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Blackmailing My Slutty Sister

Subconsciously, everyone has a fantasy of having incest sometimes. Maybe you suppress it or forget about it or deal with it your own way. But you have at some point in your life had a fantasy about someone in your family (if not, congratulations, you're going to heaven). I, too, had that feeling for quite some time. I thought it was consuming me, so I started to get rid of it soon. Then something happened that just put a spark in the oil, and I just couldn't let it go anymore. Let's get to the story now. We're basically a family of four, mom, dad, me, and my sister. My sister, Kavya (name changed), is 3 years older than me. But we've always been treated as the same age, and there were no discriminations. She's a doctor and one of the very few hot females I've come across. She was always a diva. She liked to dress up as a kid and had a group of girls hang out with and party and stuff. As she grew older, the cute transformed into hot and unbelievably hot. She just went from a chubby, sweet, cute girl to somewhat Kylie Jenner! Although we were very close, I never had any thoughts about her in a sexy way. I knew all the guys in college and our society had already fantasized about her. They would die to have her someday. I never had that thought cross my mind until one fine day. We were at our farmhouse earlier this year. It was a pretty hot day. I was chilling in the pool, having my drinks, and relaxing when she came there with her friend. They both got their robes off, and my oh my, was I awestruck. Kavya was wearing a black bikini and was looking so damn hot! Her perfect round tits were so huge. They were struggling to hide under the bikini top, and her ass was barely covered in her thong! She looked like a model/actress, and I couldn't take my eyes off her. They lay down on the chairs near the pool and were soaking some sun. After some time, I got out of the pool and somehow managed to hide my boner. I dried myself up and grabbed myself another drink, and sat by the pool. After some time, Kavya asked her friend to go for a swim. In no time, they were in the pool, looking hotter than ever. Let me tell you, her friend was a model, and she's amazingly hot. You can't take your eyes off her if she's with you. But Kavya had me focus all of my attention on her. Her wet body had sent surges down my body to my dick that rose in an instant owing to the hotness of my sister. Her boobs were soaked and looked bigger than before (or maybe it was my lusty eyes). Her thong squeezed between her ass cheeks. And boy, was it hard for me to control. I saw my dick getting rock hard, and to save myself from the embarrassment, I decided to take off. A few days passed by, now the way I saw my sister had completely changed. I would stare at her boobs and ass when I had the chance. We had no restrictions from our parents. So she was okay to wear mini dresses and dresses that exposed some cleavage and stuff. I started jerking off to her daily. I would sneak in her room and steal some of her panties and jerk off in them. She never knew about her missing panties as she had a ton of clothes in her wardrobe. Then one day, I came home early from college. We all have a fixed schedule, and very rarely does it change. My parents were at their respective jobs, and I thought I'd be alone at home. As I was walking towards my room, I heard some noises from my sister's room. She was supposed to be at the hospital where she's interning. I went close, and the door was slightly open. So I took a peek, and I was shocked at what I saw! My sister was seducing and fucking one of her colleagues. I didn't know what to do. I stood there. Then they got into the cowgirl position. Kavya started riding him. Oh, it was so fucking hot my dick was pushing out of my pants. I quickly took my phone out and started taking a video with one hand while jerking off with another as soon as they were about to finish. I went out of the house and returned an hour later, pretending I wasn't there. Kavya saw me and asked, "How come you came home early?" I said, "My lecture got canceled, that's why. What about you?" "I'm not feeling well, that's why," and then we both went off to our rooms. The next few days, I jerked off to her video. But I wanted something more. Then the devil inside me came to life. I thought I'd blackmail her like the porn movies. But I was afraid that the plan didn't work. So I was in two minds, which took a couple of days until the devil in me won. I decided to go through with it. My parents had to go to a relative's wedding in Ahmedabad for a week, which was a golden opportunity for me. We were both living alone for a week. On that weekend, my maid took leave, and it was like the universe wanted it to happen. So it was Friday night, and Kavya was to go partying with her friends. It was around 11 pm. I was watching movies on Netflix when she came to me to inform me that she was leaving. She looked amazing, a white one-piece mini dress with a really low neck and showing off a lot of cleavages. Her nipples were pointing out of the dress. So I assumed she wasn't wearing a bra. The slutty nature she had, made me think she's probably going to get laid tonight. I told her she looked really sexy. She was a little confused and said thanks and started to leave. I stopped her and told her to wait for a minute. She was in a hurry, so she asked me to make it quick. I connected my phone to the TV and played her sex video with her colleague! She was shocked. Her face had turned pale. She couldn't believe it. She turned to me and, fuming with anger, told me, "What the fuck is this? Where'd you get it?" I told her how I snuck into the house and caught them having sex. She was stunned. She asked me to delete the video immediately. I jumped onto me to get hold of my phone. I handed her the phone. I was enjoying her hot body on mine. I was caressing her ass and squeezing it. "Get your hands off, idiot," she exclaimed. I got up and threw the phone at me, saying, “Now that it's deleted, we don't talk about it again. I told her that I had it backed up and have several copies on my laptop. She begged me to delete them. She knew I was having sex with girls as well. So she said, "You know when you have needs. You can't control them. Please, I was really horny that day. Please understand and delete it.” I stood up, walked close to her, and said, "What about today?" Saying this, I pulled down her dress from the top and out popped her big juicy boobs. Indeed she wasn't wearing a bra! She pushed me away and scolded, "What the fuck is wrong with you.” I said, "You just said when you're horny, you can't control yourself." I looked at her with lust in my eyes. She understood where I was heading. She said, "What the fuck, dude. You shouldn't be thinking about that! You're a fucking pervert, and it's wrong. But I don't want mom and dad to find out so, whatever!" Saying this, she came close to me and started stroking my dick from my shorts. "Just a blowjob, nothing else, don't even dare to get any thoughts in your dirty fucking mind!" she said as she went down on her knees. I pulled down my shorts. My dick sprung up against her face. She had mixed expressions of disgust and awe on her face. She was shocked to see my dick so hard and big. But he was disgusted by the fact that I'm her brother and she had to do it. Without any thoughts, she started sucking my dick. It was really good, her lipstick was all over my dick now, and she was going at it. I stopped her, asked her to get her dress off. She looked at me angrily and hesitantly took her dress off, no bra and panty. She was standing naked just in front of me. I said, "You fucking slut, you were planning to get laid tonight, weren't you?" "Not if you don't cum fast, you asshole," she said and pushed me on the couch and got back to sucking. I took my t-shirt off. Then I held her hair up for her as she sucked my cock. Oh, that was a sight for ages. I deep-throated her, and she enjoyed it. I could see her disgust turn into pleasure slowly. I then asked her to come to my room. We went in. I made her lie on the bed and started eating out her pussy. She was already a little wet from the cock-sucking, and I went at it. She was moaning loudly, and once I had my fingers inside her, she couldn't control it anymore. I was driving her crazy. She didn't last long and came within minutes. After a huge squirt, she was lying down. Then I got on top of her and started inserting my dick in her pussy. She stopped me and said, "Whoa, fuck off. I told you you're not fucking me. I'm your sister, for god's sake!" I told her I'd send mom and dad the video right away. She had to give in, and I was in the ninth sky! I was finally getting my fantasy fulfilled. "Fine! Let's see if what Shalini said was true or just made up." Shalini is my sister's best friend. I have already had sex with her and have a story published here. I didn't know she told Kavya about it. I quickly grabbed a condom, put it on, and then slowly entered her pussy. She was so wet it was fucking amazing. My dick was inside her now. As she's fucked a few guys already, I didn't have much trouble to get my dick in, unlike other cases. She had her eyes closed. My dick was in pretty deep, and I started thrusting. I quickly picked up her pace. She was moaning and then pulled my face close to hers and kissed me. I fucked her pretty hard for a while. She then whispered in my ear, "Let me give you a feel of what you have seen in the video." Then she got up, on top of me, placed my dick inside her, and started riding me like she did her colleague. The difference was she was enjoying this way more with me than him. She was riding me like there's no tomorrow. The feeling was just so amazing. I held her boobs that were bouncing up and down and squeezed them hard. Oh, they were amazing, the best I've had so far! She had her hands holding her hair up, and her eyes closed as she enjoyed my dick deep inside her. She then leaned towards me, kissed me. I grabbed her in my arms while kissing her and started pounding her. My lips were suppressing her loud moans on hers. We fucked for quite some time, and this was the longest I've lasted till now. I wasn't even close to cumming. I was so happy because I was enjoying it every bit. We then fucked in doggy style in front of the mirror. I held her head up and told her, "Look at yourself being fucked by your brother." She was screaming in pleasure by then and soon came over my dick. I could feel the warmth of her cum on my dick, but I wasn't going to stop. We fucked for almost 2-3 hours continuously. Then I had her up in doggy style again. But this time, I put my dick in her ass. She hadn't tried anal before and told me not to, as it'll be painful. But I was in no mood to hear what she had to say. I inserted the tip of my dick in her ass, and she let out a scream. I slowly inserted half my dick. She already had tears in her eyes, but she asked me not to stop now. She was in pain, but the pleasure was more for her. Then slowly, I started fucking her ass. Her screams and moans were echoing in the entire house. Luckily, we have the whole floor to us, so we didn't have to worry about neighbors as we don't have any. After fucking her ass for some time, I finally had her against the wall, started pounding her pussy again. After some time, I was about to cum finally. She got down on her knees and started sucking my cock again. With great force, I came in her mouth. It was a huge load, surprisingly, as I'd been jerking off almost daily. She drank it all and got up and said ‘thank you’ to me. I told her that she can go to the party now. She looked at me, smiled, and said, "We'll have our own private party here. Just the two of us, all night and the whole week until mom and dad return." Saying this, she winked and picked up her clothes, and went to her room to take a shower. After taking a shower and lying on the bed for about an hour, my dick started getting hard again. I went to her room, and she was lying on the bed naked, playing with her pussy. "I was waiting for you to come. You took quite some time," she said and called me up on her bed. We fucked again and hardly slept that night. For the next few days, we would roam naked in the house and fuck now and then. She'd come and rub my dick and put it in her ass and pussy suddenly while I was doing something. I'd do the same to her, finger her while she's on the phone or cooking. Then go behind her and put my dick inside and start fucking. It was one hell of a week, and we enjoyed each other to the fullest. Even now, whenever we get the opportunity, we don't waste any time and get to fuck each other. It's been the most erotic sex for both my sister and me. We don't plan on stopping anytime soon. So, guys, that was my story. I hope you all like it. Feel free to drop a suggestion or leave a comment.

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