I entered Yogita as the entire 6 inches of my cock in all its thickness went deep into her. I stayed there for a while as I looked at her in her eyes passionately. They were moist with desire, and I do not want to know what else! I brought my cock out till the tip stayed in her and re-entered her with more force. She moaned expectantly as she wrapped her arms around me. We were two naked bodies in the back of the car burning with the raw desire to mate, copulate, fornicate, and abdicate ourselves to the God of Lust. I made repeated thrusts into her cunt with my hard cock as she responded to my thrusts like a bitch in heat. Our bodies were an entwined mass of sex and sweat. I was at it for over 10 minutes as my cock was yearning for release. But each time I would come to the edge, Yogita would sense it and place a hand under my perineum and press firmly with her index finger. This would throttle my release, and my cum would go back in, not allowing me to release. This woman was knowledgeable, I thought. To know where to press and control your partner from releasing is known to only the horniest of women. "You really want me to go on, don't you," I said appreciatively. "I do, but before you release, I want you to plug my ass," she said. Was I dreaming?! Most women are shy of giving their ass. But here was this bitch who unflinchingly encouraging me to enter her rear end! I stopped my stokes. "Are you serious?" I asked to re-confirm. "Are you hard enough to enter my rear door?" she challenged. "Baby, I am!" I promised as I took my cock out of her cervix. Its head had become an angry purple by now as the veins jutted out crookedly. "My my, that monster looks up to the task!" said Yogita as she bent further on the back of the seat and jutted her sexy ass to me. I turned the car's light on and gazed at her brown button that was opening and closing at me. I placed my mouth over it and darted my tongue inside. I rimmed her sexy asshole. I salivated on it and opened it with my fingers, and inserted one into it. She had obviously taken it up her ass before. Guys - a woman's ass will instinctively contract the first time you attempt to ford it. Believe me, the sphincter is a very strong muscle, and no amount of your efforts will ever get your swollen penis inside it unless your woman ‘allows’ you entry by relaxing her sphincter. So be patient. It may take months of effort and coaxing before your woman gives you her back door. But once it is forded, she will always want you to enter her there as it has a lot of nerve endings to give her unbridled pleasure! Back to me - Yogita begged me to lick her more around her tasty anus which I responded well to. She reached out to her purse and brought out a tube of KY Jelly. "Lubricate me, will you,” she requested. I squeezed out a large dollop of the jelly and smeared it long and lovingly all over and inside her smiling bunghole. It seemed to welcome any insertion each time I put my fingers around and inside it. Soon I had her rear door shining and ready to be splayed. "Right, sweetheart, get ready for the moment of bliss!" I said as I brought myself to her backside. My hungry, sweaty loins were positioned right behind her hot ass as I felt her heat radiating from her anus. It was quivering with expectation. It must have sensed it was going to be filled. I gently but firmly connected my penis to her hole and waited for her involuntary contraction to subside. As soon as it relaxed, I applied pressure from my loins, and my one-eyed monster attempted to enter her gorgeous rear. Slowly, she released her sphincter. I gained entry till the bulb of my cock inside her. Guys - this is the first stage of victory. You have made it to stage 1. The real action starts now. I relaxed her a bit more by tickling her pussy gently with my hands to them. The other hand caressed her nipples as my mouth was on her sweet lips and were locked in a hungry moist kiss. Again I pressed. Her anus opened a bit more. I brought my cock out a bit and, this time, gave a mightier push. I entered her anus to the thickest part of my cock. Guys - this is stage 2. If you complete stage 2, wait a while. Keep her aroused to forget her slight pain and discomfort, unless she is an ass-pro and has experience. If not, be gentle. It will hurt her a bit more now. Finally, with one more firm thrust, I entered all the way up her anal cavity! My balls dangled outside her ass as she could feel them slap against her perineum, and my penis was all the way inside. "Oh, that is wonderful! Your cock is singeing my insides!" she groaned. "Keep at it. Don't release yet, please!" she begged. "No. Not yet, I promise,” I grunted as I could feel my angry cockhead burning with the heat of her haunches. I kept pumping her in a staccato from the tip of my cock to the base in long, thrusting motions. Her anus yielded to my monster's demands. The skin of my penis was going back and forth till its maximum stretchable part, enabling me bliss beyond words. We were one conjoint mass of flesh and sweat moving rhythmically with each other as if in a trance. I do not know how long we were inside each other like this. My penis was bursting, as was her vulva leaking juices by the buckets due to my fingering. "Cum with me!" she begged. "Give me your man-juice, spray my bowels with sperm,” she begged all of a sudden as she shuddered. "Here I cum,” I bellowed as I felt her body jerking from the insides of her cervix. With a mighty rapid motion of thrusts that were no less than the motion of a machined piston, I pumped and pumped. With a final thrust, I started my release. Ropes and ropes of freshly manufactured scalding hot semen shot through from the depths of my balls and landed deep into her intestines. Her ass was mine finally! I had given it the balm it desired! I must have shot at least a dozen times in rapid-fire. I released a torrent of seed from my cockhead. At last, we both subsided, and our paroxysms ended. My cock was still inside her ass as it felt warm and snug there. Our lips were sealed in a tight wet kiss as our saliva flowed freely into each other. With a final thrust and squeeze of my sphincter, I released the last drop of my semen into her. I brought my cock out of Yogita's warm ass. And we slumped next to each other on the back seat. "That was the best session I have ever had,” I said. "Me too," said she. "Give me a baby.” We kept silent for a while. Both of us knew that was not to be. We slowly dressed ourselves up for the drive back home with dinner for a hungry husband!

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