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Bathroom Sex With My Naughty Bhabhi

Hello, people out there, my name is Praveen. This is the first story that I experienced in the first year of college. I am around 6 feet tall with 6 inches dick. The sex goddess of this story is my bhabhi, Ramya. Ramya is around 5.4 feet with 32-34-32. She was like a bomb for me as she was fair and had a pretty face. The story begins now. I had gone to my brother's place for my holidays during the summer. Around 9.30 in the morning, I reached their place. When I rang the bell my bhabhi had opened the door with a smile. She greeted me inside with a hug. I really felt good when she gave me a hug because till then I did not have any bad intentions. I became fresh and went to have breakfast at the table. By now my brother was ready to go to the office. He started asking about my studies and all. My bhabhi had come to serve the tea. This was the moment where I saw the cleavage of my bhabhi. It was so good that I felt like sucking them there only. It was white melons that were making me slightly horny. I was feeling bored watching movies. So I thought I will masturbate thinking of my bhabhi's melons. I started stroking my dick slowly, gradually increasing my speed. But I forgot to lock the door. My bhabhi Ramya came to the room all of a sudden asking if I wanted snacks. She was struck seeing me stroking my dick. She started yelling at me very badly. She thought I am a very innocent guy. I was with full fear that she will tell my brother. I was begging her not tell her husband. After pleading for around 10 minutes she left the room. I quickly went to the washroom cleaned myself self and went down to the hall. I was watching TV on the sofa. After some time my bhabhi joined me sitting beside me. I was so scared that I could not lift my eyes towards her. Then she kept her hand on my thighs consoling me saying there is nothing to worry. She won't tell my brother. Then she started asking about my girlfriends Ramya: Then Praveen how many girlfriends you have had till now? Praveen: No one, bhabhi. R: Don't lie with me, Praveen. You can share it with me. I won't tell your brother. Come on. (with a naughty smile) P: Only 2. The first one was Rashmita, the second one was Druthi. R: Do I look pretty according to you? P: Of course, bhabhi, you look damn hot. (she started blushing) R: Thanks a lot I was feeling a little bit horny. R: Let's be open-minded. P: OK bhabhi has you wish R: Are you a virgin? I was literally shocked hearing this suddenly. Then I was putting my head down. R: You naughty boy. (laughing at me) You go take a bath. Let's go out somewhere. Use my bedroom bathroom because your room geyser is not working P: Ok, I will go get my towel and come. I went to the bathroom and kept the geyser on as it took time to get hot. I started removing my clothes and kept it on the side of the bucket, Then I noticed bhabhi’s bra and panty which was slightly wet. I smelled the panty and put it inside my mouth licking it. I started stroking my dick thinking of bhabhi sucking my dick after a few seconds I cummed. I became fresh and came out of the bathroom. We went for some shopping where I bought some shirts. I made my bhabhi wear some tight tees where I could clearly see my bhabhi's tits. She came to know that I was looking at her tits but she did not say anything. Around 9.30 my brother had come back from his office and came to have dinner with us. My bhabhi started acting a little weird all of a sudden. She purposely used to come near my chair bend down so that I can see her cleavage. She used to wink at me and even bite her lips. Seeing all of this I thought she is giving me signals. I masturbated around 3 times in the night thinking of bhabhi getting fucked by me. The next day, I was sleeping a little late in the morning. My bhabhi came to wake me up. She saw a huge boner in my boxes and started blushing. I took my bath towel went to my bhabhi washroom to get ready for breakfast. But I forgot to lock the door. I started taking bath singing songs facing towards the wall. I was washing my lower part of the body. I started imagining that I'm fucking Ramya in the doggy style and started screaming hard. When I turned back to collect the soap my bhabhi was staring at me at the entrance of the washroom. I started covering my dick with my hands. My bhabhi held my cock in her hand and started stroking it. She was like I was waiting for this moment for a very long time. I started to kiss her passionately for around 10 minutes. After that, she started sucking the cock I was on cloud 9. She was sucking it like a pro. Also, she started juggling with my balls which made even hornier and made me cum. I even told her I was cumming. She was like, “I want to drink all your juice. Suck my pussy, you bastard, I am waiting for this for a very long time.” I started stripping her clothes while kissing her. I tore her panty and I was shocked to see that she had shaved her pussy. I started fingering her deeply and started licking her pussy after a few minutes. She cummed and I drank all her cum in my mouth. Ramya started screaming, “Fuck me fast, you bastard." I inserted my cock in her pussy sucking her beautiful tits. We did the doggy style along wich I started spanking her ass. It had become red. We changed positions multiple times. Ramya had around 2-3 orgasm where I sucked all the juices. It was a great time we finally came to an end by taking a bath together. My bhabhi was my fuck buddy now. We had a couple of sessions after that. We enjoyed each other's company.

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