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Corona Pyar Hai - The Rooftop Sex

Hello readers, what a lovely afternoon this is while I’m writing this story. I am back after a long time with a new story about my rooftop sex experience. Got busy with my life and couldn’t take out much time to write about my experiences. But since I have a lot of time on my hands, thanks to this lockdown (don’t we all?), I am penning down my latest story that happened this Saturday night. About me, my name is Vipul, and I live in Chandigarh. 28 years of age, a regular body, a decently good 6-7 inch dick, and I know my tricks to satisfy a woman. Without wasting any more of your time, let’s start. So ladies and gentlemen, sanitize your hands with that hand sanitizer because you’re gonna put it in places that are top secret. So, like everyone else in this lockdown, I was bored out of my head locked in my home. Hadn’t even stepped out of the main gate in almost 30 days. It was getting on my nerves. I stay with my parents. They are on the ground floor, and my room is on the first floor. A few things keeping me sane were regular board games with parents. There were rooftop drinking sessions (every Saturday) with my right side neighbor (a guy of my age), a lot of Instagram chatting, and, of course, Ludo King. As it so happens, my left side neighbor is a beautiful gorgeous girl by the name of Jasmeet. Typical Punjabi features, big bright eyes, gorgeous smile, long lovely supple hair, perfect figure, and everything else to die for. We weren’t really on talking terms. They had shifted here about a year back, and all we did were exchange smiles. I didn’t even know her name until a couple of weeks back. The lockdown meant no maids visiting homes. So, I had taken up the daunting task of cleaning the first floor every other day and alternate it with the balcony. As luck would have it, she had the task of cleaning her balcony as well. From exchanging smiles during walking in and out of the homes, we advanced to exchanging smiles while completely messy, sweaty, and with a jhadoo in hand. This had a completely different effect on us. We started chitchatting a bit. She borrowed some Lizol from me because hers was over, and she was too lazy to go down for the other bottle. We got to talking more like venting out our anger on this virus that was making us do all the house chores. I randomly asked for her Insta handle, this was obviously my attempt to know her name. Yes, I was embarrassed to actually ask for her name. Get over it. Stop judging me. I sent her a request, we started following each other and got on to chat. We had normal conversations about college life, friends, how do we pass our days, etc. As is the trend, I really wanted to start a game of Ludo with her. Because that passes a lot of time. Luckily she asked me. We played a few games that evening. And we were on a call throughout the game talking about the game as well. Making fun of each other, laughing at each other, and cursing each other when we cut the ‘paki hui geeti’. This brought us a little closer. This was a Saturday, 18th April. That meant my rooftop drinking session with the other neighbor. But as luck would have it, it started raining heavily, and he had to leave in a hurry. I left the bottle and the glasses on the rooftop itself and thought I’ll pick them up the next day. I came down to my room and turned on Netflix. I got Jasmeet’s message. She was laughing at me because she knew the rain ruined my night. Now, I had a slight buzz, and talking to this gorgeous girl after a month of being locked in my home was doing things to me. We got to talking again, and I started having some real nasty and hot thoughts about her. Like, wouldn’t it be great if I could get something on with her? We could both just go to the rooftop in the middle of the night and do whatever we wanted to. So, I suggested to her that we play the questions game, a simple game. Both take turns asking each other questions, answers have to be honest, and the questions can’t be repeated. She was up for it. Now, here is one thing you should know about this game. This can get real hot real quick if both parties have even the slightest inclination. I have used this game many times with a near-perfect success rate. We started with simple questions like funniest moments, most embarrassing moments, aim in life, a favorite food. We soon shifted to first partners, first kiss, topmost secret fantasy, favorite sex position, etc. Now, I had figured that she was super bored as well. She hinted that even though she doesn’t drink a lot, only occasionally, she was missing it and really wanted to drink. The rain had stopped, and the sky was now clear, with all the stars visible. So I asked her to come to the rooftop and join me as I already had all the stuff there. And she accepted. This was the green signal I was waiting for. We met at the rooftop, with all lights off so that none of the other neighbors see us. We started drinking. A couple of drinks down, we re-started the game. I asked her what her secret fantasy is. And she said to have a romantic date under clear skies and stars. I pointed out to her that it was actually happening. We had drinks, snacks, we were under clear open skies and stars. She suddenly realized and looked up and was amazed by the beauty of it all! It was exactly like her dream date, except for the fact that we were seated on a yoga mat. She looked towards me, our eyes met. The alcohol in our bodies was doing the magic and we both leaned in for a kiss. At first, it was just a peck on the lips. Lasted for about 10 seconds. We pulled a little back, and she asked, “Koi dekhega to nahi na?” I said the lights are all off and no chance someone can know what is happening. And now we went for the real kiss. It was full of passion, energy, and fire. We were not just kissing each other’s lips, but becoming one with that kiss. Exploring each other’s mouths and getting into a tight embrace, lying on that yoga mat on the rooftop at 1 in the night. Our legs were intertwined with each other in that cool after-rain breeze. Our tongues started fighting for domination, saliva was exchanged. Our hands took it upon themselves to explore each and every part of the body. As we were lying there, I slid my hand under her black top, caressing her flat tummy and playing with her navel. She was meanwhile caressing my ass with one hand and hair with the other. As I took my hand slightly up towards her boobs. She kinda pulled back and looked at me. I immediately stooped as I did not want to make her feel uncomfortable. I just held her face in my hands and said, “Your fantasy was to have a date under this clear sky, and I gave it to you. My fantasy is to make love to a beautiful woman like you under such skies. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable or push you into anything, but this was going great. Why not go further?” She just smiled and got back to kissing me. This was the point of no return for both of us. I immediately took off her top and, with one hand, unclasped her bra. It was a sight to behold. Even in the dim moonlight, her top half body was glittering like a piece of artwork. She had perfectly shaped boobs and a nicely chiseled body, long flowing hair. Her perfect flawless skin with the gorgeous smile and eyes were to die for. I knew I was in heaven. There was a lot of ecstasy in store for me. I played with her breasts, pinching and caressing them while licking and kissing her neck. She gave me a very strict ‘no love bites’ instruction, and I followed. Without giving any love bites, I licked and kissed her all over. From her neck to her navel. Taking my own sweet time on both her breasts. Making her moan and squeal in the pleasure of lovemaking. By now, her hands had found their way into my shorts and were playing with my now hard dick from over my undies. I took off my t-shirt, picked her up, and made her sit on my laps. It brought me much closer to her. Facing each other, we started kissing again. As I took off her Capri, she got rid of my shorts and my undies. Now she was only in her panty, and I was naked. On the rooftop, in the moonlight under the stars. That was part 1 of this story - the build-up. I’d love to hear feedback about this rooftop sex. I already have the second part written. I’ll post it if this one gets a good rating, and I get replies from my lovely readers who are interested in the second part. Mail me at I’m up for fun chats as well. Let us help each other pass time during this lockdown, which is gonna go really really long.

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