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Borrowing Her Boyfriend

It was our last week in this apartment as our landlord wanted to increase our rent. But Supriya and I had found ourselves a similar 2 BHK in the same building on the 8th floor, at a lesser rate. But there was just one problem. Supriya had to travel to Germany for a 3 months project. The packing, moving, shifting, and everything else was left to me. Supriya, while leaving, had mentioned that her boyfriend - Rishi, would help me in the shifting. So a week had passed since she had left, and I got busy with my packing and stuff along with work. Rishi was to come over on Friday. Then we had planned to pack Supriya’s stuff, shift the kitchen appliances and other cartons, etc., to the new apartment. We would complete the shifting over the weekend. The week went by really fast. On Thursday night at about 11, I got a WhatsApp from Rishi saying that he would be coming over the next day around 2:30. When I got his text, my left hand had just entered my panties, and I had just started rubbing my clitoris. I was getting horny and in the mood. But His WhatsApp kinda distracted me. Out of curiosity, I saw his WhatsApp DP. For some reason, I found Rishi extremely hot in that pic. I quickly opened his Instagram and started looking at his pics and rubbing myself. Aah, fingering was the only relief I really had after working my ass off the whole day. I didn’t really have a boyfriend. It had been about a month since my vagina had seen someone else except my fingers. Just about then, I wanted Rishi’s cock really bad. I started imagining him licking my pussy, biting my nipples, thrusting his cock hard in me. I started rubbing myself faster and faster, and that feeling of an orgasm. My inner hunger was momentarily relieved, and I slept immediately after that. So, guys, me and Supriya have been flatmates for about a year now. We shared everything with each other, and her sex life with Rishi was well known to me. So I knew Rishi loves asses. He has a thing for blowjobs which Supi didn’t like. However, I loved blowjobs (wink). I knew he’s got good stamina and can fuck real good. He loved licking pussies. He loved anal. But Supi never allowed him to fuck her ass. He loved to have sex in the shower. His favorite position is doggy style and scissors. He loves experimenting, and Supi isn’t much of an experimental person. And lastly, he preferred sex without a condom. Well, having so much personal information about a hot guy could surely be dangerous. Especially when it’s with a horny girl like me who has not had a real cock in her for over a month and was tired of having an orgasm by fingering and toying herself. My mind started imagining him fucking me in the bed, kitchen, bathroom, hall, and every fucking corner of the house. I subconsciously started planning ways of seducing Rishi. So, guys had he been any random guy, I could just be open and ask him for sex. But he was my flatmate's boyfriend, and they had been dating for over 2 years. I didn’t know if he was okay to cheat on Supi or not. Anyways, I’d decided that I would be trying my best. Knowing that he is an ass person, I decided to wear Denim shorts that were a perfect booty fit. It showed a bit of my lower ass cheeks as well, along with a green v neck spaghetti without a bra. The spaghetti showed my entire cleavage. It gave him a good view whenever I bent in front of him. My 36C boobs were all ready and waiting to be eaten. I was really hoping that he just pounces on me and fuck my brains out today. Also, I wanted his salty warm cum on my tongue. All who’ve read my stories would know that I love the cumshot in my mouth. So about 2:30 pm, Rishi rang the bell. I welcomed him with a smile and offered him a glass of water. We just sat for a bit on the sofa talking about random stuff. I made sure that I show him my ass and my cleavage multiple times. So Rishi is about 5”11 and was wearing his joggers and a tight T-shirt. Aah, he was looking so fucking hot. Every time I bent over, I tried stealing a glance at his joggers to see if he was erect or not. Honestly, as the joggers were black, I couldn’t really make out. But my mind was glued on his cock. After a while, we decided to go to Supi’s room and start packing her stuff. We would start with her wardrobe and then move to pack her other stuff like - toiletries, bed sheets, furniture, books, etc. I suggested that I hand him the stuff from the wardrobe and he can pack it in the suitcases and cartons. All this while, I couldn’t stop thinking about how do I get him to fuck me. What if the bastard doesn’t get seduced? What if the motherfucker just jerked off many times before coming here, and so on and so forth. Time passed by, I handed over Supis tops, her jeans, trousers, suits, bras, and panties. Well, Supi was a petite chick. Her stats were 33b-26-32, and her bras were mostly padded ones to make her look busty. Well, here I was, a 36C showing almost my entire tits and my nipples from my top. But this motherfucker wasn’t making a move on me. Just about then, I stumbled on a pack of Durex dotted condoms. I handed that over to Rishi and said, “Supi likes the ultra-thin ones better.” He was a bit startled and said, “Sorry, what?” With the intent to break the ice, I repeated, “Yes, Supi doesn’t like the dotted condoms, nor the flavored ones that you use. She likes the ultra-thin ones. It makes her feel your thing inside of her properly.” Rishi was all amazed and baffled by now. He said, “Oh, okay, what else does Supi like?” I could make out he was now interested and getting in the mood. I said, “Well, she shares everything with me, like the previous week when you wanted to have anal and didn’t have Vaseline. You had tried applying her hair oil, which was very painful for her. Like the time when she had accidentally bit your balls while sucking them.” “Then she spent an hour holding ice cubes against your balls. Like the time when the stool in the bathroom had broken when she was riding you, and both of you had fallen down, that was hilarious.” Rishi was definitely aroused and intrigued. I could make it out from his face. For the first time, I saw him adjusting his cock over his joggers. I then wanted to further try my luck. I asked, “From what Supi tells me, that you are a person who loves to have sex every day, so how are you managing it now? It must be hard for you, right?” There was a kind of a 3-4 seconds silence when I was really hoping that he just jumps on me and starts kissing me. He just said, “Yeah, it is, but you know, I can always jerk off.” I realized that things were a bit steamy now, and sadly he wasn’t taking the initiation. So I just sat next to him on the bed, bent a bit near him, and paused for a moment. I was close enough that he could feel my breath on his lips. Then in a jiffy, I held his head and starting kissing his lips. Our lips were interlocked, our tongues seemed to be having intercourse. We kept smooching and exchanging salivas for a really long time. His tongue explored my mouth. He hungrily bit my lower lip. We were constantly rotating our heads to enjoy our long-awaited kiss. Gradually from being on the bed, I got in his lap and started smooching him more hungrily. He was an excellent kisser. His hands quickly had entered my spaghetti and were playing with my bare boobs and pinching my nipples. My boobs had been eagerly waiting for Rishis hands and welcomed him with erect nipples. He hungrily groped my tits, pressed them hard. Then broke the kiss to reach out to my left nipple. Aa, it was a fucking awesome feeling. A man finally had his mouth on my nipples. My tits hadn’t got a man's attention in a while. I just put my head back, closed my eyes. I enjoyed Rishi sucking my nipples, squeezing my other boob, and eagerly kissing my cleavage. It seems that he wanted a girl in bed as bad as I wanted a guy in me. He seemed to be a licker. Well, some guys like using their tongue everywhere, on a girl's tits, cleavage, pussy, navel, ass, thighs, in short, wherever they kiss. So I’m not a big fan of having saliva all over my body, but I don’t mind it either. After fondling my tits and kissing me like a hungry motherfucker, I stood up. I started walking back towards my bedroom without breaking the kiss. Supi’s bed was fully messed up. I really wanted to spread my legs and have my back on a clean bed when I finally have a cock in me. After we reached my bedroom, I pushed him on the bed, removed my top, from which one boob was anyways hanging free, pulled down his joggers and underwear, and saw the most beautiful thing that I’d seen in months. A fucking awesome, nice erect big cock. Without wasting any time, I grabbed that fuckers cock and put it in my mouth. Aah, the cock was burning hot. I tried taking it deeper and deeper in my mouth, used teeth occasionally. I indulged myself in the epitome of sexuality by sucking his cock and massaging his loose-hanging balls with my hand. It was amazing to have his awesome cock in my mouth. My soul couldn’t seem to get enough of it. I wanted more and more of his cock in every hole of mine. In between, I kept looking at his face, and I knew he was having one of the best blowjobs of his life. I knew Supi didn’t like cocks in her mouth, and Rishi was crazy about blowjobs. I know guys love when their cocks get a tongue tickle. And me being me, I gave him a tongue tickle for a good few minutes. I was honestly surprised that he hadn’t cum despite my 15 -18 minutes blowjob. During the entire session, I had my right hand rubbing my clitoris and fucking my hole with 2 fingers. My pussy was overflowing with juices by now, and I badly wanted a cock now. I then stood up, removed my shorts and panties, and lay down on the bed, with my legs widespread. I had cleaned my pubic hair just a day before, obviously in anticipation of this opportunity. The moment he got his face near to my pussy, he said, “This is one of the best things that I’ve ever seen and smelt in my life.” Saying this, he buried his face in my vagina and started hungrily licking me and tongue fucking me. Aah, this was so fucking divine. I simply laid there with my eyes close. I held his head tight with both my hands and pulled him closer and closer. I was constantly abusing like, “Behenchod deeper. You dickhead make me cum on your fucking choot face.” Aah, with every abuse, he shoved his face deeper in my pussy. He was running his cold hands on my thighs, on my tits, my feet, my back. I was loving the idea of a man exploring my naked body. I knew I was a slut then, his slut. He occasionally was using his fingers to fuck my pussy. From two fingers, he had increased to 4 fingers now. Fucking hell, his tongue was doing wonders along with his fingers. I squeezed my legs and his face in between my thighs. I know I was building up, and then my entire body shivered. The quivering went on for about a minute or so. My lower body was completely lifted in the air. My tits had nail marks which were mostly mine. I had a really intense orgasm. Usually, my cum is about 4-5 ml. But that day, I am sure I would have cum much more. Like a good motherfucking submissive slave, that bastard drank it all. After that powerful orgasm, I was out of the air and snuggled my pillow for a minute or so. I just curled up the way girls always did after a powerful orgasm and went in a state of trance. When I gained back my breath and my senses, I heard Rishi calling out my name, “ Juhi, Juhi, are you okay.” I simply gave him a smile and said, “ Yea, now I need that monster in me. Come fuck my brains out.” I think that triggered the monster within him. Without wasting much time, he pulled me by my leg towards him. He opened my legs wide open, positioned himself, and entered me without even wasting a second. He wasn’t wearing a condom, and I was in no mood to stop him. He started thrusting his cock, and with every thrust, he got deeper and deeper. I had a cock in me after what seems like ages. All I could say is, “Fuck me, you cunt, fuck me harder, put your motherfucking cock deeper.” With every sentence and abuse, his pace just increased. While fucking in missionary, he was careful that he didn’t put his entire body weight on me. He made sure he gave me just the pleasure and not the pain of his heavy body. He was really passionate. I held his amazing ass and pulled him deeper with every thrust. I just closed my eyes and was pulling his ass and letting it go. There was a rhythm that we had formed, and I was letting out soft moans of joy. He then told me to get in the doggy style. He got me towards the end of the bed. He stood up on the floor, placed his cock on my eagerly waiting pussy, and slipped it in. He started fucking me aggressively like a wild horse. I could really feel his cock deep inside me while I had my eyes closed. My tits oscillating to and fro with his pounding, I felt a pair of cold hands taking control of my right boob and clinging and pinching my nipples. This entire thing was having a tremendous impact on my slutty side. I wanted more and more of his cock with every thrust. After pounding me for some time, I could see that his pace was slowing down. I pulled my ass away from his cock. I could see his cock shining with my juices. Fucking hell, his cock had thick white juices all over. I couldn’t believe that this mess was all mine. I just smiled and said, “ You better last. I am just getting in the mood.” His reply was, “ I’ll ensure that your pussy gets more than you can handle.” I loved his confidence, and I really wanted his cock too. I pulled him on the bed, stood up on the bed, positioned myself above his cock, and then guided it in my pussy. Strangely every time I changed positions, I felt his cock head hit a deeper point within me. Surprisingly he wasn’t close even after about 30 minutes of fucking and about 15-18 minutes of blowjob. Deep within me, an envious girl was cursing the bitch Supi because her bf could fuck so well. She wasn’t even that good-looking that she deserved this kinda sex. But all I knew, for now, was that cock was mine for now and possibly the next 2.5 months or maybe more. I came back to my senses. I held his hands and put it on my tits and ordered him, “Behenchod press them, you choot.” I kept riding him and moving to and fro and in between, jumping on his cock. My ass kept jumping on his cock, and the only voice that you could hear in the room was – ‘pachak, pachak.’ My ass hitting his thighs every time I bounced on him. After abt 10 minutes of me pouncing on him, we were tired and sweaty. The room was hot and stuffy. We both lay flat on our backs, allowing the air from the fan to dry the sweat from our bodies and genitals. I glanced from the corner of my eye. He was massaging his cock. I got up and sat on his chest and asked him, “ Dude, are you close?” he just nodded. I then just turned around and got in 69 position and started sucking his cock. First, all I could taste were my salty juices. But after a few minutes, I could feel the warmth of his monster in my mouth. I could taste his precum and could also feel him lifting his body slightly. I knew he was about to erupt. I increased the pace of my sucking and started massaging and tickling his balls. Just about in a few minutes, the volcano erupted, then the second spurt. I was about to get it out of my mouth, and just then, the third spurt of cum landed on my cheeks. Then there was a faded stream of cum oozing out. That was a fucking lot of cum to make an entire town pregnant. His cum tasted kinda salty and had a pungent smell. Somewhat like a guy's cock that hasn’t been jerked in a while. I gulped down the cum in my mouth, and put my tongue around his wet cock, and licked him dry to the last drop. I’ve had 3 orgasms. He had one major one, and we were both fucking drained. We both laid down there, waiting to get some air. I just put my hands around his cock end said, “We can do this every day! I’m in love with your cock, and I know you loved every bit of today.” He said, “ I’ve been making plans to get you in bed ever since Supi left.” I just gave him a smile and said, “Me too.” He just got onto me and kissed me and then said, “Let’s take a bath. We have a whole lot of shifting to do.” I just giggled, stood up and held him by his cock, and pulled him. We both just swayed our asses to the bathroom. So post that day, Rishi unofficially started staying with me. From being a horny single horny chick, I went on to become a queen who was fucked every day. When I didn’t feel like having his cock he used to lick my pussy and finger me to an orgasm. He and I had many things in common about sex. We both loved morning sex. We both loved oral sex, kissing, fucking in the kitchen, shower, on the floor, on the sofa. I did fulfill his anal desires. I also peed on him - a fantasy that he had, but Supi found it disgusting. The next close to 3 months, we were inseparable. My hunger for sex had tremendously increased. All I ever wanted in my free time was him. I would admit I was a sex addict for that time, but I loved every bit of it. When Supi returned, we barely got to have any sex, except for oral sex in cars or a quickie at the max. But he always said, “You are my sex love,” and that’s all I wanted-Sex. A few days after Supi had settled in, she confessed that she had sex with a black guy and a German guy there. But she would make it up to Rishi by trying out a blowjob. She was extremely excited about it and said, “After all, he’s been a Good boy.” I just thought to myself, “ Yeah, he’s been a very good boy.”

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