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'Dicking' My Hot Teenage Saali

The hardest thing is to watch her boobs blossom into ripe oranges. My desperate masturbation ends in a painfully hard ejaculation. I have experienced blinding lust in the middle of the night and got up looking for a release from my helpless erection. With my mind full of sexual urges, I was going to watch a porn movie to pacify myself. Then possibly fuck my sweet wife in the early morning. I’d already jerked off to a bursting orgasm to reduce my lingering erection since I’d seen Nupur’s pretty ass. Since the pandemic started, I was staying at my in-laws’ farmhouse in Gurgaon. The estate is quite big and peaceful, leading to an excess of only one thing, that is sex. Not to get confused, my wife is quite sexy and more than able to satisfy me. But this incident has nothing to do with her. It’s all about my forbidden desire for my young sister-in-law. Nupur is my wife’s youngest sister, who is in her degree in the second year. She turned 19 this year. I was smitten by her sultry beauty during my marriage and watched with amazement as she grew into a hot temptress. Her medium-sized cones had grown to full round boobs that looked like ripe fruits. It didn’t help that her waist remained narrow. At the same time, her butt took a bubble shape, highlighting her curved back and making her figure irresistible. Even with all her assets, I would’ve never had indecent thoughts. But she was getting really provocative at home. At first, it was the usual jiju-sali jokes and childish tricks. But since she lost her virginity, her flirting has turned into pure seduction. I felt excited and, at the same time, cuckolded when Nupur started calling her boyfriend home. Soon the changes in her dressing and looks proved that she was getting a lot of physical intimacy. She started wearing kajal in her big light brown eyes and shaved her eyebrows to perfection. She had her thick wavy hair cut into a neck length bob haircut that she tucked to one side, showing off her slender neck. Nupur is about five and a half feet tall with long legs that she waxed regularly. Recently she started exposing them in her small skirts. The carefree intensity, with which she was making out on the second-floor corridor with her boyfriend, proved that her seal had been broken recently. He had his fingers in her skirt. She was smothering his face into her breast, making him suck her young tits. As I left the scene, a glimpse of her pantyless ass cheeks is what gave me a monster erection. I took a fruit bowl and approached the tv that was playing some series. I noticed Nupur and her boyfriend on the carpet below. She was awake, and he was snoring. Before I could decide to stay or leave, Nupur saw me. Nupur: Shh, come to this side. Me: ok, you want fruit? I offered her the bowl and sat down on the carpet beside her. She took a banana and peeled it. Whatever series she was watching had a lot of sexual content, turning me even hornier. I saw her exposed legs stretching out in front. She smiled and opened a blanket to cover her legs. I was surprised as she spread the blanket across my legs also. Me: Can you search for sci-fi? Nupur: Jiju relax, it’s only a sex scene. Saying, she started putting the banana in her mouth without eating it. I knew she was playing with me, but somehow I was unable to say anything. Our age difference is close to 13 years, which is the main problem. If she was older, maybe I would have felt less guilty to lust for her. Still, I could see from her point of view. I’m six feet tall with a lean physique, clean shaved face, and short spiky hair that any girl would love to play with. Nupur: Jiju, don’t be so awkward. Me: Sweetie, I’m just nervous. Then, taking me by surprise, she put my left hand around her shoulder and tangled her legs with mine inside the blanket. Nupur: Take a deep breath, it’s ok to touch. Me: Careful dear, your boyfriend may wake up. Nupur: Don’t worry, he won’t wake up. Me: How are you so sure? Nupur: Because he dicked me! Me: What kind of language is that? Nupur: Jiju, relax So we relaxed for a bit without talking. Nupur cuddled close to me inside the blanket. I could feel her silky hair on my bare shoulder, turning me on. The smell of her hair and the warmth of her body were driving me crazy. Nupur: Jiju, can I see yours? Me: Mine what? She put her hand on my cock and looked up into my eyes. I couldn’t avoid her stare. For the first time, I saw her sharply outlined, pouting lips were painted with permanent pink lip color. She kept staring without blinking. I bent down and brushed my lips on her pretty baby pout. She opened her mouth, sticking her tongue out, giving me an unexpected lick on my upper lip. I dipped again, trying to catch her tongue with mine. We kissed madly like first time lovers. When I left her face, it was red like a tomato. She wiggled inside the blanket, releasing my thick cock out of my shorts and sucking it like a pro. I put my hand on her head, running my fingers in her short silky hair. When she came out, I could read sex in her eyes. Me: I’ll be right back. Nupur: Don’t go, I have condoms in my room. So I carried her light body in my arms, all the way to her room. We stripped, and she took out a condom. I sat on her bed with her naked body in my lap, cradled like a baby. She rolled the condom with her pretty fingers on my raging dick. I smoothed her hair to one side, exposing her neck, then kissed it madly. She squealed with pressure as I bit her neck and chest. When I released her, she was looking down at her shaved pussy, fingering her cunt lips with one hand. She was circling my cock with her finger and thumb, making sure the condom was stretched to the bottom of my dick. I rolled on to my back with her on top, and she immediately mounted me, taking my shaft all the way into her tight cunt. I tried to kiss her pretty red nails as she started humping me with the energy of a teenager. For almost 10 minutes, my dear saali Nupur fucked me nonstop. I enjoyed every second like a hungry dog. It took only a slight fingering of her pussy lips, with my hand behind her ass to make her orgasm uncontrollably. For a minute, she buried her face in the pillow next to my head and muffled her own moans. Then rolled over. As if reading my mind, she removed the condom from my dick before reinserting. Me: Baby, are you sure? Nupur: Ssh, I’m on pills. With the green signal, I buried my cock in her cunt and my face in her neck with her silky hair rubbing on my cheek. After just 2 minutes of deep strokes, my semen burst out of the balls like hot lava erupting from a volcano. It was so painfully nice that I kept pumping as my semen ejected in spasms. She joined her inner thighs, wrapping her pussy lips tightly around my cock, milking me to the very last drop. She slept for some time with her head on my chest and her soft hair as a pillow. After an hour or so, my alarm went off. It was early morning. But she wouldn’t let me go back to my wife, not before another round of ‘dicking’.

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