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Blindfold Sex With Sister In Mumbai

Hello friends, I am Vikas and my sister is Gauri. We are from Mumbai. I am 23 years old, a master degree student and my sister is 20 years old. She is a final year B.Com student. I and Gauri are very friendly with each other and we share everything. I knew my sister's love affairs and she also knows my relationships. Since both our parents go to work, we would be mostly alone at home. Sometimes, I call my girlfriend to my house and sometimes my younger sister calls her boyfriend. My younger sister is very fair and her body figure is also very sexy. I have seen some of my friends ogling at her. Her figure size is 34-32-34. My sister has maintained her figure well. I never thought I would have sex with my beautiful sister. One day, our parents went to work and only my sister and I were at home. My sister was taking a bath and I was bored sitting alone. I thought of going out. So I getting ready to go out. I told my sister that I was going out. She replied from inside the bathroom, "Okay, you go, I will do the housework after the bath." As I walked out of the house and entered the parking lot, I remembered that I had forgotten the car key at home. I went back to my house to get the keys. I had another key to the house so I did not ring the bell. I opened the door and came in looking for the key but I did not find the key in the hall. So I went to look in the bedroom. As I was about to open the bedroom door and go inside, I saw my sister coming out of the bathroom and she was standing naked with her back to me! I was shocked to see her naked. It was the first time I was seeing my sister naked. I felt like her ass had grown so big. Seeing my sister naked, I wanted to have sex with her but I didn’t know how to do it! I was thinking day and night about how to have sex with her. After many days of thinking, I came up with a plan - I will have sex with her as her boyfriend! The day I met her boyfriend and took his phone when he was away and sent a message to my sister saying, "Hey babe, are you free today? If so, let meet and have sex." She immediately said yes and she also said the time. My sister thought she was talking to her boyfriend. She asked him to bring her favorite chocolate condom and I said yes. I told her we will have sex blindfolded. "Seems like my boyfriend is in a really kinky and romantic mood today." I said yes and told her that I would come home at 4 pm and asked her to put a key in the shoe-rack so that I can open the door and come in. I asked her to stay in the bedroom with her eyes closed with a blindfold. She said yes to all this and I deleted the conversation. The next day, I went out of the house at about 1 am and told my sister that I was going out for a walk. She was very happy to hear that and said, "Okay, my boyfriend will come home at 4." I left the house and went to her boyfriend’s house and spent time with him. We both spent some time and then I took his phone and sent a message to my sister that I was coming to her house soon. She said okay and asked me to come home early. "OK, I am coming right now. You blindfold your eyes and sit in the bedroom." I got out of there and entered my house by opening the door with another spare key. I opened the bedroom door and saw my sister sitting with her eyes covered by a black cloth. My sister was wearing a nice blue kurti in which she looked very hot and her boobs looked very attractive. I knocked on the door and she said, "Come in, baby. Look, I am ready as you told me." I spoke in a low voice. "Yes, I saw that. You look very hot in that kurti." Gauri: Thanks, baby. I can’t wait anymore, come closer. Vikas: Yes, I am coming, baby. I walked over to her and tied her hands. Gauri: Ah, today you are in a very good mood, baby! Vikas: Yes. I kissed her on the cheek. I was kissing my sister for the first time. Her cheeks felt very soft. Gauri: Babu, how much more should I wait? Kiss my lips, nah. I kissed her on my sister's lips and spread her lipstick all over. Then I grabbed both her boobs and started pressing them! Her breasts were very soft. As I pressed my younger sister's breasts, she became even more excited and she bit me on the neck. As she bit, I pressed her breasts harder and she screamed, "Ahh Ahh.." Then I opened her tied hands. As soon as she opened her hand, she laid me on the bed and sat on top of me! She grabbed me and started kissing me. I was pressing her breasts hard. Then I started taking off her clothes. She was wearing a black bra inside in which she looked hot as a model. I unhooked my sister's bra. As soon as she opened the bra, she handed her body to me. I started licking her boobs. I put a love bite on her nipples while she scratched my back, her big nails digging on my skin very hard. We were just kissing each other for 8-10 minutes. Then I grabbed her hand and took it to the button of my pants. My sister opened that button and took off my pants. She took my penis in her hand and started stroking it. Then my sis took my penis in her mouth and started licking it. Her teeth were gnashing on my penis but I was having a lot of pleasure. After a while, saliva started dripping from her mouth and it spread all over my penis. Then I took off her leggings and started licking her pussy. My sister's shaved pussy was very soft and its taste was amazing. I licked her pussy for more than 10 minutes. Then I placed my cock on her boobs and titfucked her for a few minutes. Gauri: Baby, I can’t control myself anymore. Please fuck me in my pussy. I quickly put on a condom on my penis and inserted my penis into my blindfolded sister's pussy. She screamed loudly, "AHHHHHH....AHHHH BABYYYY..." Slowly, I increased my pace and she screamed more and more loudly. I started squeezing her boobs simultaneously. I had lost my control while fucking my young sister and spanked on her boobs hard many times. Gauri: Baby, today you are very aggressive. But I like it. Fuck me hard, baby.. Fuck your girlfriend hard! I turned her and inserted my penis in her asshole. My sister's asshole was very tight but I managed to insert my penis into her ass. While I was penetrating her ass, Gauri started hitting her hand hard on the bed in pain and screamed so loudly. But I stop and I spanked on her ass. After 20 minutes of fucking my sister's sexy ass, I released my sperms in her mouth and she swallowed it and I left the room saying I have to leave urgently.

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