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Accidental Sex Between Mom And Son

My name is Umair. My height 5.6 ft and I am medium built. I live with my father, sister, and brother in a double-storied house in Hyderabad. My mother's name is Shagufta, her height is 5.4 ft, she is a bit heavy but very fair. I had no incestuous feelings towards my mother until I started reading incest sex stories in ISS site. As I kept reading, I developed such feelings. I tried several things with my mother usually when she was asleep. However, since my mother was strict and conservative, nothing much happened beyond touching. But around 10 years ago, when I was 19 and my mother was around 39, I got a glorious chance from nowhere. I didn't plan it and it came on its own. We had two bedrooms on the first floor of our house. My mother and father used to sleep in one of those bedrooms while I and my brother used to sleep in the other bedroom. My sister's bedroom was on the ground floor. On one of the nights during summer, the AC in our bedroom stopped working. So, our mother asked us to sleep in their bedroom and she arranged our bed on the floor in their room. So, mom and dad slept on the bed, whereas, I and my brother slept on the floor. Since, we two were not used to sleeping on the floor, after a little while, my brother moved to a sofa. So, now only I was the only one lying on the floor. Soon after, I couldn't take it anymore and I went to my father. I told him that I am going to sleep next to him as I am not getting sleep lying on the floor. My mother was in deep sleep and she didn't hear our conversation. Therefore, I ended up sleeping between my mom and dad. As I already told you, I had incestuous feelings towards my mother and I had tried a few things in the past. Therefore, I knew that my mom sleeps deep. I use to play with her while she was asleep and quickly stop when I see her about to wake up. I decided to do the same that night. My mom was sleeping with her back towards me and the same was the posture of my father. My mom was wearing a salwar kameez. I lifted her kameez and touched her on her ass over the salwar. I kept feeling her soft ass for some time. Then I moved down to mom's pussy. Usually, it is difficult to reach there considering that she is a little chubby and I was facing her back. But due to the position of her open legs that night, I reached it easily and started rubbing it. I took out my cock and started masturbating slightly while keeping a hand on her pussy and rubbing it. I realized that my mom was in very deep sleep as she was motionless. So, I increased the speed of my rubbing in excitement. Mom then moved a little but I refused to withdraw my hand and kept rubbing it. Now, here comes the most shocking moment of my life. My mom, who was awake (which I didn't know since when) removed her salwar in a blink, took my hand and placed it in the front side of her pussy! I was in a shock; she didn't turn towards me nor utter a word but just removed her salwar and put my hand on her pussy. I withdrew my hand but she grabbed it again and put in on her pussy. I touched mom's pussy, rubbed it a little and then withdraw my hand again. She grabbed my hand for the third time, put it on her pussy and pressed my fingers. By this time, I had slightly recovered from the shock. I thought that my mom knew that it was me and she was seduced because of my rubbing and she had lost her control. I put my fingers deep inside mom's pussy, it was very hot and very wet at the same time. (I had experience of fucking girls of various ages before and after this incident and I am still searching for such a hot and wet pussy). My cock was touching mom's ass crack and my fingers slid inside. I was not good at it as I was doing this fingerfucking for the first time. Soon after, mom signalled me with her actions to fuck her while in the same posture without uttering a word. She just lifted her right leg, moved it behind my back and pushed me towards her. I had no option but to put my cock into her pussy. I fucked her for a few minutes. Unlike other stories that we read, I didn't go on for 30 minutes or so. I was excited already and didn't take long before I cummed inside mom's pussy and some spilled outside her pussy. But I was still hard and I continued fucking mom for a couple of more minutes. Soon after, I lifted my pajamas and straightened my back. It was dark. She turned towards me, touched my face and she realized that it was her own son! She was shocked for a while, she didn't utter a word and then asked, "Since when you come up from the floor?" Now, it was time for me to be shocked. So I said that I came to the bed some minutes ago. Then I moved quietly and went down to sleep on the floor. I slept on my back. I saw her moving out of the bed and going outside the room. I didn't follow her, I slept quietly. After around 30 minutes, she came back in the room with a towel wrapped around her head, suggesting that she just took a bath. She tapped my shoulder and asked me to come out of the room. I had no option but to follow her outside, she sat on a sofa outside and asked me: Mom: What did you do with me? Me: Nothing, what did I do? (suggesting that I did as she said) Mom: I didn't know that you were sleeping next to me. Me: I had a chat with father when I came up to sleep with you and you made space for me. I thought you knew that I was sleeping next to you. Mom: I was in deep sleep, I didn't know it was you. Me: I didn't want to do anything with you. You are my mom. But you kept on grabbing my hand and keep putting it there. Mom: Don't say these words again. Forget about it and pray to God to excuse you. This was my first major encounter, not the last obviously. I always blamed myself that I could have done much more that night. Like removing mom's kameez, pressing her boobs, coming on top of her, kissing her while my cock inside, etc. But, honestly, I was in a bit shock and I could only do what I mentioned in the story. My second major incident was years later, a more planned and comprehensive approach which went on for the whole night. I will share it later.

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